LIVE MN – Coronavirus, Portugal starts again on June 3rd. Lombardy data


17.45 – As every day, the Lombardy Region has issued the regional bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. The new positives are 441 against 17,191 swabs made. 56 died in the last 24 hours while 688 recovered. There has been a drop in 8 intensive care and 2 non-intensive care patients.

14.33 – The LFP, or the French national league, through a dossier published on its official website has made known the losses of French football due to the Coronavirus emergency and the decision to permanently stop the championship. How high are they? The report speaks of 223.4 million euros for the LFP. The professional referees will also help through a fund dedicated to them for 600 thousand euros.

13.15 – Portugal, here is the new calendar of Primeira Liga: we start again on 3 June, on 21 July the conclusion – For some days now it has been official that in Portugal the championship will start again on 3 June. The Primeira Liga, therefore, will reopen its doors after the Coronavirus emergency and the League, through a press release, has made known all the dates of the remaining days. The season barring complications will close its doors on July 21st: click here for the complete calendar.

12.15 – Wall against wall between the Serie A and Sky League. To take stock of the situation is the ‘Corriere dello Sport’ today on newsstands, which outlines a far from rosy scenario regarding an agreement. Serie A clubs ask for full payment of the last tranche before tackling any talk related to a rebalancing of the payment to be applied only in the next season. Sky, however, is not of the same opinion and for this reason already on Monday the League Assembly should get the go-ahead for the warning.

Different speech, however, for DAZN and IMG, the other two TV licensees. Unlike Sky, they have asked for an extension of the payment and not for the cuts and the League is awaiting the new repayment plan which will have to be presented in the next few days.

11.17 – Bundesliga, here is the summer plan decided by the Federation – In the Bundesliga there is discussion of how to organize this summer. With the current championship that – barring complications – will end by the end of June, the idea would be to send the players on vacation for two weeks and start again in mid-July with a new preparation, that for the 2020/21 season, so as to be found ready and fit to then complete the European competitions starting from the second / third week of August.

11.01 – Premier League, Wednesday will vote for collective training – In England, the green light for the restart of contact training is expected next Wednesday. According to what is filtered by the Premier League, the will of the clubs is to resume with training already next week, in order to bring the players back into condition and then play again from mid-June. But the doubts of the main protagonists, that is the players, remain and more than one of them said he was against such an immediate restart.

00.37 – Even the AIAC against the FIGC Council: “Disappointed, many clubs do not want to pay the coaches” – After the association, the non-coach (AIAC), chaired by Renzo Ulivieri, takes a position, with a statement, against the resolutions of the Federal Council of the other day which, in the matter of national licenses, allow the registration to the championship also pending a dispute over the salary payments of March and April: “The Italian Football Coaches Association, aware of its goals and at the same time respectful of its role as a federal component, it has always fought for the sustainability of Football: by sharing every decision taken in the interests of our sports movement. In this dramatic period of our country we have repeatedly claimed the need for respect for all workers in the football sector and above all of lower profitability. We are disappointed and embittered by the guidelines approved by the Federal Council on the rules for registration for professional championships: rules that will allow clubs to pay, in fact, only one month (net) of wages from here until the end of competitive competitions; rules that we have not voted, together with the AIC “.

————————————————– —————————————-

18:01 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 59.322 (-1.638, -2.69%)
deceased: 32,616 (+130, + 0.4%)
Dismissed / Healed: 136,720 (+2,160, + 1.6%)
Hospitalized in intensive care: 595 (-45, -7%)
Buffers: 3,318,778 (+75,380)

Total cases: 228.658 (+652, + 0.3%)

17:51 Vincenzo Spadafora, minister for youth policy and sport, spoke on the microphones of Rai Uno.

On the billion dollar plan to relaunch the sport: “For all centers we also provide non-refundable support, many facilities have been closed three months and have suffered economic losses. It will be available from next week. Then in these three months we have helped sports collaborators with a bonus of 600 euro, almost everyone has already arrived in March and then automatically those of April and May “.

If he is alarmed by the resumption of nightlife: “From an emotional point of view I cannot fail to understand the boys after two and a half months in which they have been very good. However, if on the one hand I understand this need on the other I say that all these sacrifices should not be wasted. respecting the rules and with the right precautions “.

