Life annuities in Calabria, Di Maio attacks Santelli: “Surreal, abolish the law”


The echo of the legislative “blitz” with which the Calabrian Regional Council has in fact reintroduced a sort of annuity also for those who, during the legislature, is dismissed, arrives in Rome. “Really surreal,” says the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio. The tones are not those barricaders of the dawn of the Movement, when the pentastellate thundered against the caste, indeed Di Maio said that “I will never stop emphasizing the commitment of the regions and their governors” however, he writes on Facebook, “I cannot stay in silence before such a thing “.

The “thing” in question is the law approved in a hurry by the Calabrian regional councilors that allows anyone who has been part of the assembly, even if only for one day, to still receive the end-of-mandate treatment, that is, a sort of monthly pension . The only condition, if expelled from the assembly – perhaps due to ineligibility or due to the appeal of one of the unelected – the politician must worry about paying the contributions monthly for the entire term of the Council of which he no longer belongs. In this way, at the end of the term he will also be entitled to a monthly allowance. A sort of revolution for that assembly which, during the last legislature, had abolished the annuities and put aside a treasure which proved to be useful to spend on urgent interventions during the pandemic period.But that battle also the center-left, which at the time was a majority in the Council, seems to have quickly forgotten it. And so the law, proposed by Giuseppe Graziano of the UDC, passed with the votes of the whole classroom. The legislative “blitz” on a topic as thorny as unpopular came at the end of the last session, after more than seven hours of discussion, in the midst of the “end of lessons” atmosphere, between those who vegetated behind the desks and those who were preparing to go Street.

Councilor Graziano who proposed it did not even bother to explain it. “Self-explanatory” he limited himself to saying. And everyone – majority and opposition – voted for it en bloc. The only exception is the young dem member Nicola Irto, who as president of the assembly in the last legislature had led the battle against the annuities, which was absent at the time of the vote in the courtroom, where he had been diligently until a few minutes before. Reason? It is not known. He did not say a word about it.

Maybe because he would have put in serious difficulty how many in his Democratic Party, as in the rest of the opposition, after voting for that rule, now they work to back off. Starting with Pippo Callipo, a former candidate for center-left governor, who when the case broke out claimed to have been deceived because “I signed my bill on a bill that ‘does not involve greater or new burdens on the regional budget’ “, even threatening to” protect themselves in the appropriate places “because” I would never have endorsed anything that could increase the costs of the policy “. In the wake of the councilors of his movement, “I stay in Calabria”, while the Democratic Party and its civic rib, “Democrats and progressives” admit “the mistake was to recognize, even to a councilor declared ineligible in retrospect , the possibility of continuing to pay contributions until the end of the council. ”

But struck on the way of rethinking are also the League and Brothers of Italy, who apparently only after the controversies that the norm has generated, have noticed the initiatives of those who with them is in the majority. Yet the bill was born in that riverbed, passed to the group leaders’ conference and then landed in the Council, without anyone saying a verb. Silence Forza Italy, instead tries to minimize the UDC, which with his adviser brought her to the courtroom. “I don’t see where the scandal is against 38 thousand euros of contributions paid in a legislature, an end-of-mandate allowance would accrue, at 65 years, from 600 euros net per month” Mimmo Tallini, chosen as Prime Minister despite being branded as unpresentable by the anti-mafia parliamentary commission.

In any case, the norm should not have a very long life. A meeting is already scheduled for next Thursday to agree on the cancellation procedure. But it will also have to pass through the classroom and there someone will eventually have to stay with the match in hand of political responsibility.

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