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Sport in the time of the Coronavirus. Italian football works to predict all future scenarios, with the aim of completing the season interrupted by the pandemic, when possible. Obviously, everything depends on the development of the emergency. Here all the updates in real time.

15.29 – Undersecretary Health Paw: “Serie A restart? Coming soon news will come” – Football towards the restart. Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health who said she was rather confident about the resumption of the championships, said it today, as a guest of ‘Radio Capital’: “I believe that we are going in the direction of Germany and also Minister Spadafora He also said it. I accidentally found myself in this speech because everything went through our Ministry, I worked a lot on it and I believe that soon we will have comforting news for the fans “. The date when certainties will arrive on this issue is May 28th. On that occasion, the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora will meet the leaders of the Leagues and the FIGC and decide whether and how to start again.

15.20 – Even the C towards recovery but the third series doctors are ready for sensational initiatives – The professional championships will resume their course: this is what emerged yesterday from the Federal Council. But the decision did not find the approval of the Italian football medical association (Lamica), led by Enrico Castellacci, former medical director of the national team, especially when it comes to the recovery in Serie C: the current health protocol is an inadmissible hypothesis , and the doctors of the third series, as they have already communicated to the FIGC, are also ready for sensational initiatives. So far, only the Reggiana seems to be on a different position, and ready to start the implementation of the necessary procedures for compliance with the current health protocol: to communicate it, the same club through an official note.

14.50 – Mancini: “I hope he can resume the championship, even if my players will arrive tired” – “I don’t want to say anything that seems to me to be a lot of chaos. If I had to speak as a coach of the National team I would hope that we end up here to start again calmly. Next year there will be an infinite series of games and the players could get tired. my hope, however, is that it will still be possible to recover. ” Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national team, returns to speak and on the microphones of Roma Radio he also has his say on the possible restart: “How this new football seems to me:” It is not easy, but I think this: it seems to me that in football there have been very few players who have been infected with the virus. This means that it is not so easy to get infected among us by playing outdoors. I hope the masks disappear soon. Of course, football without audiences is different, it is a rather special football “.

14.10 – The protocol remains a puzzle: many clubs have not received it. And for doctors it is “unworkable” – The protocol for resuming training becomes a puzzle. After the announcements of Spadafora and Gravina on the approval by the CTS, we have been awaiting their publication for a couple of days, but at the moment everything is silent. And it does not end here: according to Il Messaggero, several companies claim not to have received it. Others are waiting for it to be officially validated by the government. And for many, changing the terms of the speech from quarantine to fiduciary isolation of the team in case of new contagion does not change the substance: many Serie A doctors would still have called it “impracticable” in the conversations between them. (Click here to read the complete news!)

13.35 – TMW – Brescia, optional individual trainings again: there is no Balotelli, neither Mr. Lopez – Still on the high seas in Brescia, the organization of training sessions. They have not yet been organized and at the moment, Mario Balotelli has not yet presented himself at the sports center, like many other players since the calls have not yet started. Also absent Mr. Diego Lopez, who is observing the 14 days of isolation. The swallows in these hours are providing the organization of swabs for players and staff and then follow the guidelines of the protocol drawn up by the League and FIGC. For now, however, the choice of players to go to the swallows sports center remains optional.

12.30 – The Conte-FIGC summit is no longer necessary. So the Premier softened Spadafora – The famous summit, long awaited in recent days, between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the leaders of the world of football is no longer necessary. Corriere dello Sport writes this morning explaining how the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has been “softened” by Conte himself. Behind the turning point that has come in the past few hours for the resumption of collective training and the possible restart of the championship, in short, there is still the hand of Conte who was about to take over the football dossier. It did not happen, but the Premier let the Minister understand that if the intransigence line continued, he would.
At that point Spadafora, according to the reconstruction of the newspaper, took note of how much the lack of dialogue between himself and Serie A was taking on the contours of a political case and opened to negotiation.

10.52 – Serie A from 13 June to 2 August? The possible calendar, there is also room for the Italian Cup The Corriere dello Sport analyzes the possible composition of the Serie A calendar in the event of a resumption on 13 June, as desired by the League and the FIGC. On that weekend the 27th day, big match Atalanta-Lazio would be staged. A few days later, on June 17th, space for the recovery of the 25th day (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Inter-Sampdoria, Turin-Parma and Verona-Cagliari). So go to the “regular” programming starting from June 21 with a day every 3-4 days to get to the 38th day on August 2. In the middle space also for the Italian Cup, a competition whose term had been questioned in recent days: the return semifinals on July 1, the final on July 22. (Click here to read the complete news!)

