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BOLOGNA. Life sentence confirmed on appeal in Bologna for Norbert Feher, known as Igor the Russian despite being Serbian. The sentence for Feher, detained in Spain, was read after an hour and a half of the council chamber by the Court of Appeal: Igor was responsible for the murder of the bartender Davide Fabbri and the volunteer Valerio Verri and the attempted murder of the agent Provincial Marco Ravaglia committed on 1 and 8 April 2017.

The story of “Igor the Russian” is a mixture of reality, the murders and the extreme ferocity, and myths, often fueled by himself. Born in Subotica in 1981, a city in Northern Serbia, Norbert Feher told his cellmates that he served in the Russian army during the First Chechen War in the special wards and that he deserted after the killing of his daughter in retaliation in the his comparisons. It would therefore be repaired in China. Although many of the stories told are not confirmed, it is certain that Feher knows many fighting techniques and is very skilled in disguises. He must have traveled a lot because he knows Chinese, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and a few words of Spanish.

He arrived in Italy in 2006 because he was wanted by the Serbian police for robbery and sexual violence. Within a year, however, he was captured by the Italian police. He is accused of a series of robberies between Ferrara and Rovigo characterized by the use of white weapons such as a bow and knife, so much so that he earned the nickname “Ninja”. Avoid extradition by declaring your name is Igor Vaclavic. Released in 2010, he resumes his criminal activity, but is arrested again despite a daring escape during which Igor manages to escape the police for hours by hiding in a canal and breathing from a reed.

In 2011 the chief prosecutor of Ferrara signs an expulsion order, but Feher remains in Italy because Russia does not recognize him as his citizen. He has exemplary behavior in prison. He trains obsessively, doing hundreds of abs and watching only cartoons. He was released in 2015 after the prison chaplain also testified in his favor.

The murders
The story radically changed on April 1, 2017 when Feher robbed the Gallo bar in the hamlet of Riccardina di Budrio, in the province of Bologna. The owner, Davide Fabbri, 52, tries to disarm him by snatching the brace from Igor’s hands, but Feher reacts by shooting him two shots in the chest with a second weapon, a Smith & Wesson 9X21 semi-automatic stolen two days before from a guard sworn. A manhunt begins which Feher escapes for days by hiding in an area of ​​40 square kilometers in the marshes of the Ferrara area. On 8 April he was identified and fled, killing the provincial guard Valerio Verri and injuring another. The hunt intensifies with the use of 150 men, molecular dogs and helicopters, but Igor manages to escape and challenges the Italian authorities: on May 17 the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Ferrara receives a postcard in which Feher himself communicates that he has left Italy.

The escape to Spain
Feher will be captured in El Ventorillo, Spain, at 2.50am on December 15, 2017 after killing two other policemen. According to the Spanish authorities, Feher arrived in Spain through 8 countries and using 18 different identities. On December 5 he attacks a farm and injures the owner and a blacksmith. Victor Romero Pérez, 30, and Victor Jesus Caballero Espinosa, 38, both from the team dedicated to investigating thefts in the countryside, come on the scene. They are killed by Feher despite being equipped with a bulletproof vest. Feher also takes over their weapons of order. A new manhunt begins which ends precisely in El Ventorillo. Igor is running away in the car when he has a car accident that leaves him unconscious. Italy, after the capture, asks for his extradition, but Madrid denies it: he wants to try Igor for the crimes committed on his territory.

The sentences

On 3 February 2020, the provincial court of Teruel sentenced him to 21 years in prison for the two murders committed in Spain and for illicit possession of weapons. Today the confirmation of the life sentence for the murders and the attempted murder committed in Italy has arrived. Law enforcement officers are still investigating another murder that took place in a quarry in Fosso Ghiaia di ravenna on December 30, 2015. On that occasion, Salvatore Chianese, a 42-year-old night watchman, was killed with a shotgun. The weapon is the same used in the robbery at the Gallo bar where Davide Fabbri was killed. It is not yet known whether Feher, one of his thousand identities or someone else, was holding it.

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