Latin America is the new epicenter of the pandemic: Quintupled deaths by August


Latin America is officially the new global epicenter of the pandemic from Coronavirus. This was announced by the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which also stressed that by now the number of new cases and deaths in this part of the world has exceeded that of Europe and the United States, for a total beyond 2.4 million infections and more than 143,000 victims. To worry the experts is above all the Brazil, where the situation becomes more and more explosive day after day, but also Peru is Chile they don’t joke, having to face not only the Covid-19 wave but also the heavy one crisis economic due to the lockdown. And the situation is set to worsen in the coming weeks. For this, Carissa Etienne, director of PAHO, reiterated that for the countries of this region “it is not the time for loosen restrictive measures or resize them strategies of prevention. We must remain strong, be vigilant. We have learned from other countries what works and what does not and we must continue to apply this knowledge to our context. “According to the Organization, by the end of the summer the deaths in Latin America will have quintupled.

Economic crisis and collapsing health systems in Latin America

According to experts, the virus arrived in Latin America in late February. The situation has gradually worsened, both due to the inability of local governments to implement the necessary measures to restraint of the contagion, with systems health and funerals close to collapse everywhere, as shown by the numerous it were common in which the victims are buried, both for economies not able to sustain such a crisis, as happened in Europe or in the USA. Without forgetting the impact of Covid on other types of pathologies, from which the population suffers. This is why Etienne urged local administrations to ensure that routine health services are not interrupted, because this could trigger a “parallel pandemic of preventable deaths from non-communicable diseases. “

The Brazil case: nearly 120,000 dead by August

The Brazil it is the country most affected by the pandemic in Latin America, second in the world in terms of number of infections and deaths, after having crossed over Russia and immediately behind the USA. At the moment there are more than 390 thousand cases confirmed and 24,512 deaths out of 200 million inhabitants, but the situation will worsen again. According to PAHO calculations, by the end of June there will be at least 1,020 victims per day, which will bring the total budget to almost 120 thousand deaths by 4 August. Still, the president Jair Bolsonaro it continues to minimize the pandemic, defining little more than one Coronavirus infection influence and claiming that there is an exaggerated alarmism. He even accused local governors of deciding excessive contagion measures that will destroy the economy and produce far worse difficulties than the health emergency.

From Chile to Peru: here are the WHO special supervised

However, Brazil, despite the numbers, is not the country with the highest mortality and infection rate in the region. From this point of view, the eyes are focused on Chile, which has a rate of 3,800 cases per million inhabitants and on the Peru, with 3,600 per million inhabitants, compared to a rate of approximately 1,700 per million in Brazil. In Chile, President Pinera admitted that the health system is under pressure and “very close to the limit” due to a recent rapid increase in cases. In Santiago, the capital of the country, protests also broke out in recent days for the lack of food following the rigid blockade of activities imposed to contain the infection. Also in ecuador citizens took to the streets on Tuesday against the restrictive measures imposed by the government, while 150,000 have already lost their jobs. Pure in Venezuela the situation is at the limit: here even in hospitals there is the lack of drinking water as well as personal protective equipment. The cases confirmed by Caracas are only 1100 and a dozen deaths, but they may not correspond to reality. Special supervised WHO and PAHO are also El Salvador, Guatemala is Nicaragua. “Now is the time to act – concluded Etienne -. The lives and well-being of millions of people across our region depend on what we will be able to do from now on”.

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