10.21 – From the transfer market to the ’20 / ’21 championship. The dates (still hypothetical) of the next season – Yesterday the first dates for the next transfer market were circulating. One topic touched on yesterday by the Federal Council, the main topic was obviously that of the restart of the championship. The first rumors speak of a window between September 1 and October 2 2020, while the Gazzetta dello Sport makes a forecast with 3 more days available, from September 1 to October 5.

09.33 – Federal Council, all yesterday’s decisions: A, B and C championships to be completed by 20 August – The Federal Council staged yesterday put important stakes within the troubled season that is still going on. The deadline for the end of the championship is set for next August 20 (well beyond the indicative date proposed by UEFA, August 3), with the season that will officially close its doors on August 31 to kick off the new 1 of September. Then the market, whose dates will be revealed later, but in the meantime preliminary contracts can be filed from June 1 to August 31. This is the FIGC press release regarding all the decisions taken: “The Board has adopted a resolution indicating the regular continuation of professional competitions. In the alternative, if resumption is not possible, format changes will be made and, in case of definitive interruption, definition of the rankings with promotions and retrocessions with criteria to be identified that reward sporting merit “. (Click here to read the complete news!)


22.41 – The words of Tommasi – Damiano Tommasi said on the official website of the AIC: “Do you know what it means? That we were on the field until March 15, that the players worked with the athletic trainer throughout the lockdown and now you can also not pay them. And if they sue they also give the club the opportunity not to pay them until August! I am disappointed and worried. They make decisions with masks and call conferences, and then they send the others on the pitch. That is the players. And that’s how they are repaid. Football entrepreneurs are asking everyone for money – Uefa, Fifa, the government – so as not to pay the players… And should we be happy? Tomorrow we will see each other, analyze the situation. I am really disappointed and worried about how things are going in this Federation and in this football. ”

20.45 – The next transfer market – The opening of the next transfer market window could be from September 1 to October 2 2020. The speech was addressed today in the Federal Council but not being on the agenda, no vote was taken and for this reason the speech remains anyway open.

19.00 – Ghirelli speaks – Through a note, the president of the Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli commented on the decision of the Federal Council to restart the three professional championships, consequently rejecting what was decided by the Lega Pro Assembly by a very large majority: “I must speak the language of truth: what it is left the Federal Council does not satisfy me at all. Serie C has its own specificity in the professional field, otherwise you would not understand why there are A, B and precisely Serie C. We are not able to return to play, they have it also said the sixty social doctors, did we have to be hypocrites and not speak the language of truth? Football must be truly reformed in its culture. We are not able to ensure the certainty of measures to safeguard health “. Click here for the full news.

18.22 – Today’s Civil Protection bulletin – La Civil protection has released data for the past 24 hours. 67,195 new swabs were made and 665 new COVID-19 positives were identified. The number of positives currently stands at 62,752, 2,377 fewer than yesterday. On the last day 161 people with Coronavirus died for a total of 32,330 deaths in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic. The total cases are 227,364: of these, 132,282 healed, 2,881 more than yesterday. Here all the data.

18.12 – Ulivieri after the Federal Council: “Made the right choice” – “The desire to resume the championships by closing the season on August 31st is the right thing to think about and what the Federation could do”. This was how expressed the president of Assoallenatori Renzo Ulivieri, present today at the Federal Council. “There is a need for football in A, B and C. The goal of the Federation is that we arrive at the definition of the rankings based on sporting merit, which is then the line inspired by UEFA”.

17:35Serie A, with a new stop we will move on to the playoffs – “If the championships were to be suspended again due to the health emergency, a new format will have to be identified to complete the season (short playoff and playout phases). In the event of a definitive interruption, definition of the ranking also by applying objective corrective coefficients”, is one of the most important passages of the FIGC press release. In case of a new stop therefore playoffs and playouts to decide on Scudetto, cups and relegations.

16.53 – Serie A, B and C resume: season to be concluded by August 31st – After today’s Federal Council, the FIGC has issued the following statement on the decisions taken: “The Council has adopted a resolution indicating the regular continuation of professional competitions. Alternatively, if recovery is not possible, we will proceed format changes and, in the event of definitive interruption, definition of the rankings with promotions and retrocessions with criteria to be identified that reward sporting merit ” Here the full press release on the resumption of A, B, and C.

16.14 – Sibilia: “They have closed the Amateur League” – The president of the National Amateur League Cosimo Sibilia, in Rome for the Federal Council, he left the venue and confirmed the decision to resume not only the Serie A championship, but also those of B and C. “They have closed the Amateur League, the others go on” , the brief comment captured by our correspondent.

