LIVE TMW – Serie A starts again on 19th, the Italian Cup first: Juve-Milan on 13 June, Napoli-Inter 14



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Sport in the time of the Coronavirus. Italian football works to predict all future scenarios, with the aim of completing the season interrupted by the pandemic, when possible. Obviously, everything depends on the development of the emergency. Here all the updates in real time.

16.55 – Serie A, starts again on 19 June with Atalanta-Sassuolo – Not on the 20th, but on the 19th of June. The 2019/20 Serie A will start again on Friday 19 June with Atalanta-Sassuolo, recovery of the 25th day. The League has decided to restart the championship from one of the symbolic cities of the emergency against the neroverdi, the last team to take the field against Brescia on 9 March.

16.45 – OFFICIAL: back on the field in Spain on 11 June – It will start with the derby between Seville and Betis in Spain. Official confirmation came today from the Spanish Sports Council: the challenge will open the 28th round of La Liga.

16.25 – Championships restart in Switzerland, Albania and Japan – Today, Switzerland, Albania and Japan have announced their return to the field to complete the season.

16.05 – During the Assembly the next transfer market was also discussed – The indication, still not precisely defined in the days but expected between today and tomorrow, is for a transfer market that begins in the first days of September and ends in the first week of October. September 1 to October 5 and September 5 to October 10 are the two hypotheses under consideration. Do not forget, however, that from 1 June to 31 August there will be the possibility to sign preliminary agreements with the players, to allow the clubs not to passively undergo any federation agreements with the open market (Germany and France the main examples).

15.15 – Now new League Council – After the Assembly, a new Serie A League Council. Only later will the details of the new calendar be disclosed: it is not excluded that the official press release may come out tomorrow and not this afternoon.

14.20 – Here are the dates of the semi-finals of the Italian Cup: Juve-Milan on 13 June, Napoli-Inter on 14 – The semi-finals of the Italian Cup will be the first two games to be played in the second half. It will start with Juventus-Milan on 13 June, then it will be the turn of Napoli-Inter on 14. In the event that Inter should go to the final (it starts from the 1-0 of the Azzurri at San Siro) the first Inter match of the Nerazzurri, the recovery against Sampdoria will be played on Sunday 21 and not Saturday 20.

14.07 – It will start from the Italian Cup, then the recoveries – Communications on the Serie A calendar and on the Italian Cup are expected shortly. The indication at the moment seems to be to see the two semi-finals of the Italian Cup on 13 and 14 June and the final on 17. On 20 June the recoveries of the 25th Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma and the 27th from 22 to 24 June.

14.00 – League Assembly concluded: awaited news from the League for the new calendar – The Serie A League Assembly has just ended. In the next few minutes, the League will announce the new calendar.

13.32 – Minister Spadafora: “Just leaving again now. But it was absurd to ask me a month ago … – “The restart is an important signal, Italy is starting again and sport and football are taking part in this restart. Especially now that it is possible to do it safely and with respect for everyone’s health”. To speak is the Minister Spadafora, in an interview with the ‘TG5’ in the aftermath of the go-ahead to the restart of the Serie A. I found it absurd to ask myself when football resumed in such a moment. But now that the whole country is starting again, it seems very right to me that football – an important Italian industry – can start again. “Click here for the full interview.

12.48 – Serie A, two alternatives for the new calendar – The Assembly between Lega Serie A clubs is underway to decide the new calendar. There are two alternatives for the restart of the 2019/20 championship: starting from the recoveries of the 25th round from the 27th round. Click here for more information.

12.15 – League Council concluded, Assembly under way – The Serie A League Council has just finished for a first approach on what will be the next Serie A calendar. The League Assembly began immediately afterwards, in which all the clubs of the top league participate. During the Assembly, a vote will be taken which will make the program official for the end of the 2019/2020 season.

11.30 – Meeting in progress for the calendar – The Serie A League Council is underway in these minutes. On the agenda the new Serie A calendar, which will be announced in the next few hours.

10.08 – Inter’s provocation – Juventus, Milan and especially Inter are against the restart of 13 June with the Italian Cup. The Nerazzurri, explains La Gazzetta dello Sport, have defined this choice on the restart as ‘disconcerting’ and would even have come up with a provocation: to let Primavera play in Naples in the return semifinal. Inter’s anger is given by the calendar immediately clogged, without the possibility of gradually starting again. A nuisance, as mentioned, shared (albeit slightly) by Juventus and Milan who see an Italian Cup concentrated in 5 days as an all too considerable effort at the start of the second half.

10.00 – Today the calendars – After the decision taken yesterday, with Serie A starting again on 20 June, today’s day will also be very important. In today’s League meeting the details will be decided, with the presidents of the companies in videocall, and after the political obstacle has been overcome it will be time to draw up the calendar. Likely to restart from the 4 recoveries of the 25th day, and then immediately see a midweek shift.


23.09 – Precious against the playouts: “There are no wooden players and blood players” – The president of Genoa Enrico Preziosi, who spoke to the microphones of Italy blue, broadcast aired on Telelombardia, he also spoke of the playoff and playout hypothesis, plan B feared by the Minister of Sport Spadafora in case of a new stop: “We also do a plan D, a plan E … In case of a stop I don’t think it can be considered a player of wood and one of blood. It is necessary to regulate the eventual stop. It is not true that we always fight, each one has a different position also according to the ranking he occupies. It is a natural fact. I only say that we are a League with different facets. “Putting them all together is not easy. I’ve always been to play, in case of a stop, however, I don’t find the sense to let 10 teams play and 10 others don’t.”

