LIVE MN – Coronavirus, Serie A: schedule established. Kessie returns to training. National data


18:01 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 46.175 (-1.811, -3.77%)
deceased: 33,229 (+87, + 0.3%)
Dismissed / Healed: 152,844 (+2,240, + 1.5%)
Hospitalized in intensive care: 475 (-14, -2.9%)
Buffers: 3.755.279 (+72.135)

Total cases: 232.248 (+516, + 0.2%)

17.54 – Below are the data of the Lombardy Region on the Coronavirus emergency in the last 24 hours:

Currently positive: 22,683 (-230)
Buffers performed: 727.146 (+14.078)
Total positives: 88,537 (+354)
Healed / Discharged: 49,842 (+546)
Intensive care: 173 (0)
Inpatients (Non T.I.): 3,552 (+82)
Deaths: 16,012 (+38)

17.25 – Not on the 20th, but on the 19th of June. The 2019/20 Serie A will start again on Friday 19 June with Atalanta-Sassuolo, recovery of the 25th day. The League has decided to restart the championship from one of the symbolic cities of the emergency against the neroverdi, the last team to take the field against Brescia on 9 March.

16.51 – Pending the official announcement by the League, always engaged in a new Council after the Assembly, the parties are filing the final details on the recovery. Gone with the Italian Cup. The two return semi-finals are June 13 (Juventus-Milan, 8.45 pm) and 14 (Napoli-Inter, 8.45 pm). The final on June 17th in Rome at the Olympic Stadium. The dates and times, however, are still unofficial and waiting to be endorsed by the current Council.

16.44 – According to reports from Sky Sport 24, the Rossoneri played the fourth round of tampons in the morning.

16.30 – takes stock of what is the restart, yet to be made official, of Italian football with the Italian Cup: semi-finals on 13 and 14 June, final on 17. However, there are contrasts, with the doubts put forward by three of the semi-finalists, Inter, Juventus and Milan, on close matches. The hypothesis of a postponement was evaluated but in the end the need to conclude the tournament would have prevailed without further postponements and therefore the final should be played in Rome on Wednesday 17 June.

4.15 pm – The indication, not yet precisely defined in the days but expected between today and tomorrow, is for a transfer market that starts in the first days of September and ends in the first week of October. September 1 to October 5 and September 5 to October 10 are the two hypotheses under consideration. Do not forget, however, that from 1 June to 31 August there will be the possibility to sign preliminary agreements with the players, to allow the clubs not to passively undergo any federation agreements with the open market (Germany and France the main examples).

15:23 – According to Sky reports, after two consecutive negative swabs, Franck Kessie also closed his quarantine a few days in advance and returned to training in Milanello today afternoon after the medical visits this morning.

15.21 – According to Sky reports, around 13.45, an ordinary inspection of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office began to check that the protocol launched by the government, the FIGC and the League was implemented. The two inspectors were welcomed by the Rossoneri doctor Stefano Mazzoni and the team manager Andrea Romeo. The Rossoneri team, who trained this morning, were not present at the time of the checks. The only one present was Franck Kessie. The Prosecutor’s inspectors checked the Club House, the common areas, the dining area, the bar and the players’ rooms. There was also an interview with the Milanello chef. The inspection is still ongoing and inspectors are now in the locker room area.

14.20 – The semi-finals of the Italian Cup will be the first two games to be played in the second half. It will start with Juventus-Milan on 13 June, then it will be the turn of Napoli-Inter on 14. In the event that Inter should go to the final (it starts from the 1-0 of the Azzurri in San Siro) the first Inter match of the Nerazzurri, the recovery against Sampdoria will be played on Sunday 21 and not Saturday 20.

14:08 – According to Sky reports, the Serie A League has decided to resume the championship from the recoveries of the matches of the 25th day on 20 and 21 June: Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma. Confirmed the dates of the Italian Cup: the return of the semifinals on 13 and 14 June, the final on 17.

13:31 – Vincenzo Spadafora, Minister of Sport, told TG5: “The resumption of Serie A is an important signal, because Italy is starting again and football is the protagonist of this restart. There was a moment when I thought that we would not have been able to start again, I still keep my fingers crossed to hope that the championship will end. The world of football is a world made up of different presidents, all passionate about their world but also interested in the big turnover and interests that I am very angry when they asked me to decide the date of the restart when there were still many deaths due to Covid-19, I found those requests absurd. Today that the situation has changed, we can start again “.