On the shooting date of Serie A: “A few minutes ago we published the protocol that allows the FIGC and the Serie A teams to resume collective training, there is the definitive ok of the Cts. The other news is that on Monday 25 I will receive the protocol for the resumption of the championship. As soon as I receive it, I will immediately transfer them to the CTS to ensure that in the meeting on Thursday 28th it is possible to have an orientation of the CTS on the matter and therefore on that date to say if there are the conditions to resume and when “.

If he is optimistic: “I want to be optimistic. I said a dry no when we continued to count hundreds of deaths and at that moment it was absurd to ask myself when the championship would resume. But if the country starts again it is clear that football must restart. But I want to say that without this line of prudence I don’t know where we could have reached .. “.

17.47 – Below are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty-four hours:

Currently positive: 25,933 (-782)
Buffers performed: 641.593 (+19.028)
Total positives: 86,384 (+293)
Healed / Discharged: 44.667 (+1.018)
Intensive care: 207 (-19)
Inpatients (Non T.I.): 4028 (-91)
Deaths: 15,784 (+57)

17.17 – The referees are ready to leave. To declare it this afternoon, during an interview given to ‘Radio Sportiva’, the president of the AIA Marcello Nicchi: “The referees are decisive, it would be like playing without a ball. The only thing we have been doing for months is maintaining physical fitness and mental to give our contribution in case of restart of any championship, “said Nicchi who continues. “On the 28th we will be summoned by Minister Spadafora and we hope that the date will come for the restart without if and without but. Our protocol? In the Var room we have heard all the colors. I hope that we will have a definitive protocol before leaving. we are already organizing in agreement with our medical commission. When the definitive protocol is in place, Dr. Pizzi, who is our representative, will tell us how to move. To start again with referees and Var we will have to reschedule controls on 120 people “.

16.12 – Umberto Calcagno, AIC vice president, spoke to Centro Suono Sport about the resumption of the championship: “We are all worried, all the professionals and not just the players. I am a lawyer and I have some colleagues who have not yet returned to work. Agazzi for example, he preferred to end the contract and not go back to playing for fear of the virus. There is a scientific community that is working on the protocols, it is not a question of being in favor or against the recovery. Then we will have to be good at checking that the protocols are respected, but this is our job. It seems that there is now the possibility to start again, not with zero risk, of course, but with minimal risk. However, this is true for all sectors, not only for football “.

15:00 – “I think practically all the presidents have a position ranking bias. I don’t feel like there are good guys and bad guys. I think it’s in human nature that we can be pushed by the fact that when it all stopped you were in the relegation zone or fighting for the championship. ” The president of CONI Giovanni Malagò said at Radio Incontro Olympia. Speaking of Lazio, Malagò did not fail to congratulate Claudio Lotito, the Biancoceleste patron: “Today the Formello sports center is a cutting-edge center and Claudio Lotito must be acknowledged, because until a few years ago it was not so. assumptions of a great company start from there “. (HANDLE).

12:49 – Yesterday at Milanello, all the Rossoneri players, with the exception of Kessie who is still in quarantine, underwent a second round of tampons. In the Milanese sports center, the green light for collective training is awaited: according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the ok could arrive tomorrow, but the times are not certain.

12:25 – Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning is dedicating a space to Serie A in the top cut of the first page with the following title: “Players, it is addressed: ‘We pay only'”. The AIC takes a stand: “A salary for three months of work a misfortune”. Gama claims the importance of women’s football: “We like men”. Tough statement – we read on page 26 – of the Association against the decisions of the FIGC: “The guidelines for the licenses are unacceptable”.

12:19 – According to Sky reports, Milanello expects the result of the second buffer to which the Rossoneri players underwent yesterday: if the tests will all give negative results (the results are expected today), in the next few days Milan will resume the training of group with even the match as soon as the ok of the association of sports doctors arrives. This morning, Pioli’s training once again carried out a training session with spacing.

12:13 – Today’s edition of Il Giornale reports the guidelines established by the Serie A League in view of the likely resumption of the championship: the stadium has been divided into three zones (Technical area, stands, external stadium area), in which they will be admitted to the maximum 100 people per area. The two teams and the referees must arrive at different times and the owners, reserves and goalkeepers will be separated in the changing rooms. No TV footage inside the locker room and no children alongside the players while entering the pitch. The hygienic-sanitary rules will obviously be very strict: for all, for example, the body temperature will be measured, each player will have a personalized bottle of water, the showers will be used in small groups and with a minimum distance of two meters, all foods must be prepared previously and already packaged. Finally, no protests on the field (players must keep a meter and a half away from the referee), while inside the stadium there will be a maximum of 20 journalists including photographers (interviews on the field 1.5 meters away, then conferences print with questions via Skype and Whatsapp).