22.38 – Tommasi: “Overcome the hairpin bends, but we are not downhill yet” – “Having a certain date is certainly a step forward, but problems remain and we hope to resolve them”: so Damiano Tommasi, president of the Assocalciatori, comments to ANSA the announcement that the Serie A starts again on 20 June. “At the height of the epidemic, I had talked about a Zoncolan to climb: we have overcome hairpin bends, but we are not yet downhill”, adds Tommasi, specifying that the risks deriving from the quarantine procedures weigh on the restart, in case of new positivity.

22.09 – Scaroni: “Questionable to start again with the Italian Cup” – “We understand the value of being able to offer all fans quality games after months of lockdown, but, from a sporting point of view, we find it questionable to assign an important trophy like the Italian Cup with two games in three days and with the teams on the pitch after over three months in custody. ” So the president of Milan, Paolo Scaroniat ANSA expresses the club’s concerns about the League’s choice to resume the season with the return of the semi-finals and the Italian cup final. Milan will play in Turin with Juventus after a 1-1 draw in the first leg.

21.50 – Cairo: “I had doubts, now we are on the track to play” – “I had doubts. After that, the moment you decide to play I am there ready to push the team to do the best”. So the president of Turin and RCS, Urban Cairo, on the phone with ANSA, commented on the resumption of Serie A: “We are on the track to play, today I was in Turin, I met the team, the technician Longo, the sports director Vagnati, and I gave the charge, with good positive messages to start well “.

21.04 – The program for the Italian Cup – Tomorrow the council and the assembly of Lega Serie A will have to express themselves on the calendar of the season from here to its conclusion. as for the Coppa Italia, the prevailing hypothesis is that the return semi-finals will be staged on 13 and 14 June, with the final on 17.

20.28 – Gravina: “A message of hope for all” – Also the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, expresses satisfaction for the outcome of today’s meeting: “The restart of football represents a message of hope for the whole country. I am happy and satisfied, it is a success that I share with Minister Spadafora and with all federal components. ”

20.21 – Serie B restarts on 20 June – While the maximum championship will reopen its doors on June 20, for the cadetry it will be necessary to wait another six days. This was announced by President Balata, commenting with satisfaction on the summit staged today.

19.59 – Spadafora: “Hours? I don’t decide” – The minister also addressed the issue of timetables (“I don’t decide, it’s up to the League”), to then remember that safety will also remain fundamental: a new infection would in fact stop the championship. Here all his words.

19.51 – Spadafora: “Serie A starts again on June 20, I hope the Italian Cup first” – The meeting with Conte has also ended, Minister Spadafora has announced the dates for the resumption of the championship: “June 20th. I hope that the Italian Cup can be completed from the 13th”.

19.42 – Spadafora-Conte, meeting in progress – The meeting between Minister Spadafora and Prime Minister Conte is already underway: on the plate there is the modification of the DPCM in force, necessary to allow the resumption of Serie A on 13 June, as requested by the top league.

19.28 – Summit concluded, we start again on the 13th or 20th – Good news from the meeting between Spadafora and the members of the FIGC, concluded by a few moments. The Minister of Sport, who will now meet with the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has given the green light to the resumption of the Serie A championship. Now we have to decide the dates: 13 or 20 June. It remains to decide the times of the races and to resolve the various nodes (on all, TV rights, contracts and quarantine).

19.23 – Meanwhile, good news from Bologna – Waiting for the decisive summit to end, good news arrives from Bologna: after the first, the second swab carried out on the Rossoblù staff member suspected of being infected has also given a negative result. From tomorrow Mihajlovic’s team will return to collective work, after training individually as a precaution today.

19.13 – Spadafora speaks shortly – Positive feelings from the summit between Spadafora and the members of the FIGC: yes should come to the resumption of the championship. The meeting should end in a few minutes, with the announcement of the Minister for Sport.

18.40 – Summit started – The decisive summit for the restart of the Serie A started a handful of minutes ago. It will last a maximum of one hour, given that around 19.30 the Council of Ministers was set, in which Vincenzo Spadafora will also have to participate. The Minister of Sport himself, the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina and the other federal members attended the summit.

17.37 – Ok by the Technical-scientific Committee for the resumption of Serie A – About an hour after the meeting between the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora and the football institutions scheduled for 6.30 pm, the Technical-Scientific Committee gave its ok to the Protocol presented by the FIGC for the resumption of matches. The CTS – reports the news agency ‘Ansa’ – did not detect any critical issues, also because the whole team remains quarantined in the event of a player or staff member being positive.

