League uphill, FdI with the turbo, the Pd close to returning below 20% – Libero Quotidiano


The poll realized by Emg Acqua by Fabrizio Masia today – Thursday 28 May – for Agora reveals a rise in the League and a contextual descent of the Democratic party. Numbers that go against the trend in recent weeks, where the center it was always given in decline, with the majority forces stable or slightly rising. This time also i five stars they lose percentages (0.3%). The first party, of course, always remains the League with 0.2% more than the last time, thus returning above 27% by one percentage point. Behind Salvini here is the Democratic Party with a drop of 0.3% (20.6%). The Five Star Movement was also down to 15.7%.


Brothers of Italy, the other center-right force, rises to 14.6% (+ 0.3%). Come on Italy stands still at 6.8%, Italia Viva it loses 0.3% of the consents and obtains 4.7%. At two points of departure Action by Carlo Calenda (2.6%). The Left drops from 2.3% to 2.2%, Green Europe is 1.7% e More Europe 1.5%. .

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