In the United States, the re-establishment of the pharmaceutical production system has begun, now almost 100 percent de-localized in China and elsewhere. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted that the US no longer produces any of the necessary medicines. The big multinationals, Big Pharma, import them from China and other countries, at very low prices – the result of semi-slavery work – and sell them at astronomical prices on the American, European, etc. market. The only cost, the price of the package, also produced in China. For example, practically 100 percent of antibiotics are no longer produced in the United States.

The first concrete public step was taken on Monday 18 May 2020 with the signing of the agreement between the government and a company from Richmond, Virginia, the Phlow, directed by Eric Edwards. Interest related to Big Pharma and Big Finance, apparently, have been totally excluded from the agreement.

The Trump administration has signed a $ 354 million contract that would create the first national strategic stockpile of key ingredients needed to make medicines. The officially stated aim is to ensure the national capacity to manufacture and supply critical drugs, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

The deal was signed on Monday with Phlow Corp., a generic drug manufacturer. According to a press release, the project will use federal funds from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA – biomedical authority for advanced research and development) of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The aim is twofold: to allow the United States to produce essential drugs at risk of shortages and to create a reserve of active pharmaceutical ingredients to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.
Phlow CEO Eric Edwards said to NBC News that the company discussed with the administration in November, but that the project was speeded up after the COVID-19 emergency. “We said to ourselves: we have a short and long term solution. We know there are some key essential generic drugs that will go short if this thing starts to spread. There were drugs that were already on the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) list of drugs long before Covid-19 and we already saw what was going on with PPE (personal protective equipment used by medical personnel, ed), and we knew we were going to be in a bad situation or even worse. ”

Trump had fought against the overwhelming power of Big Pharma one of his workhorses in the 2016 presidential campaign. Big Pharma – supporting column of the Deep State – manages to accumulate astronomical profits, producing at low cost in China and reselling at very high costs (among the highest in the world) in the United States.

Under the direction of the billionaire-humanitarian Bill Gates, Big Pharma he has an ability for political corruption and impressive media control. Hillary Clinton he was – and is – the main political referent of this sprawling entity. The defeat or elimination of Donald Trump it has been and continues to be its main political objective.

The same question of relations between China and the Trump administration revolves around the activities of Big Pharma and other multinationals (electronics, digital, energy, steel, food, clothing etc.). Often this (apparently contradictory) dynamic confuses the observer, who sees the Trump administration pass by praise and the search for agreements with the Chinese president Xi Jinping to very violent frontal attacks. In fact, the crux of the matter is the need for the government to recreate a productive apparatus, a real economy based on US territory.

In fact, those who have everything to lose are not so much the Chinese people and that vast part of their leadership that identifies with their interests. Those who are seeing the end of their astronomical, parasitic and illegal profits approaching are the “great intermediaries”, the Bill Gates, and all the multinationals that have destroyed the real US economy, have decimated decent jobs and have established a frightening divide, in which far less than one percent of the population controls wealth (of course fictitious, monetary) and the rest of the population is left in a state of economic and psychological depression.


These “Great Intermediaries” are desperately trying to push China to maintain the status quo and have activated the Chinese mass of the so-called “Bourgeoisie Vendidora”, That is, of those who accumulate their profits by backing the strategy of western multinationals that gain weight by exploiting the cheap labor of Chinese workers.

This strategy is based on an escalation of attacks and counterattacks between China and the US, until the return of the Clinton club, via Biden, to the throne of the White House. In this they are supported by well-paid international collaborators – in the world of media, politics, diplomacy – who present relations between China and the United States as an anti-colonial war, while these large multinationals are nothing but the descendants of powerful imperialist families such as the Sassoon (the so-called “Rothschild of the Orient”) who directed the opium wars against China, to humiliate, control and plunder it.

At a time when the Trump government is trying to disengage the United States from the control of the big financial potentates and prevent those potentates from continuing to treat the US like the stupid giant to be carried around the world to do their dirty work, exactly in at this moment the great puppeteers would like China to become their new international puppet. They promised China to grant them the “birthright”, to become the superpower in place of the United States. As long as they obey and do not do stupid anti-oligarchic rebellions. They praise the “Chinese model” because they want to shape it in their image.


Chinese leadership is not necessarily united in the appreciation of Rothschild poisoned apples. But the Mephistophelic promises are becoming more and more insistent: how about a new world currency in which the Renminbi will be magna pars?

The great Giulietto Chiesa – whose absence we are all greatly affected by – had photographed and dissected this piece piece by piece in a masterful analysis and deliberately ignored by the “experts” last September, (What fate for the Empire?), and developed the same concepts in an interview.

Giulietto explained, among other things:

How can we fail to notice that the governor of the Central Bank of England, Mark Carney, coming out of office, went to the symposium of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the end of August to propose – much applauded – the creation of a “hegemonic synthetic currency” (Synthetic Hegemonic Currency, SHC), destined to reduce the weight of the dollar, now “no longer able” to favor the global market and, indeed, the cause of its “paralysis”?