16.05 – The Premier League will restart on Wednesday 17 June with the two recoveries – Exclusive anticipation of the ‘Telegraph’, an English tabloid which a few minutes ago revealed an important passage from the Premier League club meeting that took place today. It was decided to start again on Wednesday 17 June, with the recoveries of the 28th day Aston Villa-Sheffield United and Manchester City-Arsenal.
In the following weekend the 29th day will be played with the aim of ending the season by the weekend of 1-2 August

15.58 – LaLiga aims to close the championships on July 19th. Then the Segunda play-offs until August 2 – What dates to conclude the Liga 2019/20? Even today, the Spanish clubs meeting in the Assembly discussed it without receiving the calendar at the end of the discussion, at least as regards the first few days. Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Football League, has made it known that at least the first few days will be announced on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, but in the meantime the first posts have been established. Provided that the resumption of the game should take place on 11 June with the Seville derby, in Spain the aim is to play the most substantial part of the First and Second Division on Sunday 14 June. In Liga it will start from the 28th day, in Segunda from the 32nd: eleven days are missing for both championships and the goal – writes ‘Marca’ – is to end the regular season on Sunday 19 July.
At that point, there will be only the Segunda play-offs to be played and the goal is to end them by August 2nd.

14.28 – Blackburn, Bennett positive at Covid-19: the midfielder will be in isolation for 7 days – The third member found positive for Coronavirus in the tests carried out in recent days by EFL is Elliott Bennett, Blackburn midfielder. The player is thus added to the two previously mentioned colleagues from Fulham, whose identity has not been revealed. Bennett, 31, is asymptomatic and will self-isolate himself for the next seven days, to return to training with his teammates on Friday 5 June. All the companions with whom he has worked in a team in the last few days have undergone new tests, which have given a negative result.

13.58 – England, two positive Fulham players among the positives in the EFL tests – There would be two Fulham players among the three people found COVID-19 positive in the tests carried out on 1030 members of the clubs of the English EFL, the league that brings together Championship, League One and League Two. For privacy reasons the names will not be revealed. It is not known, however, which club the third case belongs to, or whether it is a player or a staff member.

13.02 – England, EFL press release: three positives in the tests carried out on 1030 members – After the last round of tests for COVID-19, the EFL declares that between Monday 25, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 May, 1030 members (players and staff of the various clubs) underwent the swab. Three people tested positive, belonging to two different companies. The positives will self-isolate, in line with the guidelines provided by the EFL, and only those who have achieved a negative result will be able to access the facilities of the sports centers. The League will not provide further details.

12.46 – What are the positions on the quarantine of any positives? – That of the quarantine of players and teams in case of new positivity remains one of the most difficult knots to solve but also at the root of the whole discussion. Serie A was working on the proposal for a quarantine light in case of new positives. The idea was to readmit any block after the negativity of two consecutive swabs in a group. Nothing to do, for the CTS the light quarantine does not exist: whoever contracts the virus must respect a quarantine period of 2 weeks.

11.20 – Hungary, green light to the public in stadiums with spacing – Hungary restarts with the fans. The government has decided to allow the public access to events and the rules are expected to come into effect tomorrow. Most likely, if the clubs and the Federation agree, the Hungarian stadiums will be able to host the fans (one for every five places) starting next weekend.

11.04 – What happens if the championship stops? Play-off or crystallized ranking? Most of the 20 Serie A clubs continue to consider the playoff / playout hypothesis a remote and in any case not welcome solution. The FIGC is considering setting up the playoffs in the event of a new stop due to the epidemic, but the hypothesis is increasingly difficult to implement. Pertano, in the event of a new stop, the solution would be the most immediate: the ranking would be crystallized at the exact moment of the definitive stop. And so the Scudetto would win who is in the lead at that time and via cascading places Champions, Europa League and the three relegated.

10.31 – When could Serie A restart and finish? The possibilities that the parties will explore today are currently five. And the departure is scheduled between 13, 16 and 20 June.
– The League would like the go-ahead for June 13, with the recoveries of the 25th. Then from June 20, space for the 27th day. Italian Cup on 29 July and 3 August.
– Via 20 June: in this case there would be little room for any recovery in case of team quarantine (and the Italian Cup at risk)
– Start on June 13th with the 25th races to be recovered, then immediately midweek June 16-17-18 with the 27th day
– No restart with the championship but away on June 13 with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup. Then the championship, the Coppa Italia Final remains on August 3rd
– Finally, the fifth hypothesis, which emerged today: Spadafora would push for the 20th but the League will insist at least to kick off the 16th with the recoveries.

10.25 – Note from Bologna: the first examination on the positive suspicion gave a negative result – The first control test carried out on the team-team member – states the official Bologna note – whose last examination had shown a doubtful result gave a negative result. In the next few hours, a further and final in-depth examination will be carried out. As a precaution, however, today’s training will be in individual form.

08.45 – This is not about Mihajlovic The Bologna at 10:30 will resume training in Casteldebole, waiting to find out if he will have to retire or not. Today will also come the outcome of the buffer to understand if the team will be forced to quarantine. Meanwhile, the newspapers today on newsstands explain that the positive suspicion is not about Sinisa Mihajlovic.

08.05 – Does the Bologna case complicate plans? The suspected positivity of the Bologna house, announced yesterday, complicates plans for football ahead of today’s meeting between the federal members and Minister Spadafora. From goals on TV to schedules, Serie A awaits the green light, he explains The print, and then he will try to return to a German quarantine model that can only be written by analyzing the contagion curve.

08.00 – It is the decisive day Here we are: it is the day awaited by football that it hopes to restart. Today, at 6.30 pm, conference call between Minister Spadafora and all the Federal members led by President Gravina. On the table, the restart schedule, the times, the live broadcasts and the quarantine theme.


