Leclerc: ‘The title? Calm down, there is work to be done. The fame? Once a fan paid me for the taxi! ‘ – The Gazzetta dello Sport


In the `EPCC´ broadcast from Cattelan, the Ferrari driver talked about himself and the season that will start in July:“ It will not be easy with 5 months of real driving missed. Thank goodness the restaurants reopen ”

“The only thing I have in mind now is to get back on track. It is the thing I like most to do and with this situation it is impossible for me to drive ”. This was said by Charles Leclerc, in connection with Sky Sport 24 before participating in `EPCC´ by Alessandro Cattelan.


“I go to sleep and wake up with only one idea in mind, that of driving. I miss him so much, I am training more than ever to be ready when we start again – added the Ferrari driver – If I think of becoming world champion? I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never been. I have to work, there is still a long way to go. I am happy with the growth that I have had so far but there is still a lot to do. I hope to do it one day, but I’m still far away. “


Then in transmission he had fun with the conductor: “How do I drive in real life? I’m calm, luckily in Monaco there is no points license like in Italy. How is the Principality? You live normally, of course you have the GP at home and you are inspired to become an F1 driver “. And speaking of F1, when do we start again? “It should be Austria in early July – said Charles – let’s see how the situation will go. It will be difficult because not driving for 5 months will make everything a little complicated. The simulators? They are useful, even if using it in the last few days I left my girlfriend out of the house. How did you get it? I slept on the sofa … No joke. If you accept that you “play” for work? She tried it too and she liked it very much, she had a session from 19 to midnight “.

The fame

Then a joke about the benefits of fame: “Well it still happens that they don’t recognize me, as happened to the Italian taxi driver after the Monza race. The other curiosity happened in Australia two years ago, I had to run to the airport, I was in a hurry and I had no money with me. Fortunately, when I got out of the taxi, a fan recognized me and wanted to pay for me! “. How was the lockdown? “I did training, simulator and cooking, even if I am a disaster, only pasta in white, chicken and carbonara. I haven’t improved, so I was looking forward to the restaurants reopening. “

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