LIVE Coronavirus, the Civil Protection bulletin. Deaths and infections are increasing in South America


LIVE CORONAVIRUS – The main updates on the emergency Coronavirus in Italy and in the world.


19.00 – The pandemic has accelerated again in the last 24 hours in Latin America, reaching 878,263 infections (+45,000) and i 46.639 deaths (+1.900). This is what emerges from a statistical processing carried out by Ansa on the basis of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. The Brazil remains the country most affected by the virus with 438,238 infections (+27,000) is 26,754 dead (+1,200), followed by Peru where cases grew significantly reaching 141,779 (+6,000), of which 4,099 died, and Chile, which also recorded a surge of infected to 86,943 (+ 4,700). Among countries with more than 5,000 cases, Mexico stands out with 78,023 infections and 8,597 deaths, Ecuador (38.471 and 3.313), Colombia (25,366 and 822), Dominican Republic (16.068 and 485), Argentina (13,933 and 501), Panama (11,728 and 315) and Bolivia (7,768 and 280).

18.00 – La Civil protection has released the usual bulletin with today’s data on Coronavirus in Italy. In our country the currently positive cases are 47175, with a decrease of 1,811 compared to yesterday. Unfortunately, today they are registering 87 deaths, for a total of 33,229 since the beginning of the pandemic. The healed today rise to 2,240, bringing the total to 152844. The new infections have been 516, with total cases so gone up to 232248.

5:04 pm – Over 3500 recovered in contrast to the 3405 current positive cases in Lazio. For the first time in the region since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, the number of people healed (3580) exceeds that of the current Covid positive19.

Overall, there are 3405 Covid19 positive cases in the Lazio Region. Of which 2306 are in home isolation, 1035 are are hospitalized not in intensive care, 64 are hospitalized in intensive care. 708 are the deceased patients and 3580 the people recovered. In total, 7693 cases were examined.

In detail there are 11 new cases of Coronavirus in Rome city, five in the municipalities of the province and as many in the capitals of the Lazio region for a total of 21 new positive Covid19. These are the data of the new infections spread by the regional ASL today Thursday 28 May. The higher density of positives in the ASL Roma 1 (6 new infections), to which are added another four from the ASL Roma 2 and 1 new case in the Healthcare Agency Roma 3.

4:35 pm – Football is also back in Japan. Local authorities have announced that first division teams will return to playing games from July 4th. We will take to the field without an audience, just as it will happen in the second and third divisions: in these two championships, however, the matches will start the previous week, that is, June 27th.

16:00 – The football championship starts again in Albania. In fact, the Albanian football federation has made official the date of the restart of the maximum championship: it will start again on June 3rd. The federation has also published the calendar of the next round with the times: the first 4 games will be played simultaneously at 17.30, while the super challenge between Partizani and Skënderbeu will be played at 20.00.

15:30 – Enrico Castellacci, president of Lamica (Free Italian Medical Football Association), spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli the day after the decision to restart Serie A: “Yesterday came a breath of fresh air for football. We have a date and we can organize ourselves for that date. Beyond this, there doesn’t seem to have been much news. Question marks exist, like that of quarantine. For example, if Bologna had had a positive case, it would have gone into an armored withdrawal. But if this happens at the beginning of the championship, with the rules set at this moment the competition will end. This point of the protocol should be removed, if you lower the quarantine to 7 days you could go on with Serie A ”.

12:00 – Like every day, the hospital Lazzaro Spallanzani of Rome branches out bulletin relating to the infections of the coronavirus. “At the moment 88 patients are admitted to our Institute, 31 of whom are COVID-19 positive and 57 undergoing investigations. 8 patients need respiratory support. The patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures are 459 this morning ”.

11:50 am – “Next week in the junta we will approve a resolution for the opening of the municipal nursery gardens for children between 0 and 3 years old enrolled in the year 2019-2020”. The head of education in Turin, Antonietta Di Martino, announced on the sidelines of the meeting of the public council commission, called to discuss the motion ‘Designing a 2020 summer plan’ for Turin’s children and young people “.”

11:30 am – “The coronavirus has not disappeared and with the relaxation of restrictions, we must prepare for the arrival of new waves that will spread very quickly. The special correspondent told the BBC radio program today WHO for the Covid-19 David Nabarro. Although many of the lockdown measures will be phased out
Countries of the world, people, it is the invitation of the representative of the UN agency, will have to continue practicing social distancing as much as possible and isolate themselves immediately if they get sick.

10:00 am – Over one million masks do not comply with European and national legislation on the safety of products discovered by the finance guard of Rome in a warehouse located in the Prenestino district. The Yellow Flames have monitored the procurement channels of the economic operators who have recently suffered similar seizures, going back to a company attributable to two Chinese, in whose warehouse a container was found containing surgical masks from the People’s Republic of China, hidden behind two pallets of clothing. Some unduly bore the CE mark, while others lacked the prescribed self-declaration to be sent to the Istituto Superiore della Sanità and INAIL for the attestation of the technical characteristics and compliance with the safety requirements, exception exceptionally allowed by the Government for face the ongoing health emergency.

09:40 – Free travel between the regions from June 3 or a week’s postponement of the entry into force of the decree for all. These are the two hypotheses that the government will submit to the governors in the conference convened for tomorrow. Mediation is sought with the Southern Regions that threaten to allow only those who present themselves with the serological test carried out in the previous three days to enter their territory. Possibility that Minister Francesco Boccia has already rejected. “The Italians have shown responsibility, I think it is appropriate to guarantee freedom of movement with the certainty that this will not increase the infections”, these are the words of the Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa, as reported by Corriere della Sera.

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