LIVE TJ – Kulusevski: “My ideal role is the playmaker. Juve is a dream”


Dejan Kulusevski is a guest on the Sky Sport show. Here are his words reported by

Many compare to De Bruyne. Could you move back like a half wing in the future?

“Let’s start by saying that De Bruyne is one of the 5 strongest players. But I have to say that I look at him a lot because he is a phenomenal player and I want to become like him or even better than him. I watch a lot of football and I try to learn a lot from the players. Then if in the future I will do the half-wing I think so because I have already done the half-wing during my whole life “.

Can’t you see yourself ahead? I see you midfielder but who starts a little further, do you see yourself further back?

“It depends on how the team plays. The way we played in Parma, the coach found the right position for me. When I played in the Spring at Atalanta I started from behind. But my perfect role is behind the strikers as a midfielder.”

Can you better cover that position with Sarri compared to Conte’s 3-5-2?

“I chose Juve also for that because I think I can do a lot of good Juventus and learn a lot. I really have Sarri’s game because my favorite player was playing at Chelsea. So I think I can do very well in that game”.

Have you already met Ronaldo and Dybala? Are you excited because you will play with players you have admired and respected?

“Yes, I met them and I said goodbye to them all. It was one of the best days ever. I spoke to several players. Now I have 13 games left and I have to do really well, then when it comes to playing with Juve it will be a dream Because I have always dreamed of playing with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and of playing in a team like Juventus. But I will go there to show that I also know how to play, I can work and I am ready to give everything to win together “.

Are you ready for Juve?

“As I live I want to improve and work day after day. Now I know that at the end of the season I will go to Juve and I am working harder than ever. During this period I trained even more because I feel it is time to be ready and I I feel ready to play. ”

Is the Golden Ball a goal or a dream?

“Before I never talked about the golden ball and I always said I wanted to improve. But in the last few months I have changed and I am telling the truth I want to become a little bit stronger and I am ready to do the work there is to do”.

When you were young you met a Juventus youth team and you did a heel magic do you remember it? Was Juventus a dream at that moment?

“Yes I remember that game, they were very, very strong. At that age I didn’t even think of joining a team like Juventus. I still don’t believe it even now. Every now and then my mom tells me: ‘You know what you’ve done ? ‘ I say no. I am happy and proud of myself. It is a dream to play for Juventus. ”



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