11:48 – Concerning the resumption of the championship, Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, declared to the Republic: “The Serie A League has indicated June 13 as the date for the resumption, we await the meeting with Minister Spadafora on May 28 to understand if and when we can set a date that many are waiting for: the fans, the insiders and the tens of thousands of related workers who see their jobs at risk. The competitions end on the basis of sporting merit, if someone he thought he was going to leave was disappointed. If the health conditions allow it, the championships must be completed regularly, otherwise we will proceed to introduce play-offs and play-outs with the participation of all the clubs divided by rankings. instance, if it is not possible to resume, we could identify an objective criterion for defining the rankings, following an algorithm, but always with promotions and retrocessions. in the first week of June, the relegations will take place “.

11:42 – “You cannot start again without having a solution in case you are unable to complete the championship”. So Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, live on Radio Incontro Olympia: “I have been saying this for two months. Of 15 team sports in Italy, only football has remained alive: the others have all stopped without assigning a league title and relegations. Now – continues Malagò – even if there are all the conditions to restart with Serie A, there is always some small possibility that there may be some obstacles .. Playoffs? I asked to elaborate a plan B, then it’s up to the FIGC to decide which one. In Germany they have secured the whole system, immediately making an agreement with the televisions, here in Italy there is nothing. You cannot speak if you don’t know things “.

11:12 – Gabriele Gravina, FIGC number one, commented on the protests of the last hours of the players in Repubblica: “It would be paradoxical to think of a strike by the players today that the country tries to restart. We have not authorized the clubs not to pay, it will be the Arbitration Board to decide on the disputes related to wages. We hoped for an agreement on the cuts between the leagues and the Assocalciatori, but there was no way. Furthermore, the obligation remains to pay all the fees to those who have a contract at the federal minimum , the weaker sections are protected. The world of football has a responsibility towards the country and towards the government: it is not possible to ask for public interventions and then to threaten not wanting to play. Workers from other sectors are in the same conditions, because the players Should they get more help? I proposed setting up a solidarity fund for amateurs and professionals with the lowest incomes. Maximum availability. ”

10:46 – The medical protocol for the matches that Lega Serie A and Fmsi (Italian Sports Medical Federation) have been working on for days is coming today: Corriere della Sera reported this morning explaining that these guidelines will be evaluated by the FIGC and subsequently sent to the government by May 28. Compared to that for team training, this protocol provides for greater frequency of examinations and quarantine times which can be modified in line with the evolution of the epidemiological curve.

10:34 – “Light quarantine, football deals”. This is the title that Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning dedicates in the high cut of the first page to the Serie A championship. There is a more streamlined protocol as regards training: less tampons and it is – read on page 25 – on the 7-day isolation. Doubts about the decalogue for the races.

09:35 – “Like a World Cup: it will be played every three days”, headlines La Gazzetta dello Sport. It starts again, this is the direction taken by the Serie A, but to conclude championships and cups will need an important effort and games every three days. Both the players’ heads and muscles must be ready after two months of forced stop. It will take large roses and many rotations, just like in a World Cup, where, however, in a month at least 7 games are played: Serie A must play 12, and in some cases 13.

09:11 – According to the Corriere della Sera on newsstands this morning, the Serie A League is drawing up guidelines for the resumption of the championship: the matches will be played in three times, that is 16.30, 18.45 and 21, in the stadium there will be at most 300 people, staggered entry times for teams and referees, no children, mascots, handshakes and team photos before the match.

08:59 – “The plan B of the play-offs or play-outs: in a month’s championship, Europe and relegation”. This is the title that La Stampa uses in the high cut of the first page to deal with the theme of the restart of the Serie A. In the event of a delayed recovery or a stop, the new idea shakes the ball: a month of elimination. Three target groups and the whole championship – read page 28 – involved in the races.

08:36 – Today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport today headlines: “The Warning”. This time the assailers are going to attack the FIGC: “Protect only the clubs, not the players”. E ‘open clash on the months of March and April: “The new rules allow entry to the championship even to those who have not paid all wages,” the protest of the AIC.

