Landslides to make works, 27 suspects – Last Hour


(ANSA) – LUCCA, MAY 25 – The Lucca prosecutor’s office has opened
an investigation into the award of direct works
urgently needed in Vagli di Sotto, in Garfagnana, e
among the suspects are the mayor Giovanni Lodovici and the
deputy mayor Mario Puglia. Searches and acquisitions of documents
were made both in public bodies and in companies of the
marble. 27 people investigated including public administrators and
entrepreneurs. The various crimes hypothesized are scam,
ideological forgery, abuse of office, corruption, auction disturbance,
money laundering, criminal association. According to the charges you work
public bodies would have been started by exaggerating the gravity of some
natural emergencies. But resolutions have been discovered for
direct procedures for awarding urgently needed works “for
non-existent landslides but declared by the mayor “or for” landslides
artfully made by the municipal administration with
excavation means “only to” give sums to the usual firms “.

Concessions for marble extraction are also investigated.


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