15.59 – TMW – Federal Council, the season will end on August 31st. Championships to be completed by 20 – Latest updates from the Federal Council: the 2019/2020 season is getting longer. The FIGC components are ready to deliberate a further extension, until August 31st (after the hand had previously been raised to the 2nd of the same month). The Serie A, B and C championships, which in the intentions of the FIGC will resume as soon as possible (unlike the Serie D) and without the Scudetto playoff, should thus end by August 20, while the date of 31 is set for contractual reasons and to align with UEFA (President Ceferin yesterday clarified that the date of August 3 was an indication). The Federcalcio press release in this regard is expected, even if the decisive meeting will be that of May 28 between Gravina, Spadafora and Dal Pino, when the government and football institutions will also evaluate the progress of the contagion with the aim of resuming the championships.

15.14 – Latest from the Federal Council, Italian football wants to start again: the press release is awaited – We are moving towards the resumption of the championships, pending the meeting on 28 May between Gravina, Spadafora and Dal Pino. These are the indiscretions that leaked, reports Sky, from the Federal Council in progress, in Rome and by videoconference. In the afternoon a FIGC release is expected in which, even without definitive decisions, reference will be made to the intention of Italian football at a professional level (therefore A, B and C): to start again, especially after the OK arrived from the CTS to the protocol on collective workouts. Given that there was no mention of the playoffs, the recovery should be “regular” in the intentions of the federal members. Updates will follow, but from today Italian football is a little more confident about the possibility of resuming, and above all finishing, the season.

14.22 – Bologna, all the swabs of the second round negative – Second round of tampons in the Bologna home, all with negative results. This is what was published by La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning which also talks about the next set of tests already scheduled in a few days as well as the serological ones.

14.02 – Marani: “Today’s Federal Council will decide that the A, B and C championships will restart” – Hours of waiting for Italian football, while the Federal Council is taking place today. Matteo Marani, deputy director of Sky Sport, talks about this: “If we want, today’s meeting says something quite predictable, which is what will be played. But it is news: today it will leave the Federal Council that the professional championships will restart, this is the resolution that will be taken. Then other things, playoffs or the like, will be discussed later. But if there are no problems the championships will start again ”.

13.50 – Premier League, of the six positive cases three are from Watford. One of them is a footballer – Six positive cases of coronavirus in the Premier League. One of them discovered yesterday belongs to Burnley and is specifically the assistant coach Ian Woan. Three cases, however, belong to Watford and it is the club itself that makes it known with an official statement. It is a player and two staff members, whose names have not been disclosed.

13.22 – Team sports, here are the guidelines for training. Now only the FIGC protocol is missing – Here comes the guidelines for team sports training. Through its online portal, the Office for Sport at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has issued guidelines to return to training safely also at a collective level. Specific protocols for each sport will then be necessary for their implementation. From this point of view, as far as professional football is concerned, only the publication of the FIGC protocol, drawn up by the Serie A and approved yesterday by the Technical Scientific Committee, is missing. At this link, in the meantime, you can consult the guidelines for team sports training and for base sport.

12.10 – Go to the Federal Council – The Federal Council has started. All the expected protagonists will be connected via video call, with the exception of President Gravina, the Roman councilors (Lotito and Ghirelli) and Sibilia, who are physically present.

11.38 – Ok to the collective sessions, but Roma postpones everything until tomorrow. Today free day – There is the CTS ok for group training, but Roma postpones everything until tomorrow. This morning, in fact, Fonseca granted the day off to his team pending the new protocol to be transmitted to the FIGC. However, Cristante and Mirante presented themselves to Fulvio Bernardini for massage sessions, beyond the management who continues to work on several fronts (market and industrial plan). As soon as the protocol reaches the Federation in Trigoria, they are ready to start with the team sessions, but without withdrawal. In the event of a positive, the quarantine will be triggered within a structure chosen by the club but with the possibility of not stopping training except for the infected person. Matches within the sessions will also be allowed.

10.57 – Ceferin sure: “I bet a million that the Europeans will do in 2021” – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin spoke to the Guardian about the situation in European football. About the move of Euro 2020: “I could not train until 4 in the morning. At that hour I made the decision and went to sleep for a couple of hours”. Would a million dollars bet that Euro 2020 will be played in 2021? “Yes, I would. I don’t know why it shouldn’t happen. I don’t think the virus will last forever. I think it will change sooner than you think.”

