Leclerc and the funny anecdote about the triumph of Monza: “The taxi driver did not recognize me”


ROME – Charles Leclerc guest in the studio tonight of ‘And then there is Cattelan Live’On Sky he told himself openly and in a funny way:”The simulator on Twitch? I spend a lot of time there and I do a lot of virtual grand prix live – the words of the Ferrari driver – the problem is that it takes so long that once i didn’t hear the bell e my fiancée remained out of the house for a while’. To get the door open he had to write me a Twitch comment while I was doing a live broadcast. How did you get it? I slept one night on the sofa, then it passed“.

Leclerc and the anecdote of Monza

Leclerc then tells an anecdote related to his victory in the last Italian GP: “After to have won Monza, in the evening we had a place booked to celebrate. I went by taxi and the driver didn’t recognize me. It was nice when he asked me: ‘Have you seen how good that kid who won today on Ferrari is?’ It was very funny“The conversation with Cattelan, in the typical style of his show, is colloquial:”I’ll tell you about the time I was going to miss a flight to Australia – the words of Leclerc – my first race in Formula 1. After the race I wanted to go home immediately to Montecarlo, but it rained a lot and I risked taking flight. I needed to take a taxi quickly in order not to miss the plane, but I didn’t have the money. A fan offered to lend them to me and allowed me to go home and not miss the plane“.

Leclerc: “The World Cup? There is still much to do”

The only thing I have in mind now is to get back on track. It is the thing I like most to do and with this situation it is impossible for me to drive – his words to Sky Tg24 a few minutes before the show starts – I go to sleep and wake up with only one idea in mind, that of driving. I miss him so much, I am training more than ever to be ready when we leave. If I think about becoming World Champion? I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never been. I have to work, there is still a long way to go. I am happy with the growth I have had so far but there is still a lot to do. I hope to do it one day, but I’m still far away“.

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