Lessons and colleges recorded at a distance, this way of acting is very widespread


More and more often, in these times of suspension of didactic activities and of lessons and collegial activities at a distance, these types of activities are recorded with audio and video and not always for correct use.

Recording the lesson is not illegitimate

For the Privacy Guarantor, the lesson can be recorded exclusively for personal purposes, for example for individual study reasons. So even recording a video lesson carried out remotely by your teacher is not an illegitimate procedure if the registration is not disclosed to third parties or posted on social networks without notifying the people involved in the registration and obtaining their explicit consent.

Institute regulations and registrations

Even if the registration for teaching use by students or to be affected by a passage of a collegial activity by teachers is not considered an illegitimate procedure, it should be emphasized that the regulations of the Institute and of the collegial activities could have precise indications regarding use or even the prohibition of recordings or video recordings, which concern students during lessons and for teachers during collegiate activities.

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During the DaD many recordings

In carrying out the distance teaching activities carried out throughout Italy in the last three months, one of the most common problems was the recording, audio and video, that the students made of their professors while they were engaged in distance lessons. Here in the various whatsapp groups of students, but also of teachers, numerous audio and video of teachers’ performances circulate. A teacher was registered while forcing the student to view his entire room on the webcam to see if there were other people or if the student had notes from where to read the answers to the question. Another teacher was filmed while scolding a student, even in colorful language.

Distance Learning has cleared this way of acting that also existed in face-to-face teaching, but now, with distance teaching, it has certainly amplified.

College teachers like a “Big Brother”

Some teachers, with remote collegial activities, have not missed the opportunity to register the teaching colleges and to circulate audio, video and photos to friends and relatives.

In some teaching colleges there were also people from outside the school who assisted, in spite of official secrecy, in the collegial activities. In some cases it was a case of a college of teachers carried out as if it had been the home of “Big Brother”, where what happens is in the public domain. Here then circulates on the whastapp groups of teachers the “Megalomania” of a DS that compares her emotional state to that of the former Minister of Labor Elsa Fornero when she was forced to announce the pension reform and that of Minister Bellanova when, recently, she was excited to announce the regularization of thousands of migrants.

The need to return to normal

Many months have passed since the “closure of schools” and the ministerial slogan #La ScuolaNonSiFerma has now faded and emptied of all meaning. The school feels the need to return to normal, to open the doors to populate the classes and to give lessons in the presence, the need is felt to carry out collegiate activities in the traditional way. Everyone dreams of the return to school and the abandonment of distance learning, but there is the fear that we should continue for 2020/2021 as we concluded 2019/2020.

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