LIVE Coronavirus, the Civil Protection bulletin: falling numbers. South America is the new center of the epidemic


LIVE CORONAVIRUS – The main updates on the Coronavirus emergency in Italy and worldwide.


10.30 pm – The precautionary quarantine “is always two weeks, even in the world of football”. This is stated on Technical scientific committee in reference to the news released by the media about the reduction of the possible period of quarantine to which to submit players and team staff tested positive for the presence of the coronavirus, or their closest contacts, assuming only one week of quarantine, instead of two universally recognized weeks.

19:50 – The Serie A League Council, decided to update on the calendar on Friday, the day after the institutional meeting to be held with the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports Vincenzo Spadafora, in which it will be decided if and when to start playing again. This is what we read in a note from the League after the meeting in which “the different calendar hypotheses that allow the dispute of all the remaining Serie A and Italian Cup matches” were analyzed. “As regards the relationship with the audiovisual rights licensees”, who did not pay the last installment, the Council “confirmed the line of compliance with the contracts, in compliance with the resolutions passed by the Shareholders’ Meeting on May 13th”.

18:00 – Like every day, the Civil protection publish on bulletin for updating the situation coronavirus. Today in intensive care there are 521 people, 20 less than yesterday. 7,917 people are still hospitalized with symptoms, 268 less than yesterday. In home isolation 44,504 people (-2,070 compared to yesterday). In the last twenty-four hours I am death 78 people (92 were killed yesterday), resulting in a total of 32955 deaths healed reach 144658, for an increase in 24 hours of 2677 units (1502 people were healed yesterday). The drop in sick people (i.e. currently positive people) was equal to 2358 units (1294 yesterday) while i new infections detected in the last 24 hours have been 397 (yesterday 300).

15:30 – The video conferencing of the regional task force for COVID-19 with the directors of the local health authorities and hospital and university hospital has just ended in the presence of the Councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato and the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital. The situation in the ASL, University Polyclinics and Hospital Companies: Asl Roma 1 – 4 new positive cases. 29 people who have left home surveillance; Asl Roma 2 – 3 new positive cases. 17 people who have left home surveillance; ASL Roma 3 – 1 new positive case. 6 people who have left home surveillance; ASL Roma 4 – There are no new positive cases. 77 people who have left home surveillance; ASL Roma 5 – There are no new positive cases. 50 people who have left home surveillance; Asl Roma 6 – 2 new positive cases. 2 deaths: 2 women aged 70 and 73. 37 people who have left home surveillance; Frosinone Local Health Authority – There are no new positive cases. 70 year old patient died. 13 people who have left home surveillance; Latina Local Health Authority – 2 new positive cases. A 92-year-old woman with past medical conditions has died. 162 people left home surveillance; ASL of Rieti – There are no new positive cases. 0 deaths. 6 people who have left home surveillance; Viterbo Local Health Authority – There are no new positive cases. 13 people who came out of home surveillance

12:00 noon – The Official Account of the Department of Health and Social Health Integration of the Lazio Region has issued the medical bulletin of May 26, 2020 of the Spallanzani Hospital via Twitter. There are 88 patients linked to COVID-19. 37 are positive and 51 under investigation. 8 need respiratory support, while, to this morning, 456 patients have been discharged and transferred to home or to other facilities.

10:30 am – In Russia 174 deaths in the past 24 hours. Very high numbers, which have never been reached in the country. Thus the total number of victims rises to 3,807 Russia since the beginning of the epidemic. The recorded cases are now 362,342.

10:10 am – After yesterday’s show in the skies of Milan, Codogno, Trento, Aosta is turin, today the tricolor arrows will pass over Genoa, Florence, Perugia is L’Aquila. Tomorrow will be the turn of the islands with Cagliari is Palermo.

10:00 am – In home Fiorentina they breathe a sigh of relief. As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, all the purple members who had undergone the swab last Sunday were negative.

6:35 am – Over United States there were 532 deaths for Covid-19. A still high number, despite being lower than yesterday (1000). The total number of deaths in the country has reached 92,218 units and to date the infections are 1,662,302.

6:30 am – According toWHO, the South America it is the new epicenter of the epidemic. As reported by Ansa, in the last 24 hours there have been 31 thousand cases and 1600 deaths Brazil remains the country most affected, they follow Peru is Chile. TO St. Paul the governor extended the lockdown beyond June 1, in Brazilin fact, 807 victims and 11,687 infections were recorded on the last day.

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