Life annuities, Di Maio against the Calabria Region: “They reintroduced the privilege while the citizens are affected by the crisis. Surreal”


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Surreal“. It is in this way that Luigi Di Maio defines the last law of the Calabria region. In full crisis triggered by the emergency coronavirusin fact, the main urgency for Calabrian politicians was to vote on a rule that practically reintroduces the annuity. It takes just one day as a regional councilor to mature the “end of term treatment“. Guaranteed check even if the politician lapses for any reason (it is declared ineligible or lose an appeal lodged by the first of the unelected): it is sufficient that pay the contributions for the next five years and, as if by magic, will enjoy the same privilege as those who, however, remained in Palazzo Campanella for an entire term.

The case raised by It’s the winds by Peter Gomez on the Nine and dal, provoked the reaction of the tenant from the Farnesina. “I will never stop stressing the commitment of the regions and their governors. Most of all they have been on the field, facing this emergency with maximum effort “, is the opening words of the Foreign Minister on Facebook. “But – he continues – I cannot remain silent in front of such a thing. While citizens have serious economic difficulties and the businesses are hit hard by the crisis, the Calabria region reintroduces the annuity. Really surreal“. The former political leader of the M5s shares the article of “I read – he continues – of regional councilors who now would like to retrace their steps. Well, immediately abolish this law. Politics must set a good example. And if he can’t do it in such a situation, then it means he will never do it again. ”

Comment the story with a tweet too Luigi Gallo, president of the culture commission of the 5 Star Movement: “So Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi intend to save Italian citizens? By giving privileges to their regional councilors! The country will escape from these government figures, I don’t want to imagine how Italian and European money could use it. ” “The center-right priority is and remains the privileges,” said the former minister instead Danilo Toninelli.

On Friday 29 May the regional council took less than two minutes to vote on the law proposed by Giuseppe Graziano of the UDC that, at the request of the president Domenico Tallini to explain the rule before putting it to the vote, he replied: “It illustrates itself“. Needless to say, it was voted unanimously. On the columns of the Southern Gazette the Prime Minister Tallini he flaunted tranquility by explaining that “the annuities in Calabria have long been abolished. I do not see where the scandal is: against 38 thousand euros of contributions paid in a legislature, an end-of-mandate allowance would accrue, at 65, from 600 euros per month “. The regional councilors of the Democratic Party have defended the law claiming that the story is “a storm in a glass of water”. The former center-left candidate, Goofy Callipo, distanced himself after voting on the bill: “I would never have endorsed anything that could increase the costs of politics. If, however, the modification of the annuities legislation translates into an increase in the aforementioned costs, it means that I have been proposed to sign an untruthful document and for this reason I will protect myself in the appropriate places “. Basically, Callipo claims to have been made fun of. The regional councilors of the League and of Brothers of Italy who, through the mouths of their group leaders Tilde Minasi and Filippo Pietropaolo, speak of “unjust and illegitimate privilege”: “Monday morning – they argue – we will file a bill to restore the inadmissibility to the voluntary contribution of the regional councilor whose election has been canceled ”.

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