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Serie A starts again, there are no more doubts. We start again with the recoveries of the 25th day: Atalanta-Sassuolo should be the first game, probably brought forward to June 19th. A symbolic choice: the championship would thus start again in Bergamo, one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus. Then on 20 the other three games: Inter-Sampdoria, Verona-Cagliari and Turin-Parma. From Monday 22, however, space for all the other teams, with the 27th round. On the pitch: Atalanta-Lazio, Bologna-Juventus, Fiorentina-Brescia, Genoa-Parma, Inter-Sassuolo, Lecce-Milan, Rome-Sampdoria, Spal-Cagliari, Turin-Udinese and Verona-Naples.ON THE SAME FLOOR – We have chosen to start again with the recoveries to ensure that, from that moment on, all the teams travel on the same wavelength. Same number of races, so that, in the event of a new stop, the ranking can be considered final, no appendices to manage.

TWO KNOTS – The Italian Cup final is also fixed: it will be played on June 17, as per the wish of Minister Spadafora. Two questions remain to be resolved, which will be discussed on Monday: when to play the Cup semi-finals and what times the games will be played.

MALUMORI – It was another field day in the League: if the recovery with the recoveries brought everyone together (voted unanimously), the same cannot be said on the Cup front. Long discussions and agreement not yet found on dates. Inter Milan and Juve (especially the Nerazzurri) push to anticipate the kick-off: the idea is to start with the semifinals on 11 and 12 June, and then play the final on 17. This way the busy clubs would have a few more days off. For example, Inter would not want to resume with 4 potential matches in about ten days (assuming the arrival in the Cup final). We will try, politely, to send a request regarding Minister Spadafora. WHAT TIMES? – Even on match times there is not yet a complete understanding, but the road seems to be drawn: unthinkable, for the players, to take the field at 16 or earlier. We go to the following time slots: 5.15pm, 7.30pm and 9.45pm. Monday, a new meeting between the clubs and the leaders of the football system, probably decisive for drawing up the definitive calendar.

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