Lance Armstrong, the Espn film: doping at 21, caused cancer, you Italians killed Pantani


May 26, 2020 – 3:08 pm

The Texan explains that he started doping in 1992, making his professional debut: Italy demolished and killed Pantani, Germany despises Ullrich but loves Zabel who was also doped. And Pantani dead, fucking dead

of Marco Bonarrigo

Two episodes, three hours and a quarter of the documentary with the first part already visible in the US and the second available from May 31 on ESPN App, ESPN + and ESPN Player but not yet in Europe where the feature film will arrive at the end of June. by Marina Zenovich (author specialized in documentaries, has already told the controversial life of Roman Polanski and the tormented life of Robin Williams) the anti : on the one hand the immortal career of a basketball hero, Michael Jordan, on the other the sad parable of Lance Armstrong, star of cycling and the fight against cancer before, doped, fraud and serial liar after. Lance is not an investigation but the journey into the soul of a tormented and dissatisfied man. And if at a vision of the film (that the Courier service he was able to see and preview) absolute novelties about the life of the Texan do not appear, from a more detailed second several important details emerge.


May 26, 2020 | 15:08


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