22.46 – Cellino: “Contracts valid until 30 August” – In his interview with Telelombardia, the president of Brescia, Massimo Cellino, also spoke of the chaos relating to contracts expiring on 30 June: “The FIGC has decided that the sports season will end on 30 August. The contracts are based on the sports season and therefore will last 14 months” .

19.03 – Calcagno on the hypothesis 16.30: “I hope we don’t have to fight” Umberto Calcagno, vice president of the Italian Football Association, spoke to TG Sport ‘s microphones Rai 2 of the unwelcome opportunity to play some Serie A matches at 16.30 in the height of summer: “We reiterated to the League that we believe that it is not right in Italy to play at 16.30 with the temperatures that will soon be in our country. We hope that we should not to quarrel, because we must protect young people who have returned from a long period of inactivity. We hope to find a common solution as soon as possible “.

18.11 – Today’s numbers of the Civil Protection – The Civil Protection has released the data relating to the last 24 hours. 67,324 new swabs were made and 584 new COVID-19 positives were identified. The currently positive are 50,966, with a decrease of 1,976 people compared to yesterday. On the last day 117 people with Coronavirus died for a total of 33,072 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. Instead, the number of people healed rises to 147,101, +2,443 compared to yesterday. Here all the numbers.

17.44 – Gravina: “If you don’t start again, irreparable damage” – The president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, guest of the magazine “Riparte l’Italia”, reminds once again the importance of football for the country: “If football doesn’t start again immediately, there will be irreparable damage, we have already lost 500 million euros. We need to defend 100 thousand workers, 1.4 million members, 4.7 billion in turnover. Starting again means playing. Football in Italy represents an extraordinary social and economic factor, an incomparable generator of enthusiasm. Its capillary penetration in the various communities of the Peninsula has made, over the years, an element of cohesion and development, a multiplier of passion and an extraordinary driving force for the economy, capable of captivating the daily lives of millions of Italians much more than other productive sectors in the country. contagion from Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down, imposed radical changes on our habits and challenged interpersonal relationships. But it has not broken the love thread that binds the football to Italy. This was demonstrated by the extraordinary numbers and positive comments from the initiatives put in place by the FIGC in the difficult period of the lockdown, inspired by a sense of social responsibility that the Federation feels precisely, all the more so in such a dramatic moment “.

17.01 – At Milan all the swabs are negative – On Monday, the players of the Milan they underwent Milanello on the third round of tampons: no surprise, all the exams in fact gave a negative result. In the Rossoneri’s house, to get the whole group back, from the health point of view of course, only the return of Franck Kessie is waiting for him to conclude his quarantine at home.

16.20 – Suspected case of positivity in the Bologna home – Official press release of the Bologna, who reports that he has a case of suspected positivity within the “team group”. Collective training immediately stopped therefore in Casteldebole, waiting to clarify: “The last series of exams to which the team-team has undergone has highlighted a case of suspected positivity to Covid-19 in relation to a staff member. Pending further investigations, the team as a precautionary measure will resume training individually and at different times tomorrow without the use of common rooms. If the positivity is confirmed, the team-team will be isolated in retreat “.

15.35 – Italy, friendlies against England and Germany moved to October and November – takes stock of the Italian national team’s calendar, with Roberto Mancini who risks not seeing his blues for many months given the many commitments that await the players in the summer and beyond. At the moment, the situation outlined is this: no to the immediate recovery of the friendlies skipped in March, because the teams that will have to play them prefer to reach the playoffs for the European Championship (16 teams at stake for four places) having already two “real” games in their legs “. So two Nations League matches in September, two more in October in a friendly match, the last two in November plus another friendly match. Unofficial comparisons should be the ones skipped in late March: first England (in October) and then Germany (in November). Between the end of May and the beginning of June, two other pre-European friendlies: they could play against San Marino and the Czech Republic.

13.40 – Premier, go to “Phase 2” of training. Tomorrow we vote for the restart of the championship – Today the Premier League voted unanimously for the transition to “Phase 2” of sports competitions. Training in close contact will therefore be allowed, starting with small groups of 2-3 people and then extending to 4-12, finally to complete team training. With the approval of the proposal, tomorrow we will move to a new meeting, in which the teams will vote again to decide a definitive date for the return to the championship, with June 19 which seems increasingly likely. However some clubs push for the slip to 26, in order to allow players to have a more adequate preparation. Some players, like Deeney and Kanté, are reluctant to return to the field. In the case of the Watford captain, the meeting with the deputy medical director of the Professional Footballers’ Association seems to have somewhat alleviated his concerns.

11.10 – Resumption of Serie A. Match times, the League offers 3 slots: 17, 19.15 and 21.30 – In yesterday’s League Council, there was also talk of any times in which to play the remaining Serie A matches. Initially the players opposed the 16.30 slot proposed by the League, while the ok for the other two bands had arrived at 18.45 and 21. The television obligations, according to the newspaper, impose the three slots and for this reason it was decided to move forward the start times by half an hour, which would be 17, 19.15 and 21.30. The Assocalciatori will discuss it today, and pending tomorrow’s decisive summit, with the representatives of the Serie A teams but a priori it does not seem happy with this formula. Also because the 9.30pm race also creates organizational problems, especially with regards to returning home late at night.