10.21 – Serie A, loose the quarantine node aims to follow the Germany model for matches – The new positivity of a footballer during this training phase, which from today may also be collective, no longer frightens the Serie A after yesterday the green light was given to the possible continuation of the same even in case of contagion. Of course, in the event of new positives, the team would go into preventive quarantine for two weeks, but having averted the possibility of total isolation made the Serie A breathe a sigh of relief. Among other things, if the general situation of the infected should improve further, it is possible that this principle of quarantine could also lapse, with legislation that would allow teams to play matches equally, as happens in Germany.

09.50 – Malagò: “I am the first to cheer for the restart of football, but a plan B is needed” – On the day of the Federal Council that will decide the fate of the football season interrupted last March for the start of the Coronavirus academy La Gazzetta dello Sport offers a long interview with Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI. This is his thought on the possible resumption of the football championship: “I am the first to cheer for football to resume – he explains -. But after a few days the word football was replaced by the word Serie A. Dilettanti and Lega Pro, they understood soon enough that with certain protocol dynamics they were not in a position to resume. Serie B recently voted to start again. I have been insisting for months: we aim to start again but since it is not possible to make long-term forecasts, given all the existing variables, there must also be a plan B. Not having it is an error ”.

09.20 – Today the Federal Council: how could Serie A restart? Also playoffs and playouts at stake – After yesterday Spadafora’s announcement on the resumption of team training, today will be another field day for Italian football. In fact, the Federal Council called by President Gabriele Gravina will start at 12: the top leaders of football will have to discuss the resumption of training, of course, but also and above all to trace one or more paths to follow for the immediate future. There are many questions to be answered, but two in particular seem to have a more important specific weight than the others: How to proceed if the Serie A championship can restart? What to do if the epidemiological situation forces you to stop everything?

00.10 – Wales, official stop for the championship: the Connah’s Quay Nomads declared champions The Connah’s Quay Nomads, who at the time of the Welsh championship stop had 4 points ahead of the New Saints, were officially declared champions of Wales. The Welsh Football Federation has in fact decided to put an end to the championship, stopped due to the health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The team coached by the British Mark McGregor has thus conquered the first title of its history, putting an end to the hegemony of the News Saints, who had won the last eight titles in a row.


23.38 – Coronavirus, one of the 6 Premier positives at Burnley: he is the assistant coach Ian Woan – He is one of six Premier League positives at Burnley. The same club has confirmed that Ian Woan, assistant coach, has contracted Coronavirus. The technician is asymptomatic and will be quarantined for seven days ahead of a new test on Monday.

23.23 – Coronavirus emergency. Slovenia announces a restart: on 5 June we return to the field – The Slovenian Football Association has set the date on which the championship, suspended due to the Coronavirus emergency, will restart. It is June 5 when the teams take the field for the 26th day. The calendar will be announced in detail over the next week, but in the meantime the dates of the Slovenian Cup have been set with the semi-finals to be played on 9 and 10 June and the final on 24 June.

23.01 – Coronavirus, Slavia Prague player positive: resumption of the championship at risk – Slavia Prague entirely in solitary confinement until Thursday after the positivity of a footballer on the Coronavirus test. To announce it on its official channels was the same club in the capital, which has already fixed the next checks over the weekend. The Czech championship should start again next week, with Slavia busy in front of Mlada Boleslav immediately on Tuesday 26 May. A challenge that risks slipping, however, should other positive results arrive in the next round of tampons.

22.27 – Milan, first day of tampons at the sports center. Following lunch … at a distance – First day of tampons in Milanello. All players in the squad today underwent the coronavirus exam and will do it again in the next few days, probably Thursday. In case of double negativity, the team could then start training in groups with the matches, as required by the new protocol. Meanwhile, specific individual training on strength has continued today, while in the coming days the team will focus more on technique with the use of the ball. The whole squad – with the exception of Kessie, still in quarantine after returning from the Ivory Coast – worked both in the morning and in the afternoon and will do so again tomorrow. The team had lunch at Milanello: to stay spaced and not violate any rules, the players ate divided into two rooms over two rounds, with disposable portions for self-service and without waiters.

21.46 – Ok at group sessions, Gravina: “There is satisfaction. Already at work for the Serie A shooting protocol” – “The validation of the protocol on collective training is a decisive step in the path of restarting football in Italy”, says the president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, commenting on the positive opinion of the technical and scientific committee that starts collective training and announcing that the FIGC medical commission is already working on the protocol for the start of the championship. “I have expressed to the minister for sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, and to the minister of health, Roberto Speranza, my satisfaction and that of the federation for their willingness to compare and the effective collaboration that led to the achievement of this important result”.

