LIVE TJ – RAMSEY: “The five substitutions will help. We have to end the season at best and then we will think about the Champions League”


Aaron Ramsey spoke to Sky Sport’s Francesco Cosatti microphones. Here are his words reported by

“I’m very well. We started training individually and at the beginning it was strange, but very safe for everyone, respecting the rules and then we were finally able to train all together and it was very nice. We went back to doing what we like. L Italy was one of the first steps to trigger the lockdown. I decided to stay here, and to stay in quarantine here: it was difficult, always staying indoors, spending time at home. But luckily I was with my family and I could have spent a lot of time with my wife and children. Which I usually can’t do for matches. I enjoyed this opportunity. I am very happy with the news of the restart. I think in general Italy has tried to respond better to the pandemic, given that it was one of the most affected countries. I believe that all the steps taken have been correct and now everything is slowly starting up again. The country is returning to a new normal. we leave. We are happy to start again following the security protocols. We wait to start again with this new type of matches that we have already experienced against Inter Milan months ago, with the doors closed and without fans. It’s strange but that’s what we have to do now to end the season and then we’ll see at the end. I think it is important that, in general, football all over Europe again. Everyone is trying to restart, everyone is starting to work again, and all countries are trying to return to normal. For us and for the Premier League: we played a lot of football, we missed doing what we love most and now we are very full of expectations to return to the field. The Champions League in August will be another new situation for us but we will do what we are asked to do. First of all we will have to end the season in the best way hoping that everyone is well and healthy. And then go play the Champions League. We have to see what is going on and already be happy that we have the opportunity to go back to playing football. We left a little bit at a time. Before staying at home, then starting to work individually until you train with your teammates, of course, usually at the beginning of the season, friendlies are played to get closer to the game. I read that there has been an increase in injuries in Germany, ‘but all clubs need to be smart and I think the 5 substitutions can help clubs. It will be important to talk to the manager and staff about our health. But I know my body and each of us knows each other. I will have to be honest with myself and my coach. There will certainly be risks, but we must be happy to be back on the pitch. ”



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