Liquidity Decree, changes on loans with public guarantee to answer the doubts of the prosecutors: Sace will have access to the anti-mafia database


The Liquidity decree that Monday 25 goes to the exam of the classroom of Room it was modified in commission to respond to the doubts of the national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho and the heads of the Milan and Naples prosecutors, who had feared the risk of a “transfer of public resources”From the state to businesses infiltrated from organized crime. Including, inter alia, that Sace equip yourself with an automatic communication platform with the national anti-mafia database and a termination clause is included in the loan agreements which is triggered if an interdictive arrives. Not quite second Raffaele Trano, president of the Finance Commission in the Chamber (now Mixed group, expelled from the M5s after being elected president with center-right votes), who spoke of “bankruptcy” because “the government has not provided any really useful tool to fight the mafias and only the indemnification to banks“.

Self-certification that relieves banks of control responsibilities – The reference is to the reformulation of an amendment to article 1, the one on Sace’s guarantees on loans, approved by the Commissions gathered for finance and production activities. For speed up the loan disbursement procedures, the text allows companies to present aself-certification on company data, tax loyalty (owner and legal representative certify that they have not received final convictions for tax offenses in the past five years) and compliance with the rules on anti-mafia prohibitions, in addition to specifying that the money will go on a dedicated checking account. The bank, having received the self-certification, must comply only with the obligations of reporting required by law money laundering, while on the elements attested by the substitute declaration “it is not required to carry out further investigations compared to the formal verification of what has been declared “.

During the discussion in committee, Trano argued that “the reformulation does not include the integration of the documentation submitted for the purpose of accessing credits, such as to allow the completion of necessary checks, with specific regard to the prevention of possible criminal infiltrations in the capital of companies “. And he called the “of dubious efficacy” Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministries of the Interior and the Economy and SACE and to which the amendment refers for anti-mafia checks.

The Viminale-Economia protocol: Sace will have access to the anti-mafia database – The protocol, signed on May 4 and sent to the prefects by the head of the Cabinet of the Interior Ministry, states that Sace will ask the banks to include in the loan agreement a resolutive condition for which, in the event of an anti-mafia ban by the prefecture, the iimmediate cancellation of the loan with the consequent credit recovery initiatives. In addition, the public company will build a platform for automatic communication with the single national anti-mafia database “For the massive insertion of data relating to the subjects to be subjected to anti-mafia verification” and waiting for it to be ready “undertakes to acquire the anti-mafia documentation by consulting the single national database anti-mafia, in a simplified way “. If the consultation reveals causes of forfeiture, suspension or prohibition or an attempt to infiltrate the mafia, the prefect will order checks. And in the event of the release of an anti-mafia ban, the bank will have to immediately revoke the loan and Sace will activate the credit recovery procedures.

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