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Inter made itself heard, it did so with elegance and firmness. He did it at the right time, when it became a need. Because with the resumption of the championship just around the corner, it became necessary to make Barcelona understand that, after much talk, the time has come to clear the field of misunderstandings and let Lautaro Martinez’s head free: “If they want to buy it, they have to pay the clause.” Thus, with impassive resolve, Inter’s sporting director, Piero Ausilio, delivered the message from the Nerazzurri club in Spain, where for months the front pages of Barcelona’s purchase of Lautaro have been wasted.PROMISES AND SHORTCUTS – “There are several companies interested, the most determined is Barcelona, ​​we don’t hide it, but we know very well what we replied”Ausilio continued, who with these words calls the leaders to expose themselves blaugrana, also towards Lautaro himself. Because things have changed along the way, as we had already told you many days ago. Barcelona, ​​in January – also by virtue of the good existing relationships – asked Inter to agree to negotiate with Lautaro to find an economic agreement with the player. Authorization granted, but behind a promise: “We will pay you the clause”. It was on these tracks that the negotiation between the parties was born and developed, until Barcelona was surprised by unexpected shortcuts.

CASCADE OF NAMES – The Coronavirus emergency has changed the cards on the table, the Catalan accounts are not smiling and hence Barcelona’s request: “Shall we put some players in the deal?”. Inter’s response: “At most one, because the cash portion must not fall below 90 million”. As if to say, we understand the difficulties and meet you, but we also have our needs. No way, the cascade of names starts: Arthur, Firpo, Semedo, Coutinho, Umtiti, Rakitic, Emerson Royal and Vidal. All, or almost all, highly valued. The example is Semedo, which Barcelona – according to rumors – would estimate between 45 and 50 million euros.

INTER ARE NOT THERE – Events that made Inter stiffen, even though it was very clear. For months, from Spain, they have painted the nerazzurri as a club on the corner, willing to accept 2-3 players (of questionable value) and a handful of change to give up the best prospect in the squad. A negotiation that put it this way seemed to describe (or gave the sensation of doing it) the presence of a clever man and that of a fool. This is why action was needed at some point.LAUTARO BALL – Also to demonstrate to Lautaro Martinez that Inter is moving very clearly. Marotta promised the footballer that he would leave him free to fulfill his dream, that of playing next to Messi, but only in the face of the right offer, which the Catalans had guaranteed to present, both to Inter and Lautaro. “There is a clause and if you want to go we cannot hold you back, but for us you are a firm point, therefore, do not expect gifts.” This is the bottom line of the speech made to the footballer, now called to respond on the field and to demonstrate that he knows how to isolate himself from certain dynamics.

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