19.59 – Tommasi: “4 weeks of training necessary. Serie A 13 or 20 June? We don’t set limits” – The president of the AIC Damiano Tommasi spoke to Rai Sport about the restart of the team trainings authorized by the CTS (and then by the government) and in general of the public discussion regarding the situation of the Serie A: “The caution is being using on the subject of shooting football? Prudence above all, certainties are needed from a medical point of view. The times we expect and need, however, do not coincide with those of science, we hope to be able to accelerate in the coming weeks. We asked that there be a control body that can give everyone the same security guarantees. How many weeks of training will it take? At least 4, although some think about 6 weeks. Let’s say that at least 4 are needed to avoid accidents. June 13 or June 20, which is the most credible date for the restart of the championship? We do not set limits if we want to be able to start again, the 4 weeks for training must not be a problem, on the contrary let’s see them as necessary to get back in shape and avoid injuries. The players can’t wait to get back on the pitch. ”

19.31 – SPAL, the medical tests carried out by technical staff and players have all given negative results – Good news at SPAL. As communicated by the same club, in fact, the outcome of the tests – to which the players and staff were subjected – was negative. This is the text of the press release: “SPAL srl communicates that the medical analyzes carried out in recent days by the technical staff and players of the first biancazzurra team have all given negative results”.

18.44 – Spadafora confirms: “Green light for team training. Decision on Serie A on 28 May” – The CTS has given the green light to the new protocol for the resumption of team training for the 20 Serie A clubs. Officially confirmed by the microphones of Rai2, is the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora: “It seems to me a ‘ great news, training can finally resume. Careful assessments were made, the FIGC reviewed the first proposal and this helped. There are clarifications on quarantine and isolation times, it is recommended that the need for tampons does not affect citizens and initial self-isolation is avoided in order to allow teams to start the activity despite not having the capable sports centers to welcome the whole group. No team quarantine? And ‘so, we were able to get there because the situation today has allowed us to revise the rules for the better. It has been done for the country, it is right that football can also resume safely. By May 28th we will decide the championship restart date “.

18.23 – Civil Protection, the bulletin: 813 new infected (-1.424 positive compared to yesterday). 162 deaths in 24h – The Civil Protection has released the data relating to the last 24 hours. 63,158 new swabs were made and 813 new COVID-19 positive ones were identified. The number of positives currently stands at 65,129, 1,424 fewer than yesterday. On the last day 162 people with Coronavirus died for a total of 32,169 deaths in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic. The total cases are 226,699: of these, 129,401 healed, 2,075 more than yesterday. Here are the data:

Currently positive: 65,129
Deceased: 32,169 (+162, + 0.5%)
Discharged / Healed: 129,401 (+2,075, + 1.6%)
Intensive care patients: 716 (-33, -4.4%)
Buffers: 3.104.524 (+63.158)
Total cases: 226,699 (+813, + 0.4%)

17.59 – The CTS approves protocol without team quarantine. Swabs frequent to footballers – Green light for team training. The CTS after having received the protocol with the modifications of the A league, in the last 48 hours he has dedicated himself to carefully evaluating the new provisions. The okay has arrived and from tomorrow the A teams can continue with the group sessions. Still no games and work on the schemes but a step forward has been made. Withdrawal is no longer foreseen and above all in the event of a positive, the quarantine will be triggered for the whole team which will still be able to continue training in a structure chosen by the club, except for the infected. The contagion curve will be decisive for the resumption of the championship and for inserting the matches in the training sessions. Should it continue to fall, new steps would be defined.

17.40 – Calcagno (AIC): “The CTS will give us a hand or close football and all team sports” – Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the Italian Footballers’ Association and FIGC adviser, speaks live during the Open Stadium, broadcast on TMW Radio, to address the main topics on the agenda regarding the resumption of Serie A: ” Are you confident about a green light for recovery? Yes, I have to be. Our responsibility is to be ready if the authorities tell us that we can live with the virus. We are thinking, there seem to be opposing parties in our world but the truth is that we are entrusted to those who understand it, and we are working to ensure that our sport, which involves contact, is feasible. If it were not for this, problems would arise. ” (Click here to read the complete news!)

5.15 pm – Coronavirus, six new Premier League positives found among players and coaching staff – You are positive, from three different clubs. This is the result of the Coronavirus tests carried out between Sunday and Monday between the players and the technical staff of the Premier League clubs. The news was announced by journalist Jason Bourne on Twitter via internal sources in the top league.

16.09 – Count: “The sacrifices have paid off” – Premier Giuseppe Conte intervened this afternoon during the 73rd WHO General Assembly to give Italy’s testimony in the fight against COVID-19. “This virus has changed our lives,” said Conte who spoke of the emergency facing our country, the first in Europe to be heavily affected by the coronavirus. “In March we had to take drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus and after two months the epidemiological data are encouraging and confirm that our efforts and sacrifices have paid off.”

