Lautaro, from Barcelona scraps and arrogance. Inter, you play your face


After two months of media bombardments, Inter comes out of the closet and through the mouth of the sports director Piero Ausilio let it be known that the only way to start the Argentine attacker is to pay the clause.

In a few moments, Ausilio wiped out weeks of hypothetical negotiations with Lautaro’s downward evaluations, and hypervaluations of players not considered suitable by the club. Translated: scraps.

Because in the end this is precisely the point. We have never seen a negotiation where in the presence of a clause, the acquiring club that very strongly wants a player also wants to impose costs and compensation, has never seen a club that wants to acquire a player almost imposing its own conditions of purchase, bypassing the existence of very clear conditions governed by regular contracts entered into in accordance with current legislation.

The player’s ok is not enough

All using the home press, passing over the head of a company that until proven otherwise has a contract with Lautaro Martinez for a duration of 3 years and, in the absence of economic agreements between the parties, difficult to scratch. Why the player is willing to transfer is indicative up to a certain point. To reach Barcelona you need to meet the requirements of the clause or at least get closer and after two months of negotiation there is still no agreement.

Mind you, this does not mean that Lautaro Martinez will not go to Barcelona, ​​because Inter has never hidden the existence of an ongoing negotiation, but it is one thing to sit at a table and talk about it even for weeks, another is to find or no agreement.

The inconsistencies and arrogance of Barcelona

What then is curious that Barcelona can offer a good 10 million engagement to a 22-year-old boy, and at the same time is particularly thrifty towards the club owner of the card, going to put 50 more varied players on the plate. This could even touch arrogance.

This is why apparently after two months of silence, Inter came out into the open also because it is right to remember him, since the Lautaro campaign began in Spain, the player has disappeared from the Nerazzurri attack.

Inter play reputation

From here on, we will see if Inter’s message will be received in Barcelona or if in Spain they will go straight on their way, but the identity of a club that wants to relaunch itself among the greats of Europe probably passes from here. Which translated means: giving yes, but on conditions that satisfy everyone, otherwise the player does not move.

To date, Suning has never sold its best assets by showing strength in the summer, with the exclusion of some top elements for reasons that are not purely tactical but of rigor and integrity, to give a clean cut with the past.

Selling off today Lautaro Martinez to submit to the requests of his majesty Barcelona would be a devastating damage to the image and not only from an economic point of view. Even more so given that Inter will soon make money with the sale of Mauro Icardi, realizing a capital gain of 60 million round. Of course we are far from the evaluation of a few years ago, but after everything that has happened, it is still a positive operation, especially for those who have told us for months that the degraded ex-captain would not remain in Paris.

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