10.23 – Resumed on 13 June with the Italian Cup? The League thinks about it to meet Spadafora – In tomorrow’s meeting which will be attended by the leaders of football together with Minister Spadafora, it will be decided if and when to restart Serie A. As already widely said, June 13 remains the preferred date of the League, the alternative is June 20. The final decision will be made by Spadafora, Minister who in recent days has launched the idea of ​​the Direct Goal or at least of the highlights. A difficult agreement, the one with the broadcasters, but the situation could find another solution sponsored by the president of the League Paolo Dal Pino: to start on June 13th and 14th, but with the Italian Cup semi-finals clear on Rai. This would meet the needs of the League to resume on 13 June, but also those of the Ministry which asks for clear highlights (at least at the beginning) with the aim of avoiding gatherings in public places.

10.10 – Minus one at the match between football and Spadafora. Quarantine and TV rights remain the real knots to untie – Yesterday the League Council carried on the discussion which should, at least this is hope, lead to the resumption of football in Italy. There are two main topics: the calendar hypotheses with which the Serie A could restart and the complex relationship with the broadcasters. As for the dates, the ideas remain the same and the most widespread position provides for the restart on 13 June with the recoveries of the 25th day, then from June 20 via all the normal calendar starting from the 27th day.
Then the broadcasters: yesterday’s Board reiterated the desire to proceed with the hard line. In fact, an injunction against Sky is expected for today, which has not yet paid the last installment of the TV rights and which has asked for a discount between 15 and 18% if the championship were to restart. With Dazn and Img instead the discussion goes on.

00.10 – The Technical-Scientific Committee freezes Serie A. The light quarantine does not exist: “14 days left” Football treats. Or rather, it treated a kind of light quarantine for Coronavirus positives, in the hope of being able to circumvent the possible presence of positives that, in the face of two consecutive swabs, could be readmitted into the group. Instead, the Technical Scientific Committee has made it known that there is no intention to lower the period of two weeks that had already been decreed in the last meetings. The CTS reiterated “strongly” that there are no alternatives. In short, the two weeks remain as they are, because there must be no exception for football, fearing a possible new wave. An idea of ​​a particular treatment “is misleading and provocative in the reliability and scientific rigor” of the Technical Scientific Committee itself.


23.18 – Lega Serie A, an injunction will be filed tomorrow against Sky – The Lega Serie A tomorrow will file an injunction against Sky against the Court of Milan. ANSA reports it. In Lega environments the move is defined as “obligatory”, due to the non-payment of the last installment of the season foreseen by the contract by Sky, which asked for a discount of between 15% and 18%, in case of continuation of the championship. Instead, a dialogue is underway with the other TV rights licensees, Dazn and Img, from which proposals have been made that the League will analyze in the next few hours.

22.10 – TMW – Pro League proposal: play off and play out for the verdicts. Top 3 in B and bottom 3 in D – The Lega Pro Council meeting today decided on the proposal to bring to the Federal Council to end the season by making the pitch decide the verdicts. According to the proposal, the first in the standings of the three groups (Monza Vicenza and Reggina) would be promoted in Serie B, while to decide the fourth, the playoffs would be played, which will however be played only by those who decide to do so and based on the current ranking. In Serie D the last three of the groups would go (Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti) to which Rende and Bisceglie would also be added in group C given the large gap from fourth to fifth last, while the other relegations will be decided by the play outs. It will then be up to the Federal Council, which should be held in early June, whether or not to accept these proposals and give the final opinion on how to complete the Serie C season.

20.34 – Schedule and TV rights: Serie A meeting urgently called for Friday 29 May – If the government releases the championship on Thursday, the calendar could take shape the following day to complete the season. In fact, the issue will be addressed by the Council and, immediately afterwards, by the Assembly, convened urgently at 11.30. On the agenda there is also the analysis of ‘plan B’, that is, a format with short playoff and playout phases if the conditions for playing all the matches were not there, as required by the press release of the last Council of the Football Federation. The assembly will also address the issue of relations with the licensees of TV rights, Sky, Dazn and Img, who have not paid the last installment of the season.

19.40 – Serie A calendar, Italian Cup and TV rights: the official press release after the League Council – Calendar for the restart of Serie A and TV rights. These were the two topics dealt with by the Lega Council this afternoon. At the end of the meeting, he also issued an official statement summarizing the issues under the magnifying glass: “The League Council, meeting this afternoon, confirmed, as regards the relationship with the licensees of rights audiovisual, the line of compliance with the contracts, in compliance with the resolutions passed by the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 13. The League Council has also analyzed the various calendar hypotheses that allow the dispute of all the remaining Serie A TIM matches and of the Italian Cup and decided, pending the institutional meeting to be held on Thursday with the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports Vincenzo Spadafora, to update on this theme on Friday morning “.

19.14 – TMW – Lega Council, there will be no discount for TV. Calendar: starting again with the recoveries on the 13th – Two topics treated with particular attention in today’s Serie A League Council, namely the calendar hypothesis with which Serie A could restart from mid-June and the relationship with broadcasters: starting from this theme, it is once again the desire not to make discounts for future TV rights was confirmed. The top-flight clubs also await the payment of the last installment for the 2019/20 season by virtue of the imminent resumption of the championship. Both this position and that regarding the June and July calendar will be submitted to the meeting tomorrow. As for the calendar, the dates of hypothetical resumption of the tenders are those already anticipated: 13 or 20 June. The preferred hypothesis remains to start on the 13th with the recoveries (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma) and then cascade to finish the championship, thus putting all the teams in a situation of equal competition, also useful to determine the grids for any playoffs / playouts without complicated mathematical calculations.