12:13 – Juventus, Milan and Inter have not taken the idea of ​​the restart of the Italian Cup well. This was revealed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, which tells how the clubs would have preferred to start again with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day instead of returning to the field first. It is likely that the semi-final matches of the Cup do not include extra time but only penalties, in case of a tie.

11:59 – Today’s edition of Repubblica headlines thus on the resumption of Serie A: “A positive blocks everything: the clubs are pressing to review the protocol”. In the event of a new positive, the protocol provides isolation for the patient, while the whole squdara would retire for 14 days without being able to play games. Given the very busy schedule, there would be no time to recover these races and therefore the Serie A League would like to ask the government to modify this part of the protocol otherwise there is a real risk of not being able to finish the championship.

11:48 – “Free! 15 days and you play”. This is the title on page 2 that Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the resumption of Serie A: “It starts with the Italian Cup and the races for everyone on Rai1 then from 20th to the championship. Play off as a reserve plan. The announcement of Spadafora: I heard the Premier, he was satisfied. Starting with goals in the clear is a positive sign. Grana Inter: he wants to send Primavera to Naples “.

11:36 – “Habemus serie A. On the field on 20 June, but the virus will referee”: this is the title that opens the sports pages of Il Giornale this morning. Last night came the long-awaited white smoke for the resumption of the championship after the summit between Spadafora, FIGC and the League: the Serie A will start again on 20 June. Two alternatives in case of stop, that is playoff and playout or crystallized ranking.

11:16 – In the aftermath of the government’s go-ahead for the resumption of the season, the Serie A League today will define the calendar. It is the competence of the Council, which has just met by videoconference, which will be followed by the assembly of 20 clubs, convened at 11.30 am. Yesterday, the restart with the semi-finals and the Italian cup final was defined, between 13 and 17 June, a solution explicitly contested by Milan, which would leave two other teams involved, Juventus and Inter, perplexed. For the resumption of the championship, on the weekend of 20-21 June, there are two hypotheses on the table: start again with the four recoveries of the 25th day, to immediately harmonize the ranking, or with the ten matches of the 27th. The Assembly, on the other hand, will analyze ‘plan B’, that is, a format with short playoff and playout phases if the conditions for playing all the matches were not met, as required by the last Football Association Council. On the agenda also relations with the licensees of TV rights who have not paid the last installment of the season: against Sky the League has decided for the injunction procedure, while the proposals put forward by Dazn and Img are being evaluated . (HANDLE).

11:12 – Today’s edition of La Stampa opens on the front page with the title: “Green light from the government: Serie A starts again on June 20th”. It will (maybe) be a different football. But the verdicts will be decided on the field. The Italy that gets back in motion, or tries to do it, is also the one of the ball because Serie A and B will restart on June 20, the C still does not know when, how and if. First, the return semifinals and the final of the Italian Cup: the idea is to put Juve-Milan on the agenda for the 13th and, the next day, Napoli-Inter with the assignment of the trophy on Wednesday.

11:00 – The first has already given a negative result, now Franck Kessie is waiting for the response of the second buffer: if the result is the same, the Rossoneri midfielder will be able to end his quarantine period and return to training at Milanello. Tuttosport reports this morning.

10:46 – “Football, gentlemen you play for the show and not to fail”. This is the low-cut title on the first page of La Repubblica in reference to the championship which starts again on June 20: “Blessed are the people who do not need footballers, almost heroes / true heroism we leave to doctors and nurses). He is Italian. Our players are asked to start again with the second phase of the championship: 124 games not spaced, in times of the world, but without Brazil, without public and without thrill “.

10:45 – Juventus, Milan and especially Inter are against the restart of 13 June with the Italian Cup. The Nerazzurri, explains the Gazzetta dello Sport, have defined this choice on the restart as ‘disconcerting’ and would even have come up with a provocation: to let Primavera play in Naples in the return semifinal. Inter’s anger is given by the calendar immediately clogged, without the possibility of gradually starting again. A nuisance, as mentioned, shared (albeit slightly) by Juventus and Milan who see an Italian Cup concentrated in 5 days as an all too considerable effort at the start of the second half.

10:34 – On 20 June the Serie A championship will restart, but Italian football will already resume the week before when the Italian Cup return semifinals will be played: according to Corriere della Sera, the first post-coronavirus match should be Juventus-Milan on 13 June at 20.45, while the next day Napoli-Inter should be played. Wednesday 17 should instead be the final in Rome.