***** FRIDAY MAY 22 *****

17:59 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 60,960 (-1,792, -2.86%)
Deceased: 32,486 (+156, + 0.5%)
Dismissed / Healed: 134.560 (+2.278, + 1.7%)
Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 640 (-36, -5.3%)
Buffers: 3,243,398 (+71,679)

Total cases: 228.006 (+642, + 0.3%)

17.40 – These are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty four hours:

Currently positive: 26,715 (+44)

Buffers carried out: 622.565 (+14.702)

Total positive: 86.091 (+316)

Deaths: 15,727 (+65)

Therapy Intensive: 226 (-5)

Inpatients not in intensive care: 4,119 (-162)

healed: 43.649 (+207)

14:24 – Cosimo Sibilia, president of the National Amateur League and vice-president of the FIGC, spoke on Radio Punto Nuovo. These are his words on the resumption of the Serie A championship: “Restart on June 20? Surely you can imagine, but it doesn’t depend on me. As for me, I hope there is a conclusive word regarding this process that has been taking us for months. Obviously we experienced an emergency, but I think that on the 28th we can go towards a decision “.

13:24 – The playoffs and the playouts as plan B to complete the season: this is the decision that arrived in the Federal Council yesterday. But, given that Plan A is obviously another and that is the “regular” completion of the competitions, and that in any case everything will pass from the comparison with Spadafora on May 28, how could the playoff mechanism actually work? La Repubblica explores the issue hypothesising two scenarios. In the first, to make all 20 teams participate, three Poules would be created. (Scudetto, Europa League and salvation) very enlarged. In the second, the teams in play would be much less: 4-league play-off (Juve, Lazio, Inter and Atalanta), 3-league Europa League (Milan-Verona-Parma with Roma and Napoli qualified), most likely salvation at 4 (Brescia, SPAL, Lecce and Genoa) or at most 6 (with the addition of Sampdoria and one between Turin and Udinese, but for these two, we add, it is not clear what the criterion could be given that the grenades have a point and a match in less). Of the two hypotheses, however, the most probable remains the second, also because the press release issued by the FIGC makes explicit reference to “short stages” of playoffs and playouts.

13:12 – The famous summit, long awaited in recent days, between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the top of the football world is no longer necessary. Corriere dello Sport writes this morning explaining how the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has been “softened” by Conte himself. Behind the turning point that has come in the past few hours for the resumption of collective training and the possible restart of the championship, in short, there is still the hand of Conte who was about to take over the football dossier. It did not happen, but the Premier let the Minister understand that if the intransigence line continued, he would. At that point Spadafora, according to the reconstruction of the newspaper, took note of how much the lack of dialogue between himself and Serie A was taking on the contours of a political case and opened to negotiation.

13:03 – Corriere dello Sport analyzes the possible composition of the Serie A calendar in the event of a resumption on 13 June, as desired by the League and the FIGC. On that weekend the 27th day, Atalanta-Lazio big match would be staged. A few days later, on June 17, space for the recovery of the 25th round (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Inter-Sampdoria, Turin-Parma and Verona-Cagliari). So go to “regular” programming starting from June 21 with a day every 3-4 days to get to the 38th on August 2. In the middle space also for the Italian Cup, a competition whose term had been questioned in recent days: the return semifinals on July 1st, the final on July 22nd.

12:56 – “If the worst is behind us, we owe it to the sacrifices of our citizens”. So Giuseppe Conte, after this morning’s report to the Chamber of Deputies, speaks to the Senate of the Republic: “We are aware that what we have before us is an even more difficult and no less insidious challenge than that faced at the beginning of the emergency, when we were forced to introduce increasingly severe containment measures. The Italians have fully understood the risk posed by this virus and I share the great collective effort made to contain and counter it “.

12:15 – According to Sky reports, after the first tampons all gave a negative result, this morning, before today’s training, the Milan players underwent the second round of tampons at Milanello. The results should arrive tomorrow. The only one still in quarantine is Kessie.

12:12 – Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary to the Ministry of Health, regarding the future of the football championship, said: “I think we are going in the direction of the recovery of the football championship and that we will soon have comforting news for the fans” reports .

11:48 – New update from the Milanello sports center. Training in very small groups this morning (and with a certain safety distance between them). The substantial difference lies in the use of the ball and in the performance of exercises on the technique, which allow you to keep the distance between players.

