Leclerc challenges Verstappen: with Giovinazzi at the virtual 24h


There is just over a month to go before what should be the highly anticipated recovery of Formula 1, with the Austrian Grand Prix opening the 2020 season – barring further twists. virtual races who have kept the fans company during these long quarantine days, however, have not yet gone by the wayside and indeed involve many Circus pilots in an increasingly transversal way, also in terms of ‘disciplines’. After Virtual GP, in fact, now is the time for Endurance. Waiting to be able to play the real 24h in fact, the Le Mans WEC has set the online version of the event for 13-14 June and the Ferrari will be present with a respectable line-up.

The Maranello team in fact, which in recent months has embraced the world of Esports with much less reluctance than in the past, will field at the start Charles Leclerc and Antonio Giovinazzi, supported by the pair of professional sim racers made up of David ‘Tonzilla’ Tones and Enzo Bonito. The quartet will be behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTE number 52. Ferrari will also field two other crews at the event (# 51: Nicklas Nielsen, Federico Leo, Kasper Stoltze, Amos Laurito; # 71 Miguel Molina, David Perel, Danilo Santoro, Jordy Zwiers). A third red will then be entered in the race since the foundation of Princess Charlene of Monaco and will see Giancarlo Fisichella, Felipe Massa, Francesco Castellacci and Tony Mella alternate behind the wheel.

Alonso and Barrichello together in the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans

This 24 hour will also be an opportunity to have a first virtual comparison on the track between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, who will be present at the race together with Lando Norris with the Redline team. The Monegasque and the Dutch have given a show in these months in the various races in which they took part, but have never yet faced each other in the same event. A further reason for interest in the context of a rivalry that is already marking the world of motorsport and which promises to continue to do so for the next decade.

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