18.14 – The data of today’s Civil Protection – La Civil protection has released data for the past 24 hours. 57,674 swabs were made and 397 new COVID-19 positives were identified. There are currently 52,942 positives, 2,358 less than yesterday. Nell’ultimo giorno sono morte 78 persone affette dal coronavirus per un totale di 32.955 decessi dall’inizio dell’epidemia. The number of the healed rises: they are 144,658, +2,677 compared to yesterday. Qui tutti i numeri di oggi.

16.53 – There is also talk of the relationship with broadcasters – Waiting to know on Thursday if and when (on 13 or 20 June) the championship will resume, the Lega Serie A Council has met to discuss the schedule, the ‘plan B’ to continue with the playoff and playout, as well as the relationship with the broadcasters, who have not paid the last installment of the seasonal TV rights.

15.55 – League Council: discussion of the restart from the recoveries – The Serie A League Council has started in these minutes: according to Sky, there is discussion on the possibility (in the event that the resumption of the championship is made official) to resume Serie A with the matches Atalanta-Sassuolo, Hellas Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma, challenges of the 25th day of Serie A never played on 21 and 22 February last, due to the start of the CoViD-19 pandemic. Il nuovo orientamento sembra essere questo: della possibilità di ricominciare con i recuperi se ne sta parlando in queste ore nel Consiglio della stessa Lega. L’idea di base sarebbe quella di mettere in pari tutte le squadre, il prima possibile, per numero di incontri giocati. As a recovery date, the two usual hypotheses remain: 13 and 20 June.

13.56 – UEFA-ECA meeting: what’s new about the Champions League? – Updates on the resumption of the Champions League will come from the UEFA-ECA meeting taking place today. L’ipotesi da tenere più in considerazione in questo momento è quella che prevederebbe il ritorno degli ottavi di finale il 7-8 agosto, con i quarti che sarebbero giocati il 13-14 agosto in gara secca e campo neutro. Semifinali e finale invece a Istanbul, in una sorta di final four.

13.24 – In the Bundesliga accidents increased by 266% – There is also growing concern about the return to the field and the resulting injuries. I dati della Bundesliga, in questo senso, non sono confortanti: nelle prime due giornate di ripresa si registra un aumento del 266% negli infortuni, passati da 0,27 a 0,88 a partita (nella prima giornata sono stati ben 12). Currently, considering also the lundodegenti, the injured in the maximum German championship are currently 65.

12.34 – Playoff sì o no – The theme of the playoffs divides Lega Serie A and FIGC: the idea does not displease President Gravina, who also proposes it for the next season, but finds all the clubs in the top league against (at least to conclude the current year).

10.54 – Thirty Serie D clubs ready for the warning – Con la chiusura del campionato di Serie D da parte della FIGC la LND ha comunicato i propri verdetti alla Federazione per quanto riguarda la stagione 2019/2020. Promoted to Serie C in the first of each group and relegated to excellence the last four of each grouping. 30 fra le 36 società retrocesse hanno preparato una diffida da inviare a Governo, CONI e FIGC per far valere le proprie ragioni.

10.21 – Aulas scrive al governo francese – Lunga lettera del presidente del Lione, Jean-Michel Aulas, indirizzata al Primo Ministro e al Ministero dello Sport francese. Here are some points: “The Bundesliga resumed playing on March 16, Spain will do so on June 8. Italy, Russia and Portugal have restarted collective training and England is working on a recovery after June 19. How can France not be demoted very quickly and see its professional football devalued? “.

9.42 – Direct goal in the clear: rough path – Intanto, il Ministro Spadafora è pronto al decreto per modificare la legge Melandri e consentire la messa in onda in chiaro della diretta gol del campionato (riguarderebbe le gare delle 18,45), ma attende un’intesa tra la Lega calcio, Sky e DAZN a tal riguardo. If the hypothesis becomes concrete, both Rai and Mediaset have come forward: both recall that, in this scenario, the free broadcasting of the games would re-discuss the installation of the TV rights and believe that at that point it would also be appropriate to allow it to generalist TV.

9.11 – Ripresa il 13 o il 20 giugno – Per quanto riguarda la ripresa in concreto, le ipotesi in campo sono due: far ripartire il campionato di Serie A il 13 giugno con i recuperi della 25^ giornata (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Hellas Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria e Torino-Parma), oppure ricominciare il 20 con il calendario completo della 27^ giornata per poi recuperare quelle gare in un secondo momento.

8.50 – Protocollo al CTS, giovedì incontro chiave – Ricordiamo gli appuntamenti di questa settimana: domenica la FIGC ha trasmesso il protocollo per la ripresa delle partite al Ministro Spadafora, che lo ha sottoposto al vaglio del Comitato Tecnico Scientifico. Si attende un responso entro giovedì 28, quando lo stesso Spadafora incontrerà il presidente Gravina e le altre componenti federali per confermare la data della ripartenza: il 13 o il 20 giugno. Al netto del consiglio di Lega che andrà in scena oggi, sarà poi determinante l’assemblea dei club venerdì per decidere il calendario.

