Lazio, Diaconal attacks: ‘Lotito tries to play on equal terms, they want to make him pay for it. Cairo and Agnelli … ‘| First page


Arturo Diaconale once again he enters his leg. The communication manager of the Lazio spoke at ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show’ on Radio Punto Nuovo, commenting on the latest events related to the Biancoceleste president: “Claudio Lotito is a super active president who wanted to spend himself in the world of football because he was aware that in the absence of activities he would have paid heavy consequences. The championship resumes and, as it happens, a series of controversies start old accusations, all of them addressed to Lotito. I don’t believe in plots, but I believe what Agatha Christie said: when the clues are numerous, they become evidence. That there is a certain willingness on the part of someone to weaken and put in condition Difficult Lotito is difficult to contest. I do not believe in the holiness of people, everyone is responsible for their actions. Of course, that there is an intention to make him pay for it is an objective fact. Cairo has great power, even the Lambs, Lotito wants to play on equal terms in a system where there is a disproportion of weapons. His activism is a way of having some guarantees with respect to this great disparity. We want to make Lotito pay for this claim to play on equal terms, that’s my impression. I hope that it will not succeed, but I also hope for equality. Is there anyone watching? Surveillance should in theory be, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Not because there is no will, but because objectively the disproportions are very strong. They are of liberal culture, let alone blame those who have been able to hold and conquer positions of strength and power. I simply say that I can not defend Lotito’s right to sail without being the target of torpedoes in a stormy sea, nor Lazio’s right to grow avoiding finding themselves in the midst of barriers that try to avoid preventing this growth. It is in everyone’s right to have the opportunity to grow, develop, conquer positions and I believe that in order to do this you must be equipped also character, intellectually, as well as economically. Palamara? I am not surprised at a system that has operated in these terms since time immemorial. ”

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