LIVE TJ – The Serie A starts again on 20 June, the Italian Cup final on 17, semifinals 13 and 14. Gravina and Dal Pino: “Anticipated the good of football”


20.16 HOURS. – The words of Gravina in a note read by Sky Sport. “Shooting Serie A represents a message of hope for the whole country. It is a success shared with Spadafora and all the federal components. It is a success for all leagues.”

20.15 – The words of Dal Pino in a note read by Sky Sport. “I thank Minister Spadafora and his staff. We have always worked with one aim: to try to do the good of football.”

HOURS 20.10 – As confirmed live Sky from Alessandro Alciato, the Coppa Italia final will be played on June 17th. Semi-finals between 13 and 14.

HOURS 19.55 Spadafora’s words. The Minister of Sport and Youth Policy commented positively on the summit: “Achieved desired result from the beginning. From the 13th to the 20th of June week in which I hope the remaining matches of the Italian Cup can be played”.

HOURS 19:43 – Serie A restarts on 20 June. This is the decision expected by the world of football that will see the resumption of the Italian championship on that date. During the weekend of 13 June there will be space for the two semi-finals of the Italian Cup: Juventus-Milan and Napoli-Inter

HOURS 19:35 – After speaking with the members of the world of football, Minister Spadafora is in contact in these minutes with Prime Minister Conte to whom he will report what was discussed and decided in the meeting

HOURS 19:27 – The summit between Minister Spadafora and the parties representing the Italian football system has ended: a communication from the protagonists is expected shortly.

HOURS 19:01 – Meanwhile, in the late afternoon, the government’s Scientific Technical Committee agreed to the protocol drawn up by the Federation for the restart of the championships.

HOURS 18:52 – According to reports from Sky Sport, the meeting will last a maximum of one hour, at 7.30 pm in fact a Council of Ministers is scheduled to be attended by Vincenzo Spadafora.

HOURS 18:40 – The decisive meeting for the resumption of Serie A has begun. Sports Minister Vincenzo attended the summit Spadafora, The FIGC president Gabriele Gravina, that of the Serie A Paolo League From Pine tree, of the Serie B Mauro Balata, of the Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli, of the LND Cosimo Sibilia, of the Damian AIC Tommasi and the AIA with Marcello Nicchi.



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