8.11 – Oggi Consiglio di Lega – Lega Serie A appointment: today the council will meet. Tra i temi all’ordine del giorno non vi è il calendario, per il quale si aspetterà il vertice Spadafora-FIGC di giovedì 28 e l’assemblea dei club del massimo campionato in programma venerdì, anche se è probabile che, almeno in via informale, se ne parlerà anche oggi per arrivare poi con una proposta concreta all’assemblea. Tema caldo, invece, i diritti tv: come noto, la questione verte intorno al pagamento della sesta rata della stagione in corso da parte delle emittenti licenziatarie (Sky, Dazn, IMG). Una situazione che si sbloccherebbe con la ripresa del campionato, ma i club sono già pronti al braccio di ferro e oggi scade l’ultimatum già inviato alle tv per il pagamento.


22.50 – Sibilia: “Il campionato successivo potrebbe ripartire a fine settembre o inizio ottobre” – Cosimo Sibilia, vicepresidente FIGC e Presidente LND, parla così ai microfoni di Radio Kiss Kiss della ripresa dei campionatI: “Aspetto giovedì prossimo, ci sarà l’incontro tra le componenti federali e il Ministro dello Sport Spadafora alle ore 18:30, via video conferenza. Se le condizioni sanitarie miglioreranno ci saranno più chance di ripartire. Spadafora si è tenuto molto distaccato dal dare indicazioni, chiaramente arrivati al punto in cui siamo non è più possibile non prendere una decisione finale per cercare di riprendere, altrimenti non ci saranno poi le condizioni dal punto di vista temporale per chiudere tutto a fine agosto e riprendere a settembre. Il campionato successivo ripartirebbe a fine settembre o inizio ottobre. Sono tutte ipotesi sul tavolo, bisogna valutare tutto e poi prendere una decisione. Punto essenziale è come e quando riprendere a giocare”.

22.05 – AIC, Calcagno: “Giocare ogni 3 giorni, alle 16.30 noi siamo contrari” – The vice-president of Assocalciatori Umberto Calcagno spoke to TGCom about the shooting methods: “Playing every 3 days will put the players at greater risk and the time of 16:30 for summer games is wrong, we are against it. On the salary question – he added – finding a shared solution is not easy. Postponing deadlines and suing wages in March and April is not the right key for us. ”

18.44 – Protezione Civile, il bollettino: 300 nuovi contagiati (-1.294 positivi rispetto a ieri). 92 morti in 24h – In basso i dati di lunedì 25 maggio.
Currently positive: 55,300 (-1,294)
Deceased: 32,877 (+92, + 0.3%)
Guariti: 141.981 (+1.502, +1,1%)
Intensive care patients: 541 (-12, -2.2%)
Tamponi: 3.482.253 (+35.241)
Total cases: 230,158 (+300, + 0.1%)

17.40 – Braconaro (Commissione medica FIGC): “Gestione di un positivo resta il nodo più importante” – Francesco Braconaro, professor who is part of the FIGC medical-scientific commission, gave an interview to the microphones of ‘Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli’ to talk about the resumption of the championship: “More freedom involves more serological tests and swabs. The management of a possible Covid positive player remains the most important knot. The positive player will undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine while the rest of the team will be able to continue training. Contagion could also occur within a match between two opposing teams. footballer could also get infected at his home. Today the management of Covid is regulated by the decree of the President of Ministers. The hope is that the epidemiological curves and the number of infections will continue to drop. I invite everyone to use caution, use the We are all tried by these long restrictions but if we do not want to go back it is essential that og nuno sia rispettoso di se stesso e degli altri”.

17.08 – Ufficiale: in Germania riparte anche la terza divisione. Si ricomincia il 30 maggio – Non solo Bundesliga e Zweite Bundesliga. Questa mattina, la Federcalcio tedesca s’è riunita e ha votato a favore della ripartenza della terza divisione. Plebiscito a favore del sì, con 222 voti favorevoli, 12 contrari e 16 astenuti. In Germania la 3. Liga ricomincerà con la 28esima giornata il 30 maggio e, salvo complicazioni, arriverà a conclusione il 4 luglio.

16.55 – LaLiga starts again, Tebas: “We would like to start again on 11 June with the Seville derby” – “C’è la possibilità di ripartire l’11 giugno e sarebbe una partita unica. Sarebbe una gara tributo a tutte le vittime di coronavirus e spero che quella data possa essere confermata”. To say it, during the broadcast ‘El Partidazo’ it was the president of LaLiga Javier Tebas who spoke of the restart of the maximum Spanish championship after the OK of Premier Sanchez starting from Monday 8 June. “Vorremmo – ha detto – che quella gara fosse il derby di Siviglia, da disputare alle 10 di sera”. Tebas ha poi annunciato che entro giovedì dovrebbe arrivare il calendario definitivo. Le partite verranno giocate in due fasce orarie durante la settimana e in tre fasce orarie nel week-end: “Durante la settimana, le gare saranno giocate alle 19.30-20.00 e alle 21:30-22:00. Nel fine settimana, le partite verranno giocate alle 17:00, alle 19:30 e alle 21:30-22:00”, ha detto Tebas.

