Lecce, Liverani: “No to the playoffs and the five changes per game” News


Even if the A league it seems to be getting closer to receiving the definitive go-ahead for the recovery, the contrary or doubtful voices continue to be heard. Last in order, the Lecce coach, Fabio Liverani: “For us it will be like climbing Everest – he told Rai Radio 1 – We have built a squad to play once a week, today we are practically facing the prospect of a World Cup or a European, with 12 games in 40 days. Worries are much higher. ” Clear opinion also onplayoff hypothesis and on the ability to perform 5 changes per game: “The rules don’t change during the race”.

Liverani is therefore the spokesperson for the perplexity of the smaller teams, not equipped for the tour de force that should await them from here to August: “Once you start, you don’t train anymore, you start playing, relaxing, finishing and then playing again – he explained – There is no line common on how to prevent injuries, it is such a new situation that it is difficult to have a history. We will have the opportunity to try something, hoping that it will be the right solution and not to lose important players in this period, otherwise it would be really difficult “.

In the event of a new stop, the hypothesis remains open playoffs and playouts, but the Giallorossi coach is not there, just as he would not accept the introduction of the five changes per game: “I am against it, it is even more an advantage for those with extra large roses. And then it goes to change a protocol that was not so at the beginning … Also as regards the playoffs I am against, football started with rules, things must not be changed in the race “.

Finally a thought on difficulty playing in the height of summer: “Playing at 16.30, in Lecce, on July 10 … even an eight-year-old boy understands that it is impossible. There are other situations and other interests beyond my world. In my opinion, that time between June, July and August is almost impractical. They will be games without rhythm, without intensity. If at that time during the summer in football you don’t play, there will be a reason “.

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