10:22 – “Inter Milan and Juve: no to the Italian Cup from 13 to 17 June”, says La Gazzetta dello Sport. Here comes the official return to football and consequently the first controversies come. Inter, Milan and Juventus are not going to open the dances with the Italian Cup, scheduled from 13 to 17 June. Inter threatens to send Primavera, Milan, through President Scaroni, criticizes: “Questionable start”. League split on the calendars front: today we vote in the Assembly.

10:10 – “Summer with Serie A every day”. This is the title with which today’s QS edition opens on the restart of Serie A: “It’s official: it starts again. From 13 June the semi-finals and the final of the Italian Cup, then from 20 finally the championship”

09:58 – Before the resumption of the championship the Italian Cup should resume and end, even if the direct interested ones do not seem of the same opinion. Today, La Stampa on the newsstands headlines: “The Italian Cup is first, but Milan is not there.” Starting again in the clear has become, over time, the borderline on which Minister Spadafora has built his most strenuous resistance, hence the move of Serie A to June 20 to free the window necessary for the last three games of the national cup: Juve-Milan and Napoli-Inter (13 and 14 June) and the final mid-week. And the response from the interested parties is not long in coming: “We find it questionable to assign an important trophy like the Italian Cup with two games in three days and with the teams on the field after more than three months of stoppage”, they say from Milan.

09:56 – After the decision taken yesterday, with Serie A starting again on 20 June, today’s day will also be very important. In today’s League meeting the details will be decided, with the presidents of the companies in videocall, and after the political obstacle has been overcome it will be time to draw up the calendar. Likely to restart from the 4 recoveries of the 25th day, and then immediately see a midweek shift. To report it is La Repubblica.

09:47 – This morning at 11.30 the assembly of the Lega Serie A will meet and, according to Corriere della Sera, there will be several topics on the agenda: we will first talk about the Italian Cup which should be played between 13 and 17 June (return and final semifinals), then we will discuss how to resume the league and match times (the League thinks at 5.15pm, 7.30pm and 9.45pm).

09:35 – Today’s edition of Tuttosport opens with a simple: “It was time!”. Two words that enclose all the waiting hidden behind yesterday’s summit between Minister Spadafora and the representatives of the FIGC. A summit that has given a positive result and that will allow Italian football to return to the field from 13 June: first the Italian Cup, then the championship from 20. Today we will define the calendar, which should start again with the recoveries of the 25th day. There will also be a restart of Serie B and Serie A for women.

09:11 – “Yay!”. This is the title with which today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport opens on newsstands this morning on the restart of the Serie A championship: “Football starts again: Italian Cup from 13, Serie A and B from 20. The turning point in the summit with the minister : today the League will define the calendar: we start with the recoveries Playoffs and playouts in C. Gravina: message of hope for Italy.

08:48 – “Football is back: Serie A on the field on June 20th”. This is the side cut title on the front page of the Corriere della Sera on the return of the championship: “Football is back. Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has announced that Serie A will be back on the field on June 20. But the Italian Cup matches will be played a week earlier, on June 13. With the final on 17. ‘If the contagion curve changes and the championship will be forced to stop again – Spadafora explained – the FIGC has ensured the existence of a plan B, the playoffs, and a plan C, the crystallization of the ranking ‘”.

08:24 – The opening title of La Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands today can only be reserved for yesterday’s news of resuming the Serie A championship: “Let’s play!”. The official announcement that the maximum championship will resume on 20 June next arrived late yesterday afternoon. The green light of Spadafora and Conte has arrived, with the Serie A that will remain on the field until August 2: 127 games in 50 days.

***** FRIDAY MAY 29 *****

20.00 – Serie A starts again, but on June 20. After the meeting with Prime Minister Conte, Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has in fact announced that the maximum championship will start again from Saturday 20 June, while the Italian Cup, hopefully, will begin on 13. These are the words of the minister collected by the correspondent of TMW: “It is It was a very useful meeting with all the members of the FIGC: as we said from the first moment the football would have restarted with the safety conditions and with the CTS ok at the various controls. Italy is starting again and it is right that it does even football, the CTS has confirmed the indispensable need for fiduciary quarantine in the event that a player should prove positive, an event that we do not hope for. The path of the swabs must not harm the general needs of all Italian citizens, in light of these Considerations I pointed out to the FIGC that if the health emergency were to re-emerge, the championship would have to be suspended again. The FIGC explained that there is a plan B and a plan C: playoff and playout or the crystallization of the ranking, as it will be done is a decision that is up to the FIGC. The championship resumes on June 20, I have already compared myself with the Prime Minister Conte. I hope we can complete the Italian Cup in the week from 13 to 20: it would be a restart for the benefit of all Italians being the competition on the public service. Even today I had contacts with Sky, I hope there will be a confirmation signal from them, after the first positive conversations, also in the interest of avoiding gatherings in public places. Today is a positive day, also because the Minister of Economy Gualtieri has signed the decree for the 230 million for the bonus of sports workers. My wish is coming true that the whole world of sport could start again at the same time, we deny the story that I had any reservations about the world of football. Change DPCM? We could, but we could also leave on the 14th. I am the minister, the Lega Serie A will have to decide. ”