15.15 – Minister Spadafora: “The goal is not only to restart the championship, but to be able to end it” – To the notebooks of ‘Italpress’, the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora returned to talk about the resumption of the championships: “We all hope that the championship can start again as soon as possible but at the moment there are no certainties, as also said by Prime Minister Conte. the goal we must achieve is not only to restart the championship, but to be able to end it. “Click here for the complete interview.

14.20 – For the European postponed to 2021 three cities at risk – As reported by ‘Marca’, three cities out of the 12 chosen to host the matches of the next European championship could give up because of the problems deriving from the pandemic. The Spanish Football Association has categorically denied that one of these is Bilbao.

12.40 – European travel to England at risk – 14-day isolation for those arriving in the UK. This is what the British government has decided, which does not intend to exempt sportsmen from the quarantine (granted to a few categories including diplomats and transporters). A major problem for European football, which in fact would block Champions and Europa League. Nothing official, as stated by a source at the Sun, but this is the direction. The restrictions decided by Downing Street will be reviewed every three weeks during the summer. At present, five British teams are involved in the European cups: Manchester City and Chelsea in the Champions League; Manchester United, Wolverhampton and Rangers in the Europa League.

12.00 – UEFA, Ceferin: “End of tournaments by 3 August a recommendation, not a deadline – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, in a letter sent to ‘Le Parisien’, clarified his position on the conclusion of the championships: “The dates of 20 July (for the associations ranked 16th to 55th in the UEFA ranking) and 3 August (1st to 15th places) were mentioned in the presentations made during the meetings with secretaries and presidents of the 55 UEFA-affiliated associations on 21 April and in the meetings between working groups. However, during these meetings, we have always mentioned that these dates are only recommendations, formulated provisionally and unofficially “.

11.12 – The playoffs are back in fashion – Among the issues that will be addressed tomorrow (advice at the start at 12), also the playoffs and the playouts, a solution, as mentioned, particularly appreciated by Gravina as an alternative to the regular championship. Uncertainty about the number of teams that would participate: for the playoffs, someone hypothesized 12, but the first four would hardly agree to re-discuss the qualification in the Champions League, ranking in hand practically already certain. In the queue, the distances are very narrow and any decision could displease one of the contenders.

10.30 – Tomorrow stop D, not B and C – The Federal Council of tomorrow will sanction the definitive stop to amateur football. As for Serie B and C, although in this case there was an almost unanimous request from the Lega Pro, it is unlikely that the FIGC decrees ended the season: President Gravina wants to explore all the possibilities of recovery before giving up.

10.11 – CTS reply today. Is the match protocol born? – Not only the protocol for the resumption of individual training, on which, however, a response from the Technical Scientific Committee could arrive today. In the morning, the FIGC medical commission will meet to study the new medical protocol for shooting matches.

8.58 – Waiting for the new protocol. Federal Council tomorrow – The expectation is growing for the response of the Technical Scientific Committee on the new protocol sent by the Serie A League. The hot topics: no team quarantine in case of new contagion, no maxi-withdrawal and many more swabs for each club. Meanwhile, the FIGC has suspended all the championships until June 14: a forced move, given the DPCM in force since yesterday, but in any case the restart of the Serie A for 13 is at serious risk, time is running out. Tomorrow the Federal Council will be held: the FIGC will declare the suspension of Serie D, more difficult than B and C. Returning to the maximum championship, President Gravina has returned to the charge with the playoffs and the playouts, in case the championship cannot be restarted .


22.52 – FIFA, Infantino: “Match to raise funds” – FIFA Foundation will organize for the first time in its history a football game to raise funds for ACT, Access to COVID-19 Tools, a sort of worldwide collaboration to accelerate the development, production and access to new health technologies, both they are diagnostic, therapeutic or vaccinal, in the fight against Coronavirus. President Gianni Infantino, through the official website, commented as follows: “It is our responsibility to show solidarity and continue to do everything possible to participate and support efforts in the fight against the pandemic”.

