Learning recoveries from 1st September: what the college does, who organizes teachers’ timetable, bargaining role


With the OM n.11 of 2020 that regulates the final assessment of the pupils two new devices have come to light: the PAI and the PIA (one individualized learning plan, the other learning integration plan) which will be drawn up by the class council , in the case of pupils who will achieve a rating of less than six tenths (PAI) or in the event that the collegial body identifies educational activities that may not have been carried out with respect to the plans at the beginning of the year. Regardless of the purposes that the ministerial ordinance intended to give to these two new tools, for the purpose of their implementation, the resolution of the Board of teachers will be necessary as well as the definition of the times and methods of performance. PAI and PIA will in fact have a significant impact on the teachers’ working hours.

PAI and PIA activities require resolution of the Faculty Board

According to article 6 of the O.M. 11 of 2020 the activities related to the learning integration plan, as well as to the individualized learning plan, by the Class Councils, constitute ordinary teaching activities and start from 1 September 2020. In such a way, the activities inserted in these devices, being of a didactic and organizational nature, however, they require a formal resolution by the teaching staff. Now, since the Ministerial Ordinance sets a start time (September 1, 2020) for the realization of these activities, with the possibility that they integrate, if necessary, the first teaching period, (quarter or quarter), continuing, where necessary, to the entire school year, becomes mandatory by the aforementioned collegiate body, to establish methods and times of implementation of the plans that will eventually be adopted.

This means that the activities planned for the deployment of the plans should be included in the annual activity plan pursuant to art.28 of the CCNL 29/11/2007. It is known that in accordance with article 28, the plan, including work commitments, is deliberated by the teaching staff within the framework of the planning of the didactic-educational action; in this case, these are didactic activities that fully fall within the planning of the beginning of the year and are the responsibility of the collegiate body.

Realization and timetable of the teachers

The O.M. above mentioned, it is explicit that the educational activities of the PAI and PIA are carried out through the staff of autonomy (ex Law n.107 of 2015), adopting every form of didactic and organizational flexibility and making the project initiatives converge on the priority support for learning .

As regards the quantification of teachers’ working hours, a doubt remains: who will have to decide on the quantitative commitments for the recovery, consolidation or integration of learning, considering that starting from September, the teachers are already engaged in the functional activities of teaching ex art. 29 of the aforementioned CCNL (especially programming and verification activities at the beginning of the year)? As confirmed by the OM, the activities of the plans represent ordinary didactic activity, but there will have to be regulation at ministerial and contractual level, otherwise already at the beginning of the school year, the teachers involved in the implementation of the PAI and PIA will really risk a work surplus , between functional and real teaching activities.

Contractual comparison

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that, according to art.22 of the CCNL 2016/2018 (Education and Research), in the supplementary bargaining the articulation of the working time of the teaching, educational and ATA staff is the subject of comparison, at the institution level school. From this it can be deduced that, in order for everything to be done according to the rules laid down at ministerial level and in compliance with contractual provisions, the first comparisons at school level will have to take place starting from August. It goes without saying that on this same occasion, school managers, if they do not return to class at full speed, will also have to categorically and not only reformulate the general criteria for the use of technological equipment at different times in relation to the PAI and PIA. from that of service, for the purpose of greater reconciliation between work and family life (right to disconnect, always ex art.22).

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