15.55 – Dr. Castellacci: “Difficult to play at 16.30” – Anche il professor Enrico Castellacci, presidente dei medici sportivi italiani e storico ex medico sociale della Nazionale italiana, critica l’idea di giocare nel primo pomeriggio, in particolare alle 16.30: “È difficile giocare a quell’ora perché in estate fa molto caldo. Mi ricordo il mondiale in Brasile, giocammo con un tasso di umidità del 90% all’1,00 del pomeriggio. Sono climi difficili da sopportare. È un orario che avrei evitato puntando su altre fasce orarie”.

15.21 – Si riparte dai recuperi della 25^ giornata? – Waiting to know the Serie A resumption date, the maximum championship could at least know which matches will start again. Nel Consiglio di Lega di domani, infatti, si affronterà la possibilità di ricominciare il campionato con i recuperi della 25^ giornata: si tratta di Atalanta-Sassuolo, Inter-Sampdoria, Torino-Parma, Hellas Verona-Cagliari.

15.16 – Pregliasco: “Stadiums may be reopened from mid-July” – Il virologo Fabrizio Pregliasco, docente di Igiene e medicina preventiva all’Università Statale di Milano, nonché direttore sanitario dell’Istituto Galeazzi ha parlato del possibile ritorno alle porte aperte: “Da metà luglio sarà possibile che ci sia una piccola porzione di spettatori negli stadi. Per ridurre il più possibile la circolazione del virus bisogna agire con cautela. I hope a vaccine will come soon, but we still don’t know if Covid-19 gives immunity for long or short term. Per ora bisognerà conviverci, il vaccino richiederà almeno un anno e mezzo”.

14.26 – Gastaldello: “Scandaloso giocare alle 16,30” – Guest of Radio Rai, anche il difensore del Brescia, Daniele Gastaldello, commenta la possibile ripresa: “Resto sempre della mia idea. Non parlavo di paura, non bisogna averne, ma finire questo campionato è una forzatura per me. Si va incontro a dei rischi per l’incolumità dei calciatori. Giocare così tante partite, con temperature alte, non sarà semplice. Giocare alle 16.30 è una cosa scandalosa, non è fattibile”.

12.57 – Playoffs for this season or for the next – In questi giorni, la Lega Serie A discuterà anche dei playoff, piano B della FIGC per completare la stagione. Ma non solo: nelle idee di Gravina, infatti, vi sarebbe anche la possibilità di adottarli per la prossima annata. The 2020-21 championship could be staged like this: regular season da 19 giornate (solo girone di andata, anche perché probabilmente sarà a porte chiuse) e poi playoff tra le prime 10 squadre, playout tra le ultime 10.

11.38 – Spadafora yesterday: “Thursday we decide, 13 or 20 June the recovery” – Ospite ieri sera del TG3, il Ministro Spadafora ha così analizzato il momento: “Le due date possibili per la ripresa della Serie A sono il 13 e il 20 giugno. A little while ago the protocol for the resumption of the championship arrived, and it is very similar in rules to that of training: next Thursday I called up FIGC and Lega, together we will decide if and when to start again here in Italy. Partite in chiaro? Molti mi chiedono di fare riferimento al modello tedesco. In Germania, Sky has found an agreement for which there is the Live Goal in the clear, even with the individual matches reserved for subscribers, we must absolutely think about it also in Italy so as to avoid crowds of fans in the bars. Sono disponibile, se serve, a mettere nello stesso provvedimento della riapertura del campionato, anche questa cosa”.

10.20 – Cosa succede all’estero – The Bundesliga, as you know, has already returned to the field. Tra i big five, la Ligue 1 francese è invece l’unico fermo in via definitiva, anche se non mancano le polemiche (il presidente del Lione ha definito “da idioti” questa decisione). In Spain, Prime Minister Sanchez has given the green light to the La Liga starting from June 8th: it is more likely that it will start again on the 12th, even if a timetable has not yet been prepared. La Premier League è ancora alla fase di studio: da oggi, i club potranno tornare a lavorare a livello collettivo. Non vi sono ancora date né decisioni: mercoledì i club del massimo campionato inglese terranno una riunione per discuterne. In a context, that of the United Kingdom, which has become the most complicated and dramatic in Europe for several weeks now.

9.35 – Gli appuntamenti – Come detto, il 28 sarà il turno dell’incontro Spadafora-Gravina, quello veramente decisivo. Before and after, however, there will be other internal appointments in the world of football to understand which direction it will go: starting tomorrow, when the board of Lega Serie A will be held, always with TV rights as a hot topic. Then on the 28th, precisely, while a club assembly will probably take place on Friday. Sul piatto la proposta, cara allo stesso Gravina, di playoff e playout come alternativa al completamento “regolare” della stagione. A inizio giugno (il 3 o il 4 ma non è stato ancora convocato) è previsto un nuovo Consiglio Federale, al quale la Lega Serie A dovrà arrivare pronta con una risposta concreta anche su questo tema e sull’eventuale organizzazione degli spareggi.

9.25 – Protocollo partite al CTS, giorni clou until 28 – Quella che inizia oggi è una settimana decisiva, anzi la settimana decisiva, per capire se il campionato 2019/2020 potrà ripartire. Nel tardo pomeriggio di ieri la FIGC ha trasmesso al Ministero per lo Sport il nuovo protocollo, quello relativo alle partite: poche novità rispetto a quello previsto per gli allenamenti c


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