A new world currency – said Carney – in which the Beijing Renminbi will have to play a central role. It is a proposal to China, obviously. And Carney is not only the governor of the bank of England. It is also a pawn, very close to the Rothschild, being one of the sponsors of the “Coalition for an inclusive capitalism”, of which she is president and co-founder, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, friend and firm a lot of Bill is Hillary Clinton how much of the suicide Jeffrey Epstein, together with the sovereign (literally) company of Prince Charles of England, the Duke of York, Andrew and the equally august company of the most important CEOs of the world’s big corporations (in the company of Christine Lagarde: Unilever, Dow Chemical, McKinsey, UBS, GlaxoSmithKline, Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Gic Global Investment, Honeywell etc).

The great masters of the world – as Giulietto Chiesa used to say – throw their enormous strategic, media and financial weight on the scales. The spearhead of the Rothschild family, Lynn Forester Rothschild, calls this “Inclusive Capitalism”. Lynn Forester Rothschild is the great friend and protector of Hillary Clinton, and great friend of Jeffrey Epstein, whom she introduced into the White House. In 2000, she spent the honeymoon with her husband Evelyn Rothschild in the White House, guest of “personal friends” Hillary and Bill. Lady Lynn had also been (did you know?) Also adviser to President Bill Clinton.

Lynn and Sir Evelyn (one of the Queen’s wealthiest family members and financial adviser) had met at a meeting of the Bilderberg Club, the cupid who had introduced them, and had facilitated the love at first sight, had been Henry Kissinger. We will return to this …


Lady Lynn was therefore a spear left to conquer China. His trump card? A Mephistophelic proposal, according to the lady, irrefutable: we will make you the great planetary superpower, you will take the place of the United States. You will be the model of the new “inclusive” capitalism, the “good” capitalism: capitalism made in Rothschild. In other words: you Chinese will be our new stupid giant to send around the world to do our best.

On April 11, 2013, Lynn and Evelyn Rothschild were guests of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing (CKGSB) to present their plan Inclusive Capitalism to some of the most prominent Chinese intellectuals. In a reminiscent scene from the Eden drama, Lynn explained at her audience that she and Sir Evelyn were there to give them the “Chinese dream” that was to replace the “American dream”.

In an interview with CKGSB Knowledge, he persuaded persuasive: “When I was young, we called it the American Dream: if you work hard, and follow the rules, anything is possible. Now it’s the Chinese Dream! ”

A verbal temptation that Lady Lynn repeated smiling and winking in her speech to the young Chinese to whom she opened the doors of wealth and success: “We lived the American dream …”. But now? “We now have a comedian in the US who says the reason it’s called the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it …”.

The enemy of the dream? The interference of government, of elected public institutions, in the activities of private individuals, such as the Rothschilds. Lady Lynn further explained to young future Chinese economic leaders impressed by so much power and benevolence: “Inevitably, the government will do things that will drain the our (sic) economics of economic dynamism … We in the private sector can transform all this into a virtuous circle. This is why I spend so much time promoting the Inclusive Capitalism with economic leaders like you. It is imperative for us to recreate faith in capitalism and in the free market … ”

Lynn Rothschild furiously attacked “bad” capitalism, which must be subject to the rules of governments and sovereign states. But on the other hand, it assured future Chinese leaders that there are also great positive examples in the United States that must be followed by China. Maximum exemplary figure to imitate: Bill Gates! “I am optimistic that the private sector will show us the way … We have extraordinary people in America, like Bill Gates, who has given away billions, tens of billions of dollars and put them to good use …”.


In reality, Chinese national interests do not lie in the continuation of this colonial relationship, but in taking flight of economic and social development, with great scientific and technological achievements. The Chinese domestic market is reaching 1.5 billion people. A defenestration of multinational leeches would open the doors to the independent development of Chinese potential. It would also open the door to a mutually beneficial agreement between independent, sovereign and prosperous republics starting with Russia, China, the US.

At the moment, the triangle China, USA, financial powers in Rothschild is the arena where much of the future of the world will be decided. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated processes already underway to the maximum. We will have to go back extensively on this triangle, and on the two trends that seem to dominate the dynamics within the Chinese leadership: continue to churn out low or very low cost products for multinationals and Rothschild potentates and accept to be the new imperial tool in the hands of potentates financial; or to unleash the great Chinese potential for the material and spiritual growth of the Chinese people and forcefully declare their independence and sovereignty.

We will return to this topic in greater detail. In any case, the so-called globalization is over. The United States, in the midst of an almost civil war (so far bloodless), appears determined to bring home its industries, their real economy. To do this, the power of the great intermediaries, of the parasitic potentates, must be defeated.

It is difficult to have doubts that they will do everything to preserve their power and their ability to interfere with governments, to draw upDivide et impera“Which can lead to war. See the current situation between China and India. And even the possibility of a US-China hot war. The evolution of this dynamic and the ability of various governments to grasp this situation to escape the control of financial powers will depend on whether it will go to a war or to an agreement between sovereign republics.

In the pictures, the photos of the first Dialogue with Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild at the National School of development in Beijing on June 4, 2011

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