21.57 – Republic: Gravina could impose the playoffs – The situation linked to the restart and therefore to the future of Italian football continues to be full of question marks and awaiting twists. What is certain is that President Gabriele Gravina will try in every way to ensure that football can start again, that the 2019/2020 championship can end. And in the past, although there have never been any particular openings in this sense, the idea of ​​the playoffs and the playouts as an alternative to the “classic” calendar has been brought up by the same number one of the FIGC. According to the Republic, UEFA and the Government would have already given Gravina a hand if this were to be the way: Ceferin said it is possible to change the formats, the government has streamlined sports justice by making possible appeals more “manageable” from the point of view thunderstorm. Furthermore, the Raising Decree would allow him to “impose” the playoff-playouts on Serie A through the Federal Council. The most probable hypothesis at the moment would include playoffs from 12 teams with the classification frozen on March 9: The top four (Juventus, Lazio, Inter and Atalanta) would go to the “quarterfinals”. The 5th (Rome) would challenge the 12th (Cagliari), the 6th (Naples) against the 11th (Sassuolo), the 7th (Milan) against the 10th (Bologna) and the 8th (Verona) against 9 ^ (Parma). The playouts, therefore, would be among the last 8, therefore Fiorentina, Udinese, Turin, Sampdoria, Genoa, Lecce, SPAL and Brescia.

20.52 – Pozzo: “Bundesliga broken down as worse could not” – There are those who consider the Bundesliga restarting hasty: “They were worse off than they could have been despite having sold it as a triumph but what was expected in terms of injuries happened. 8 injuries in the first 6 games, just as many for Borussia Dortmund after a single day. The proof that if you do not make a good preparation you pay the bill. And all with one game per week while we should make two, so it would take a squad of 30 players to get to the bottom and cushion all injuries, “said the patron of Udinese Giampaolo Water well.

19.58 – FIGC, championships suspended until June 14 – By order of the president Gabriele Gravina, the FIGC has ordered the suspension until June 14 of all football competitions organized under federal aegis. An act due after the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May. Below is the press release: “The Federal President – having regard to the Official Announcement No. 193 / A of 4 May 2020; – having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 17 May 2020 containing” urgent measures to contain the contagion throughout the territory national “; – having taken note of the suspension until June 14, 2020 of sporting events and competitions of all types and disciplines, in public or private places, referred to in the aforementioned Decree; – having regard to art. 24 of the Federal Statute; – after hearing the Vice-Presidents resolve to suspend all football sports competitions organized under the auspices of the FIGC until 14 June 2020. This resolution will be subject to ratification by the Federal Council at the first useful meeting “.

19.25 – The situation of the twenty Serie A teams – Parma is already in retirement, but soon it could be followed by all the Serie A teams, once the OK for collective training has arrived, with a protocol that is waiting to be perfected. Meanwhile, the Italian teams continue to train individually, to grow a condition that cannot be at most after two months of stop. Here a complete picture of the 20 top league clubs.

18.50 – Civil Protection, the bulletin: 451 new infected (-1.798 positive compared to yesterday). 99 deaths in 24h – Below the data:
Currently positive: 66.553 (-1.798)
Deceased: 32,007 (+99, + 0.3%)
Healed: 127,326 (+2,150, + 1.7%)
Intensive care patients: 749 (-13, -1.7%)
Buffers: 3.041.366 (+36.406)
Total cases: 225,886 (+451, + 0.2%)

18.03 – Wednesday crucial day for the future of Italian football: at 12, go to the Federal Council – The Federal Council meeting will take place on Wednesday from 12.00. The FIGC itself took care of the details today, with a press release published on the official website. This is the full text: “The meeting of the Federal Council was convened for 12 noon on Wednesday 20 May. Among the items on the agenda, in addition to the approval of the minutes of the meetings of 24 February and 10 March and communications from the President, the following points: information from the Secretary General; regulatory changes; appointments of competence; Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers of 17 May 2020: consequent measures; UEFA circular No. 24 of 24 April 2020: decisions regarding the procedures for concluding the championships 2019/2020 sports season; official professional and amateur competitions 2019/2020 sports season: consequent measures; National licenses for the 2020/2021 sports season; terms for professional membership in the 2020/2021 sports season; ratification of the urgent resolutions of the Federal President; various and any “.

17.18 – UEFA, meeting of the Executive Committee postponed. May 25 will no longer be binding date – As we announced to you in the past few days, UEFA has decided to postpone the aut-aut for the conclusion of the championships which was scheduled for 25 May and for this reason it has decided to give the Federations and Leagues additional time before giving a final response. “UEFA – reads – announced today that the next meeting of its Executive Committee, originally scheduled for May 27, has been postponed to June 17, 2020, due to the existence of some remaining open points concerning a small number of venues. proposals for the reorganization of UEFA EURO 2020 next year “. In reality there is also more. The decision is also reconciled, as mentioned, with the requests of the Federations and Governments which today, one week from May 25, still have no clear idea of ​​the restart. And they want to avoid making a hasty decision within seven days.

17.10 – Greece, the championship restarts on 6 June: scudetto and relegation poules will be played – The Greek championship will start again on 6 June. This is the decision of the Hellenic Football Association, after the nation responded well to the Coronavirus with only 163 deaths out of 2834 confirmed cases. The regular season was over, so only the Scudetto poule (10 games) and the relegation (14) will be played.

