La Siritide – 29/05/2020 – Covid-19 emergency, update of 29 May (data 28 May)


Covid-19 emergency, update May 29 (data May 28)


The regional task force reports that 567 tests for Covid infection were carried out yesterday, May 28 – 19, all negative.
A person healed yesterday.

With this update, there have been 31 cases of contagion throughout the region. Yesterday there were 32, from which the healed person must be removed.

To the 31 positives must be added a total of 27 deceased people (9 from Potenza, 2 from Paterno, 1 from Spinoso, 1 from Moliterno, 1 from Villa d’Agri, 2 from Rapolla, 1 from Irsina, 1 from Montemurro, 1 from Pisticci, 2 from Matera, 1 from San Costantino Albanese, 2 from Avigliano, 1 from Tursi, 1 from Aliano, 1 from Bernalda), 339 recovered, 1 patient from Gravina di Puglia found by ASM, 2 patients diagnosed in other regions, residing in Basilicata where they are in home isolation and 4 other patients, one resident in Turin and three in the municipalities of Lombardy, all in home isolation in Basilicata.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, 28,909 swabs have been analyzed, including 28,492 negative results.

Currently, patients admitted to Lucanian hospital structures (San Carlo hospital and Madonna delle Grazie hospital) are 5 divided as follows: San Carlo hospital: infectious diseases 4, intensive care 0, pneumology 0; Madonna delle Grazie Hospital: infectious diseases 1, intensive care 0, pneumology 0. There are 26 Lucanians in home isolation.




05/29/2020 Water suspensions

Oppido Lucano: due to a sudden breakdown, the water supply will be suspended from 11:15 am today until the end of the works. OPPIDO LUCANO: Via Bari, via Giordano Bruno, contrada Serra, contrada Fontana Vecchia and surrounding areas


05/26/2020 Water suspensions

Low pressure pisticci / failure to supply temporarily in Contrade San Leonardo, San Gaetano, Terranova, Caporotondo, Castelluccio, San Pietro, Ficagnole, Fondo Messere, Coppo, Cannile .: to allow the restoration of the level of the tanks, the supply of drinking water it will be suspended from 09:00 today until the level is recovered.

Balvano: to allow the level of the tanks to be restored, the supply of drinking water will be suspended from 14:00 today to 07:00 tomorrow morning, barring unforeseen circumstances. BALVANO: BALVANO RURAL AREAS: C / from Tusciano; Lord’s water; Vallaro; Cross; Red; Chestnut; Plane tree; Sevinosa; Iuzzolino; Melassano and Gaudino.

05/22/2020 Emergency Income From today the questions from the Institute’s website

Starting today, applications for Emergency Income (REm) can be sent to INPS using the online service available on the Institute’s website.

Applications must be submitted to INPS only electronically by 30 June 2020, authenticating themselves with PIN, SPID, National Service Card and Electronic Identity Card.

Patronage institutions can also be used to submit the application.

Provided by Legislative Decree 34/2020 to support families in economic difficulty due to the health emergency from COVID-19, the REm is subordinated to the possession of the residence, economic, property and income requirements indicated in article 82 of the decree.

After these months of emergency I would like …
of various authors

I wish the awareness of being part of the same world, of being equal and of having the same oars in the hands to drive the same boat in the same direction, did not go away. I would like each of us to really understand that if the danger of having our health or our life destroyed, has led us to deprivations and walls raised between people, then our often dissolute lifestyles should change. ..–> more

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