“Lautaro does not move, who wants to pay the clause”


The words of the Nerazzurri manager on Sky Sport’s microphones

Speaking to Sky Sport microphones, Piero Ausilio talked about the Inter market. The main topic addressed by the Nerazzurri manager is related to the future of Lautaro Martinez: “Lautaro does not move, whoever wants to pay the clause. There is only one way that can take him away from Inter and that is the payment of the clause. It is a demanding clause both because it has deadlines and because it is demanding from an economic point of view. It is the only possibility that exists not to see Lautaro far from Inter. We in this period are not discussing and addressing the Lautaro theme with anyone, simply because we focus on him, it is an important asset of the club and then let’s not forget that he still has 3 years of contract. The most important players Inter are not going to sell them, but they are going to keep them and strengthen themselves on the market. The negotiation with Barcelona? Many companies have contacted us to try to tackle the Lautaro theme, Barcelona is certainly the most determined. I know what we said to Barcelona and they know exactly our intentions. Inter have no intention of selling Lautaro“.

(Sky Sport)




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