Libya, south of Tripoli, is no man’s land: carnage among trafficking gangs, 30 migrants killed


The clash between bands of traffickers of humans ends up in a bathroom blood: 30 migrants died, 26 of them of Bengali nationality. The carnage took place on Wednesday inside a warehouse in Mezda, a few kilometers from the city of Gharyan, south of Tripoli, and in addition to the 30 victims there are at least a dozen injured. In addition to tragedy there is an additional alarm bell. At the time of shooting there were about in the warehouse 200 foreigners: victims and injured apart, others have lost track, moved from militias who deal with trafficking in another secret place. All that remains of the massacre is i corpses, the warehouse was emptied and did not report operations by government authorities or the police, much less investigations and stop.

The umpteenth episode of violence which will go unpunished in a country out of control. Especially in the area around Tripoli become no man’s land, close and disputed in the bloody clashes between the militias supporting the Gna, the government recognized by the United Nations, most directly from Italy is Turkey, and the army of Khalifa Haftar, leader of the Cyrenaica. The conflict is in one of the most acute phases since September 2018 (the time of the first offensive of Haftar to the west) here, with theLna in difficulty and retreating after arriving shortly after conquering the capital. In this situation of strong instability, worsened by the pandemic from COVID-19, trafficking in illegal immigrants Libya remains at the center of criminal activities.

The massacre of the other day near Gharyan (seat of one of the ‘official’ detention centers, closed for months precisely because of the gunfights, as well as others in the area around Tripoli) is the bloodiest episode with i in the center migrants from the bombing of the detention center on the Dcim to Tajoura, a few kilometers southeast of the international airport Mitiga of Tripoli. That night, on July 2, a wing of the compound she was struck causing 53 victims.

The outlines of the episode were announced by the Head of Mission of the IOM (the International Organization for Migration) in Libya, Federico Soda: “The bodies of the victims are located in the Mezda hospital – he said soda -, the injured were brought in a Hospital government and in a private clinic in Tripoli. Many wear the light marks of old women beating and some of them pour in very serious conditions. THE criminal groups they take advantage of the instability and insecurity of the country to hunt and take advantage of people desperate and to take advantage of them vulnerability. Men and women held hostage and sold behind the payment of redemptions from organizations without scruples. This senseless crime reminds us once again of the horrors that i migrants they suffer at the hands of traffickers in Libya “.

The massacre of Mezda occurred in the context of parallel and submerged trafficking in human beings who in Tripolitania very often he mixed with the official part of the migration. The network of detention centers managed by the government of al-Sarraj now almost no longer exists. Of the more than 20 sites officially activated over time to date, due to the strong instability, a handful remain active. Give 15 thousand refugees is asylum seekers a couple of years ago now we have gone to less than a thousand. Always active that of Trik al-Sikka where however fewer than 300 people remain (at the time there were about 2 thousand), with annex safe-shelter for the most vulnerable cases, as well as that of Zawia which hosts over 450 people. The center of al-Sabaa it was closed recently, releasing approx 200 migrants, while one of the last centers, that of abu-Salim.

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