Light and gas, here is the (public) portal that compares all the offers existing in Italy


A new comparator of electricity and gas offers. You will say: “There are already many!”. The difference, this time, that is controlled by Arera, the regulatory authority for energy, networks and the environment, a public entity that has had to adapt to the law imposed by the competition decree and to the future opening of the market of greater protection (already active for SMEs). For consumers, there are two differences between of Arera and the other comparators: first of all on this instrument all electricity and gas suppliers, from the largest to the smallest, are obliged by law to upload all their offers and keep them constantly updated; secondly, there are no commercial agreements between the platform and the companies. Today the portal compares the rates of the over 500 operators in the energy market and the approximately 400 of the gas market.

How the Arera comparator works

Just access the portal and enter your consumption data (if you have one) and the desired data for the new user and the site offers comparative results in a few seconds. There is also the comparison of the offers in service of greater protection for those who do not want to change operators but only understand if there are better offers with what they are already using.

From Placet offers to those of the free market also offers users Placet offers, (Free Price On Equal Conditions of Protection), free market offers at fixed or variable prices, standard offers that aim to offer the solution closest to that of the protected market. At the basis of these offers, which have economic conditions freely established by the sellers, there is a price structure and a series of contractual conditions defined by Arera. “The site – explain from Arera – is also useful because when you call a call center you can immediately find the offer offered and check its costs and contractual clauses and understand what they are selling us. Finally, the only portal that compares how much we would pay on the protected market and what they offer us on the free market. “

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