Lady Huawei, “legitimate” extradition to the US. But for now he remains under arrest in Canada


NEW YORK – Lady Huawei may be extradited to the United States. But for now he remains in his “golden arrest” in Canada. The last chapter in the saga of the powerful Chinese top manager wanted by the US justice is this: a Canadian judge has established that the request for extradition submitted by the United States for the “excellent wanted” is legitimate under local law and the bilateral treaty between Washington and Ottawa. The defendant is Meng Wanzhou, 48, financial director of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, as well as daughter of its founder and president Ren Zhengfei.This judicial affair intersects the great battle against Huawei by the Trump Administration, which accuses the telecom giant of selling 5G technology that is dangerous for the safety of client countries. The United States is exerting pressure on European allies – and beyond – to close the doors to 5G made in China. With some success, judging by the recent London government head-on. Also to stem Huawei’s technological expansion, the US government has imposed an embargo on the supply of American technologies – ranging from semiconductors to Google’s Android software – which is causing problems for the Chinese group.
But “Lady Huawei” is wanted for a completely different reason: the accusation by the Washington Department of Justice is the violation of the embargo on Iran. Meng Wanzhou was arrested at Vancouver airport in December 2018, just as a G20 was held in Buenos Aires and between Xi Jinping is Donald Trump the tension was rising for the war of duties. The Chinese immediately reacted with heavy reprisals against Canada, arresting some of its diplomats. The difference in treatment was blatant: Meng Wanzhou is under house arrest with an electronic bracelet in a sumptuous villa he owns while Canadian diplomats are subjected to harsh prison terms.The Trudeau government would have done everything to extricate itself from this situation, but US pressure is strong, and the independence of the judiciary must be taken into account. Today’s ruling is only a step towards the final outcome, Meng’s lawyers are expected to appeal and the story could go on for a long time. For now, British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Heather Holmes has ruled that the crime alleged against Huawei’s director is also punishable in Canada, which legitimizes the extradition request.

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