Last day of outdoor school, Nardella: “Teachers are paid, they can take the risk”


To open the school one last day “I understand that public transport cannot be used as in the past”, however “We can easily imagine staggered timetables. It is not a question of opening the school to full hours, there are many solutions to be found and we mayors can handle it ”.

The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, after relaunching the initiative of Deputy Minister Anna Ascani yesterday (returning to class at least once to close the school year), returns to the topic during an interview with Lady Radio.

Not only that: Nardella reaffirms the way of the summer centers after the school year and ensuring the usual pressure on the government for the reopening of the nests, but also commenting on some stomach aches expressed by the directors of the institutes on the return to school, even if for sun 24 hours: “Principals, like all teachers, are fortunately paid, have a salary, and I believe they can take responsibility for one day to give satisfaction to their students. I understand the health concern, but those who return to the factories are not worried about their health? Who is reopening a restaurant or the employees of my municipality who are returning to work, the city police, Alia operators, are not worried about their health? “.

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In this sense “I think everyone can take a step forward, even the principals and teachers: they do it for the value of the school, to make sense of their work too”

“We reopen schools on the last day”

Yesterday, come on Facebook, Nardella had said: “We are reopening everything, from theaters to hairdressers, from restaurants to clothing stores, cannot we reopen for a day what matters most for a country, that is, school?”.

“The first mistake of the lockdown was to put our children at the bottom of the political agenda”, assesses the mayor of Florence who therefore proposes to give a signal to the pupils: “We give everyone back a real day before the end of the school year”, so as not to leave it to children “The feeling of having been abandoned”.

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