Lady Gaga: “Chromatica”, the new album, is all to dance to


it is desire to dance. Even those who normally turn up their noses at the idea, after months of isolation, four jumps would probably be happy to do so. Discos, clubs, dance halls. Everything closed until who knows. It will also be strange in an era of social distancing, but it tries to fill the void “Chromatica”, Lady Gaga’s new album released yesterday after a Covid emergency referral.

Another change: pop is back

The pop star still changes. After the 2013 flop with «Artpop», the first album after it had become a global phenomenon, Gaga crossed the desert. First an album of classics with Tony Bennet, the last of the first generation crooners. Three years later the search for less synthetic sounds with «Joanne». Then the romantic-country version of the ballads of “A Star Is Born”, complete with an Oscar for the best song. A new reincarnation during the lockdown: the ambassador of One World Together, the digital Live Aid for the coronavirus emergency, which on the one hand involved colleagues and on the other hand dealt with heads of state and large companies, in manager’s look and black glasses.

With «Chromatica» it changes again. The excessive Lady Gaga returns on the cover: a cloud of pink hair and a metal-medieval costume. Pop-dance takes up the center of vision. «I’ll go back to a dance disco. This track is mine, I earned it, “he said in recent days in an interview with the deejay Zane Lowe for Apple Music.

The music production, coordinated by BloodPop® and which also includes a king of the edm like Axwell, a hit maker with billions of sales like Max Martin and a deejay like Skrillex, has sewn on her a world to dance: straight chest , synths and electronic drums. Without even a ballad to catch your breath. It often comes to think of Madonna (“Babylon” refers too much to “Vogue”) with the difference that if she raised a hand it dictated a fashion and everyone to follow it, while Gaga, after rewriting the rules of pop with the first two albums, failed to take the command stick. It always seems that the superstructures she creates around the music end up losing her focus on the songs. Despite the 43-minute duration, stuff from the pre-CD era, listening is tiring. The 16 tracks (including 3 orchestral interludes that completely separate from the atmosphere of the rest) are not the ones that make your head spin.

The disc opens with the instrumental “Chromatica I” with the orchestra that makes us imagine a disc that will go elsewhere instead. The starting point for “Alice” is the abused Lewis Carroll and Miss Germanotta tells us how she feels she falls into a black hole. If the theme «Stupid Love» is banalotto, love without too many questions, the popstar attributes a universal value to the video: enough with the divisions. «Blue and red fight. It could be a political analysis. I see the world divided and this creates a tense and very extremist atmosphere ».

Collaborations: Ariana Grande, Elton John and the BABYPINK

If she and Ariana Grande were not there, of “Rain on Me” you wouldn’t even talk: it slips away without leaving a mark. Collaborations also with the Korean BABYPINK in “Sour Candy” and an Elton John a little lost in “Sine from Above”. Feeling free woman of “Free Woman” has deep and painful and personal roots. «Generally I want things to be genderless, but in this case I wanted to refer to my genre because I was raped by a producer. This complicated my way of seeing life, the world, the music industry, the compromises to be faced to get where I got. And when I was finally able to celebrate, it was like saying that I no longer had to call myself a survivor, a victim of violence. I am a free person who has gone through big messes ». Even in “911” (the telephone number for the emergency in America), Miss Germanotta looked inside. “Talk about the antipsychotics I take. I can’t always control what my brain is doing, so I have to take medicines. ” This time, always in his own words, it is the music “that cured me”.

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