Launch Crew Dragon, Saccoccia (Asi): Space is now closer


Rome, 30 May (askanews) – “It was a very important moment, even symbolically, because we left the United States with a purely institutional access to Space, with the Space Shuttle, 9 years ago. Today the Americans and, in the future, anyone will be able to fly with them, they can go to Space through a public-private partnership offered by SpaceX and this is synonymous with an epochal change for access to Space and Space in general. We have moved on to the so-called New Space Economy where Space has become closer to citizens thanks to the opportunities offered by individuals “. Is the comment of the President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Giorgio Saccoccia, at the launch of the Crew Dragon space shuttle for the NASA-SpaceX mission” Demo2 “which, after 9 years from retirement of the Space Shuttles in 2011, again gave the US direct access to space, ushering in the era of commercial space flights. “A small detail we are proud of – added Saccoccia – is that the ASI base in Malindi, Kenya, was part of the network of the so-called tracking stations, the bases that followed the flight of the Crew Dragon to its destination and is therefore a reason for pride because we had a small participation we too at this important moment “.

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