11:01 – During the information to the Chamber of Deputies, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, recalled the investments on tourism, declaring himself aware that they are still not enough for an economic sector in great difficulty due to the pandemic, to then encourage tourism of proximity: “I take this opportunity to invite all citizens to take holidays in Italy: we discover beauties that we do not yet know and we return to visit those we already know. This is the best way to help revive the economy after this emergency “.

10:36 – It was not all roses after the Federal Council yesterday afternoon. As the newspaper Il Messaggero headlines, in fact, there are controversies over the payment of wages in March and April: “AIC in revolt for wages”. The president of Assocalciatori Tommasi is furious: “Do you know what it means? That we were on the field until March 15, that the players worked with the athletic trainer throughout the lockdown and now you can also not pay them. And if they sue they also give the club the opportunity not to pay them until August! “. The FIGC denies that the intent is this. Today a fiery meeting is expected between the players.

10:20 – Test, trace, treat. These are the three T’s, indicated by WHO as the most suitable way to manage the progress of Coronavirus infection. During the information to the Chamber of Deputies, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, illustrated the government’s plans in this regard. Specifically, after explaining the progressive increase in the number of tests, he said: “Monday, May 25 free tests will start on a sample of 150 thousand citizens, for exclusive reasons of scientific research”.

On tracking.
“The government has introduced a discipline to implement the Immuni app, in ways that allow respect for privacy and the defense of health. Public companies have been involved, wholly owned by the state.”

On treatment.
“The third pillar is based on a constant expansion of the accommodation capacity of our hospital companies. There are now 7,864 places in intensive care, an increase of 52% compared to the beginning of the emergency. The increase is even more evident as far as it concerns beds in pneumology “.

10:00 – “Three-tier football: ambush playoffs”. This is the title on page 44 that Corriere della Sera dedicates to the resumption of Serie A: “Many problems. The AIC is furious:” Players at work without getting paid. “The FIGC accelerates and gives the lineup to series A, B and C who opposes. In case of another stop and emergency, the elimination formula “.

09:56 – The number of people infected with Coronavirus increases to 5 million (to be precise 5,000,561 people), according to the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University. The most affected country remains the United States with over a million and a half confirmed cases. Followed by Russia (308,705 infections) and Brazil (291,579). In Europe, the United Kingdom and Spain have long since surpassed Italy. The US is also the country with the highest number of deaths since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic (93,439). Also in Europe, from this point of view, the most affected state is the United Kingdom (35,786, in second place on a global scale) followed by Italy with 32,330 deaths.

09:23 – We also talk about football on the front page of today’s edition of the newspaper La Stampa, which headlines: “Figc plan for Serie A, B and Lega Pro”. The well-known Turin newspaper, always in high cuts, adds: “Playoff-playout in case of stop after departure”. In the next few days the final verdict by the government.

09:11 – The newspaper Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning dedicates space on the front page to football. “The decalogue to restart Serie A”, headlines the well-known newspaper, which then explores the topic in its internal pages. “To avoid all the problems and errors of Phase 1 and 2 – reads – here is the protocol to start the championship again. The 36-page document with an appendix for travel has already been sent to some team. With each probability will also be brought to Prime Minister Conte in the meeting on May 28. Separate routes, different stadium access times for the two teams and referees, benches enlarged with the use of the stands “.

09:01 – There is also room for football on the first page of today’s edition of the newspaper Il Mattino. “Tormentone Serie A, closes on August 10”, headlines the well-known newspaper, which then adds in a high cut: “The playoff hypothesis remains”. There are still many doubts related to the resumption of the championship.

08:25 – Today’s edition of the newspaper Tuttosport opens with the title: “Revolution!”. Many decisions were taken yesterday by the Federal Council, first of all that of completing the Serie A starting on 13 or 20 June and ending by 20 August. If a new epidemic wave arrives, here is the playoff and playout. Disappointment by the AIC for the non-payment of the months of March and April. Serie B and Serie C try to start again, with satisfaction from the cadet and the opposition of the third series which declares: “We are not able”. The decision on the women’s Serie A has been suspended.

08:13 – The Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands this morning is dedicating the opening to the resumption of the football championship. “This is how the G7 starts again,” headlines the team, who then always adds on the front page: “The first from A: where were we? Juventus can count on Ronaldo at the top, Lazio on a motivated group, Inter on new ones. Conte’s options. Atalanta is full, Rome has fresh strength, Napoli regains enthusiasm. For Milan there is Ibra “.



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