Light bills: the discount for businesses arrives, nothing yet for families


Discounts arriving on electricity bills for businesses. The relaunch decree provides for relief on the items of electricity expenditure of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Article. 30 of the relaunch decree provides for some measures capable of alleviating the weight of the invoices of the months of May, June and July with an intervention by the state of approximately 600 million euros. Money backed up and therefore must not be returned.

How the bill discount works

The mechanism envisages acting on two items of the electricity bill: “transportation and management of the meter” and “general system charges”. All the companies involved will therefore pay the full bill, as normally happens, but a discount will be applied on these two items which normally affect 50% of the bill overall. Be careful, however, because the costs relating to the items just mentioned will not be completely reset, but reparameterized to base power of 3 Kw, as if they were domestic users. Therefore, the discount will be applied to all those activities that have an installed power greater than 3 Kw. For example, a bar that normally has a power of 10-13 Kw will see the costs of transport and management of the meter reduced, as well as the system costs, as if it had a power of 3 Kw. The final discount will therefore be around 30%. Obviously, the higher the installed power, the greater the discount. For those who have small shops and therefore power equal to 3 Kw, they will not benefit from discounts.

Still no discount for families and individuals

Arera it has just approved the resolution authorizing the discounts, but let it be known that to physically see the money in the bill, it will be necessary to wait for the decree to be converted into law by Parliament in the next few days.

However, it is a measure that can be implemented quickly, the billing method is not being changed. “Once Arera has approved the regulations, the energy companies will have to calculate the charges based on a power of 3 Kw regardless of the actual power used“Explains Marco Vignola, energy manager for the National Consumer Union. “Distributors, then, will have to communicate the non-receipt to the State to reimburse them. This is a fundamental step in order not to undermine the system“Concludes Vignola. For domestic users, however, still nothing. The relaunch decree does not provide for financial aid at the moment, but it is not excluded that during the conversion into law of the relaunch decree, something new may also emerge for families and individuals.

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