19:45 – Sky Sport reports that the restart of the Serie A has been decided. The maximum Italian championship will start again on 20 June, while the Italian Cup will resume from 13 June.

19:25 – (ANSA) – ROME, MAY 28 – The Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, is going to the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to decide the restart date of the football championship, which – according to what emerged in the meeting with the members of the Football Association should be on June 13 or 20. ANSA learns from football sources (ANSA).

18.50- The decisive summit for the restart of the Serie A started a handful of minutes ago and according to what reported by Sky Sport will last a maximum of one hour, since around 19.30 the Council of Ministers was set in which Vincenzo Spadafora will also have to participate. The Minister of Sport himself, the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina and the other federal members attended the summit.

18.05 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 47,986 (-2,980, -5.85%)
deceased: 33.142 (+70, + 0.2%)
Dismissed / Healed: 150,604 (+3,503, + 2.4%)
Hospitalized in intensive care: 489 (-16, -3.2%)
Buffers: 3.683.144 (+75.893)

Total cases: 231.732 (+593, + 0.3%)

17.50 – These are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty four hours:

Currently positive: 22.913 (-1.124)

Buffers carried out: 713.068 (+15.507)

Total positive: 88.183 (+382)

Deaths: 15.974 (+20)

Therapy Intensive: 173 (-2)

Hospitalized not in intensive care: 3,470 (-156)

healed: 49,296 (1,486)

15:04 – New appeal by Enrico Castellacci, president of Lamica (Free Italian Medical Football Association), in relation to the 14-day quarantine in the event of a member of the team group being positive in view of the restart of Serie A: “The two weeks of quarantine are many, there will hardly be any chance of recovery – he said speaking to Radio Punto Nuovo – I believe that by controlling the decrease in the epidemiological curve, we can reduce the quarantine from 14 to 7 days, checking all the components with swabs and serological tests. At this rate we could give the championship a chance to end. ” Words that arrive a few hours after the second (negative) buffer of a Bologna staff member suspected of being positive at Covid-19. “The positive suspicion of Bologna has frightened – stressed Castellacci -. In the unfortunate hypothesis that Mihajlovic’s collaborator had tested positive, the whole team would have had to go into a trust quarantine, while continuing to train. And this is the risk: a positive in the various teams – he concluded – when the championship starts again, if something like this happens, it would have a devastating effect “.

14:14 – Today will be the decisive day for the restart of the Serie A, with the videoconference set for today at 18.30 between Minister Spadafora, who held a meeting with the CTS this morning, and the various Federal components led by President Gravina. If everything goes in the right direction, the Serie A will restart on June 13th, perhaps with recoveries, and then continue every three days. For this reason, six days could be played in the next month, with the times still to be understood, but certainly in three different times a day. This, in detail, what the calendar could be:

June 13: 25 day recovery
June 17: 27th day
June 20: 28th day
June 23: 29th day
June 27: 30th day
June 30: 31st day

13:02 – Corriere dello Sport talks about the “non-total war” between Lega and Sky over the issue of television rights and for the payment of the last installment by the broadcaster. In addition to the League, however, clubs should also submit their request for payments: a group of companies, however, including some big names with the exception of Naples and Lazio, preferred to stay out of the conflict. The fear is that the offers for the next three years, without large competitors on the horizon, may be lower. For small and medium-sized businesses, however, there is a need to cash in for liquidity problems and yesterday the president of Brescia, Massimo Cellino, stressed that there exists “a right enshrined in a contract and that there was no need to wait for others. decisions to exercise it. ”

