Life sentence to “Igor the Russian” confirmed on appeal. The pg: “Ferocious Executioner”


BOLOGNA – Life imprisonment also in second degree for Norbert Feher, better known as “Igor the Russian”. The decision of the Bologna Court of Appeal arrived this afternoon after about an hour and a half of a council chamber. The Serbian killer was also sentenced in Appeal for the murders of the bartender of Riccardina di Budrio, Davide Fabbri and the ecological guard of Portomaggiore Valerio Verri, which took place on 1 and 8 April 2017 between the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara.The court, chaired by Judge Orazio Pescatore, accepted the request of the General Prosecutor, represented in the courtroom by the pg Valter Giovannini. At first instance, Feher had been sentenced to maximum sentence on March 25 last year. He is currently being held in La Coruna prison in Spain where he is charged with three other murders. Today he gave up being present on video at the hearing, calling himself non-fundamental.


Spanish trial for “Igor the Russian”: the killer in the classroom inside an armored glass box

Giovannini’s words were very harsh in support of the sentencing request: “From the Spanish courtrooms we have received images that see him with a facial mimic between a smile and a grin. Pleased to be at the center of so much media interest. We have seen grinning smiles disappear in the presence of the prison tunnel disappear from the faces of many ferocious analogous assassins. Fatally it will happen also for the one who never spent half a word for what he did and respect for the innocent people towards whom he promoted himself as a ferocious executioner “.

According to the accusation, the killer’s judgment cannot fail to take into account the overall behavior of the murderer after the Italian crimes: “Well, what did he do when he fled Spain? He robs and then kills three other people in cold blood”. In fact, just a few weeks after the ambushes of Budrio and Porto Maggiore, Feher in Spain killed two agents of the Guardia Civil and a breeder, in the Teruel area of ​​Aragon and, previously, he had also attempted to kill two other people.

Giovannini showed the photos of the Spanish trial, where the Serbian killer smiles and with his fingers makes the sign of victory: “From the Spanish courtrooms we have received images that see him with a facial mimic between the smile and the grin. In the courtroom was present Marco Ravaglia, the provincial police officer who was seriously injured on April 8 and who managed to save himself only by pretending to be dead. There were no Verri’s family members, represented by the lawyer Fabio Anselmo, nor even Fabbri’s, assisted by the lawyer Giorgio Bacchelli. Feher was defended by the lawyer Luca Belluomini, who in the appeal had requested the psychiatric report for his client.

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