Larry Sabato: “Virus, economic crisis, racial revolt. My lost and unguided America”


“It is as if America had been cursed: we are facing one black swan after another, a series of unexpected events which, however, looking at them well are not so surprising. Here the pandemic is still active, the economic collapse resembles that dramatic in the 1930s, we have 40 million unemployed. The last thing we needed was a racial uprising. ” Larry Saturday, 67, is the political scientist in charge of the Center for Politics of the University of Virginia, author of numerous essays and a newsletter always full of information, “Sabato’s Crystal Ball”.America is on fire. Where does all this anger come from?
“The racial issue has deep roots. But at this moment the combination of virus, economy, revolt is certainly the worst possible. It is laying bare the contradictions of American society all together. The connection virus, anger in the squares may not be obvious, but the economic disaster is the glue. Among those who protest for a legitimate cause, yet another African American murdered by the police, there are certainly many unemployed, people who have lost their jobs in recent months and have lost all perspective of the future. America on fire is the symbol of a lost America “.

A very difficult situation to face …
“Exactly. How many shocks can an already unhealthy society withstand before it crumbles? We were already facing deep divisions. Now those divisions seem more and more irremediable. I am very worried, especially with a president like Donald Trump, who does nothing but throw gasoline on the fire. “Why do you do it?
“He is not concerned with the good of the country but only with himself. He looks at every situation always and only in electoral terms: what will help him win a second term on November 3rd? His hero is the 1968 Richard Nixon who used race , law and order to attack Lyndon Johnson. If this means more violence and divisions, well, Trump willingly takes on the role of the divisor. ”

A strategy that can work?
“At this point the situation has gone too far for him too. It is true, his base is like a sect, they live in the cult of the president. But the Nixon strategy could work in 2016. Not in 2020 where he is responsible for the situation created over the past 4 years. Instead, it continues not to take responsibility for anything. It has acted six weeks behind the pandemic and the fault lies with the Chinese and the WHO. The economy is the fault of the Democrats. The riots are the fault of the thugs. and not his constant incitement to hatred. But whether he likes it or not, it is on the basis of reality that people will decide what to vote for. ”

Is Joe Biden the right person to reunite the country?
“He is not a very strong candidate but he has his chances. And in any case the Democrats have nothing better. Of course, it strikes me that in a moment when hope is needed, a very old candidate is chosen. He has already said he could run for one It is not a long-range prospect, what it offers. This is also why Biden’s potential deputy becomes crucial. That person will easily become president within 4 years. Many saw Amy Klobuchar in that person. His Minnesota on fire now has almost certainly raised that possibility. Here, another black swan. I don’t know what else can happen: the war with China? “.

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