12:23 – “We live in a country where the pandemic problem is not solved, so I think it is normal to highlight the critical issues that must be addressed and resolved”. In a direct Fecebook on the Il Mattino website, Damiano Tommasi talks about the possible restart of the championship. “One of the major problems that we hope to resolve – explained the president of the AIC – is the match at 4.30 pm which in Italy in June and July is unthinkable”. Tommasi also does not hide a certain concern for the health of the players: “Today we have athletes who will have to play close and intense games after a long period of inactivity and therefore we must put them in the best conditions, even from the climatic point of view. The players are not of the robots and therefore it is clear that there are concerns, which also concern the fact that if the championship starts again you will have to play every three days. When it is said that ‘we have to start again’, the decision is not who goes on the field. the players express their doubts – concludes Tommasi – which does not mean that they don’t want to play, they want to do it in a normal safety situation. If you say that on the bench you have to go apart and then on the field the players can mark themselves on a football corner but don’t hug after a goal, it’s not a normal condition. Maybe in a month the chances of training, playing and solving all the critical points “.

12:00 – It is the long-awaited day of the meeting between Spadafora and the members of Italian football. In this regard, the Gazzetta di Parma headline: “Schedules and TV knots to untie: ball to the minister”. The most thorny issues, at the moment, concern the hour slots in which to play the matches in the torrid heat of July, with the AIC already on a war footing. Then the television rights, with Spadafora pushing for an unencrypted broadcast of at least “Direct Goal”. But on this front the battle is still long. And last, but not least, the quarantine issue in case of positivity: we will try to shorten it and not include the whole team group.

11:37 – “Do your game”, headlines Corriere della Sera in the opening of the sports section. There could be no worse news than the suspected positivity in the Bologna home on the eve of the meeting between Minister Spadafora, the FIGC, the Serie A, B and C League and the associations of footballers, coaches and referees. If what happened to Bologna had happened during the championship, the rossoblù team would have had to end up in quarantine, skipping at least five games and, in fact, blocking the tournament again. The restart remains hanging by a thread: the most popular date for the restart is June 13, it will start with the four races to be recovered on the 25th day. On June 20 the rest of the Serie A should start again, obviously behind closed doors.

10:24 – “The first control test carried out on the team-team member whose last examination had shown a doubtful result gave a negative result”. Bologna communicates it with an official note. “In the next few hours – reports the rossoblù club – a further and definitive examination will be carried out. As a precaution, however, today’s training will be in individual form”.

09:35 – There is also room for football on the first page of today’s edition of the newspaper Il Messaggero. “The day of the restart but in Bologna there is already a Covid case”, headlines the well-known high-cut newspaper. Today – reads inside – the summit with Spadafora to decide what will be the date for the resumption of the championship. An intense and non-stop football year is looming. Meanwhile, the rossoblù have a suspicious case in the coach’s staff.

09:23 – “The A waits for the go-ahead. Positive suspect, Bologna stopped”. It is the title that the newspaper La Stampa dedicates to football in the high cut of its first page. From goals on TV to the times: today – reads inside – summit with the government, but a suspected positivity complicates the plans. On the pitch half an hour later: 19:15 and 21:30. Footballers refuse to play at 5pm.

09:11 – The newspaper Il Mattino on newsstands this morning dedicates a space to football in the high cut of the first page with the following title: “Serie A towards the green light but there is already an infection in the Mihajlovic staff”. Today the decisive summit between the Government, the FIGC and the League to establish – reads page 16 – the date of the resumption of the tournament (probably June 20). At Bologna there is a positive for Coronavirus, it is a technical collaborator: “If it happens in the championship does everything stop?”.

08:37 – “A positive in Bologna, the A trembles”. This is the opening title of the QS on newsstands this morning on the restart of the Italian championship. “He is on the technical staff – writes the Sports Daily – apprehension for Mihajlovic’s health: quarantine risk. Today the summit for recovery”.

08:25 – The Corriere dello Sport today on newsstands headline on the front page: “Let’s make thirteen”. The reference is at the summit today between Spadafora, the FIGC and the Lega Calcio to fix the “date of recovery” of the championship. The federation would be ready to start on June 13 with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, broadcast in the clear, to meet the minister’s requests. Alternatively, the four recoveries that would bring the teams all to the same number of games played. Controversy by the AIC: “You can’t play before 6pm”.

08:13 – The newspaper Tuttosport on newsstands this morning dedicates space on the front page to the controversy over the resumption of the championship. “Already lost 500 million. Now let’s play!”, Headlines the well-known sports newspaper reporting the statements of President Gabriele Gravina. “Today the decisive meeting with the minister for sport – reads in high cut – warning from the FIGC president”.



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