LitePass is the perfect app to not miss out on the lite versions of the apps, including Google (photos)


Vincenzo Ronca

The world of Android apps has included a small one for several years now subset consisting of Lite versions of the most popular apps. Above all we remember Facebook and Messenger Lite, also created to meet the need for greater lightness compared to the notoriously heavy classic versions. Google also particularly fed this subset with the Go versions of its apps: these are compatible with Android Go and particularly suitable for devices with limited hardware resources. Often though it is not easy to find the Lite or Go versions of the Android apps, this is bound to change with LitePass.

Simple and efficient, no frills

LitePass is an extremely app simple, developed by a team Italian, and will not require any special permission to function properly. Clearly, no account access is required, the app will synchronize with the Play Store history installed on the device. At the first start, a brief welcome description will welcome you, although the operation is really simple.

The app shows up with a single section: as you can see from the examples in the gallery below, the section includes all the apps installed or install previously that offer a Lite version or a Go version. Tapping on one of the apps in the list you will access directly to the relative Play Store page to install it. Sin that Lite or Go versions of the apps that are included are also included not I’m available officially in Italy through the Play Store, this can be a starting point for the next LitePass updates.

The app offers nothing more and we would say that this is absolutely right. LitePass works well and provides all the information you would expect from such an app.

Free download

LitePass is available on the Play Store for download free, does not expect any type of ad advertising and no extra paid features. Below you will find the badge to download and try it now.

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