Latin America, deaths rise to 37 thousand – last hour


(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, MAY 23 – A new strong leap in
ahead of the aftermath of the coronavirus in Brazil, he has
characterized in the last 24 hours Latin America, become
officially for the World Health Organization (WHO)
“new outbreak of the pandemic”. In the region the infected are
today 672,770, of which 37,021 died. This is what emerges from one
statistics elaborated by ANSA on the basis of known data of
34 between Latin American nations and territories.

Brazil, which jumped to second place in the ranking
worldwide behind the United States, reached 330,890
infected and 21,048 dead. Peru follows him at a distance (111,698
and 3,244), while Chile rose to third place (61,857 and 630)
which overtook Mexico (59.567 and 6.510).

Then follow Ecuador (35,828 and 3,056), Colombia (18,330 and
652), Dominican Rep. (13.989 and 456), Panama (10.116 and 291),
Argentina (10,649 and 433) and Bolivia (5,187 and 215).


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