16.48 – Premier League, green light to training from tomorrow. Small group sessions allowed – Premier League clubs can return to training tomorrow. This is what the top league clubs voted for. The teams will therefore be able to follow the sessions in small groups. Recall that football in England has been suspended indefinitely since April 3 while the last Premier League game dates back to March 9.

16.16 – Juventus, still training in small groups today. Cristiano Ronaldo is also expected tomorrow – Training again in small staggered groups today for Juventus, at the Continassa sports center. Last day without Cristiano Ronaldo who today ends the quarantine period after returning from Portugal: CR7 should therefore return to the field tomorrow. During the week, de Ligt and Szczesny will also be able to resume – the day is Wednesday. then Khedira and Matuidi and finally the South Americans Danilo, Douglas Costa and Alex Sandro. The only exception was Gonzalo Higuain, who returned to Italy only last Friday: therefore, for the Argentine, no training until May 30th.

15.31 – AIC, Calcagno and no to collective withdrawals: “If there is a positive, the whole team must be stopped” – “In drafting the latest protocols they did not involve us, but many comments made by us then were eventually accepted. There is unity of purpose”. To speak is Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the AIC who released an interview to the microphones of ‘Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli’ during which he said he was satisfied with the progress that has been made in the last few hours. (Click here to read the complete news!)

14.02 – Scotland, official: the championship will not go on. Celtic crowned champion – The Scottish Premiership announced today that clubs have unanimously believed that the championship cannot continue. For this reason, the 2019-20 season is to be considered definitively ended. Therefore, Celtic was crowned champion of Scotland. This is the 51st hoops title, the ninth in a row. Another verdict decreed the relegation of the Hearts in Championship.

11.20 – The next events – Waiting for the response of the CTS on the new protocol, broadcast today. A response from the technicians could arrive in a couple of days, also to evaluate the data of the infections at the beginning of the week, a decisive factor in understanding what the future holds for us. On Wednesday both the Gravina-Dal Pino-Conte summit and the Federal Council are scheduled.

10.50 – Unless changes are made, June 13 cannot be restarted – The new Prime Ministerial Decree, in force from today until June 14th, prohibits sporting events of any order and degree. Hi news, on which the Government seems however available to make assessments, the date for the resumption of the Serie A championship should therefore postpone at least June 20. But the situation, as you well know, is constantly evolving.

10.19 – Pozzo: “We want to play, but not June 13” – Guest of Radio 1, the patron of Udinese, Gianpaolo Pozzo explains his point of view: “We want to play, I repeat it. I do not agree on June 13, it is an insult to intelligence. If you listen to any athletic trainer he will tell you that a player staying at home for two and a half months, a player needs at least a month of real training, not what we are doing now. We are talking about competitive sessions with matches and physical clashes. We are still struggling with individual and gradual training today . I have to thank the government for prudence. ”

9.44 – What about football? The point – Phase 2 for Italy, not yet for Italian football. At the moment, teams will still have to follow individual training rules. The only exception should be Parma, which will follow the “old” protocol, accepted by the FIGC and Government but not by the Serie A League, that is, the one that provides for a maxi-withdrawal for the team group. Hours of waiting for the new protocol: yesterday FIGC and Serie A sent it to the Minister of Sport, who today will send it to the Technical Scientific Committee. Among the news: no cloister and above all no quarantine in case of new infection. To understand if the proposals will be accepted by the CTS it will take short times, but in any case we are talking about at least a couple of days. Meanwhile, unless further postponements are scheduled for Wednesday 20 the Federal Council: at the turn of this appointment, the FIGC president, Gravina, should meet Prime Minister Conte: the date of June 13 for the resumption of Serie A remains a hypothesis, but more complicated because times are narrowing. UEFA is waiting for indications about the end of the season, but in this case the deadline of 25 May has only become indicative.

9.39 – From today begins Phase 2 – From this morning, the lockdown imposed on Italy from the beginning of March ends in all respects. Some limitations remain: it will be possible to move without limits only within the Region in which you are located, while to cross the regional borders you will need the now well-known self-certification, relating to reasons of work, need or health, or to return to the your home, residence or home. From today, moreover, various activities such as restaurants, bars, shops start again. It will be necessary to wait on May 25 for gyms, swimming pools and the like, while the road to the return of cinemas and theaters will be longer: the government considers this type of opening possible starting from June 15. All the slackening, as Prime Minister Conte pointed out, can be reconsidered in relation to a possible increase in the epidemiological curve.


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