“Lady D fought 45 minutes against death. They didn’t notice her injury”


He fought against death for 45 minutes: to recount the last moments of Lady D’s life is Richard Shepherd exclusively to Today. The world-renowned pathologist who in 2004, on behalf of the British authorities, investigated the tragic clash in the Alma tunnel in Paris on August 31, 1997, revealed that “if instead of the bodyguard they had brought her to hospital before, she would be alive”. “She passed away because they didn’t notice her injury,” he added.

But how is it possible, after years, to discover a new cause of death?

«We need to do new research, ask for more detailed information. In this case, I found photos taken during the autopsy of Henri Paul, the driver of the Mercedes S280 in which Diana found death, which demonstrate how the test tubes of the blood were extracted in a different place from the one mentioned in the autopsy. In addition, there was an incredible amount of carbon monoxide in the driver’s blood. And this has created new mysteries ».

The biggest mystery, however, concerns Diana’s death and especially the timing. There are those who say that shortly after the accident he was still able to speak. So the pathologist reconstructs those moments:

“If we consider his injuries, we can expect that he could still speak. But I’m not aware of it. In the protocol it was written that the rescuers had not recognized her, but confirmed that she had spoken. She was stuck behind the seat of the bodyguard who was much more injured than she was: they struggled to get him out of the car. Nobody could have known that Diana had a very small tear, hidden but very deep, in the pulmonary vein. The veins bleed very slowly, for this reason it was very difficult to find out. In the eyes of the rescuers Diana was injured, but stable because she could still speak. For this reason they gave priority to the bodyguard. Meanwhile, the vein in Diana’s breasts continued to bleed and she passed out. During transportation to the hospital, her heart stopped, but she was revived. Only later in the operating room was the real problem identified and an attempt was made to close the vein. But unfortunately it was too late ».

How long did you have to suffer after the accident?

“The accident happened shortly after midnight and Lady Diana officially died at 4.05 am. But already during transport to the hospital she collapsed around one o’clock. As a result he must have suffered terribly for about 45 minutes, fully conscious. A long fight with death ».

Despite having done everything to save her, the princess did not make it. The doctor is convinced that only one thing could have made a difference: the seat belt.

“If he had tied it, he would have got away with a few bruises and broken ribs and would have left the hospital after a few days. Lady Diana may still be alive even if, instead of the bodyguard, rescuers had brought her to the hospital first. It has been the victim of a chain of unfortunate events ».

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