Last prayer of the Rosary from St. Peter with Cardinal Comastri


From the Basilica of San Pietro, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, the Pope’s vicar for Vatican City, today recited the Regina Coeli and the Rosary for the last time at 12.00: an appointment that, in times of health crisis and in the month dedicated to Maria, was followed daily by a multitude of faithful from all over the world thanks to live streaming

Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican City

“For the last time we pray the Holy Rosary from San Pietro. It was a wonderful experience that involved an impressive number of people. Our Lady truly works miracles: I have seen it with my own eyes “. With these words, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, the Pope’s vicar for Vatican City, recalled that today the experience of reciting the Regina Caeli and the Rosary from St. Peter’s Basilica in time of pandemic ended. An appointment, broadcast live via Vatican Media and followed by faithful from all over the world, to invoke the intercession of Mary in such a difficult moment. Today, concluding the Marian prayer, Cardinal Comastri pronounced these words:

“O Maria Immacolata, to you as children we consecrate our life, our family, our Italy and the whole world. O Mary, always dispose of us according to your heart. And on the last day welcome us into your arms, introduce us to Jesus saying about us: they are my children. Then our soul will rejoice and our Paradise will begin. And it will be a Magnificat to God, with You, or Mary Mother Our Immaculate ”.

Regina Caeli and Rosary of 29 May

Glorify the Lord with life

Cardinal Comastri urged to glorify the Lord with a life that “smells of the Gospel”. With Maria, concluded the cardinal, one should not be afraid:

“We invoke the blessing of the Lord to enter into each of your hearts, into the hearts of those who listen to us and follow and pray with us. And always accompany you on the journey of your life. And may your hearts be sources of serenity and peace even in the midst of trials. Always attached to God, under the gaze of Mary, one should not be afraid. Through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, bless you, protect you and free you from all evil Almighty God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Glorify the Lord with your life that smells of the Gospel. “

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