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Dejan Kulusevski, midfielder of the Parma on loan from Juventus, intervened in Sky Sport: “In Parma there is a group with which you can work well, they help me in everything. And then there is a coach who from the first day made me understand that if I work hard there is room. This year he tried to let me play outside, something new for me: I asked a lot, D’Aversa explained everything to me and I understood. We did well with the trident because the team helps us a lot. “NUMBER 44 – “I was watching Manchester United play, Adnan Januzaj debuted with a great personality and he had that number. So I said to my father:” If I start I want to do like him. “Then I fell in love with the number, I read a little ‘of things and is now a part of me. ”

LICENSE – “I had to take the exam, but two days before they closed everything … Now I’m ready”.

COMPARISON WITH DE BRUYNE – “He is one of the top 5 in the world. I look at him a lot, he is phenomenal and I want to become like and stronger than him. I watch a lot of football, I learn a lot and above all from him: I work to become strong like him. In the future I think I will do I made it all my life. Attacking midfielder? It depends on the team and how he plays. As we play in Parma, the coach found the perfect position for me. When I played in the Atalanta Spring I played from behind for start the game. My perfect role, however, is behind the tips“.

JUVE YES, INTER NO – “Why Juve by Sarri and not Inter by Conte? Position on the pitch is one of the reasons why I chose the Bianconeri. I think I can do well at Juve and learn a lot, I studied Sarri’s game a lot. my favorite player is Eden Hazard, I was watching all the matches. I think I can do very well with the lineup the Bianconeri play with. ”

RONALDO AND DYBALA – “I met and greeted them all, it’s one of the best days ever. We talked a lot. I know that there are still 13 games left and I have to do really well, then when there will be Juventus to play it will be like a dream, because I have always dreamed of playing with players like Ronaldo and a team like Juve, on the other hand I will go there to show that I can play and to win “.

RUBBER – “I played almost all the games with the rubber because I felt more relaxed. Then if I made a mistake I would take it off. But you won’t see the rubber for a while, my physiotherapist told me that it’s not good and I won’t be able to more keep it in the game. I’ll try to play without. ”

READY FOR JUVE – “As I live, I want to be happy and improve day by day. Of course, knowing that I will go to Juventus after the season, I am going stronger than ever. I have trained really hard during this period because I feel that it is now, I feel ready for play and work. ”

STOP FOR THE VIRUS – “I had two injuries, I couldn’t train, it wasn’t a good time for me because I couldn’t keep going with these two troubles. When we stopped I had time to heal. It’s bad to say, but maybe this it took me some time to improve. “Ibrahimovic – “Ibra has changed all of Sweden. He is an idol for me and has opened rooms for Swedish players like no other. I have Macedonian origins, he has opened paths for players like me, with other cultures. I have never spoken to him , but a dream would be to play against him, talk to him after game and exchange the shirt with him. Ibra believes in himself, but does not say it by chance: he really believes and when he starts to believe everyone else believes in him, because what he He says he will do it. If I feel like him? Yes, when we talk about football it is very important to believe in yourself. On the field you are alone, nobody can help you. When there are 80-90 thousand people watching you it is very important “.

RELATIONSHIP WITH COMPANIONS – “I played basketball two hours ago. I am with my friends every day. I laugh and joke in every training session because you can’t always be serious, football is fun. I don’t have a favorite partner, I’m the best friend of all “.

BRUNO ALVES – “(After a video message from the Portuguese defender). What can I say, what a man! He is top in everything, how he trains, as a person, as a player, as he helps all young people. I told him, I’m lucky to have him in the team. ”

GOLDEN BALL – “Before I didn’t talk about the Golden Ball, I just said that I wanted to improve and be happy. But in these months I have changed, I want to become one of the strongest and do all the necessary work”.

VISION – “When I play the fun thing is that I don’t think about scoring or assists, when I have the ball I think we have to score and attack, so I try all the ways. I have to work though, kick more and score more goals. get five, fantastic in the first season, but I can do more. ”

HEEL AGAINST JUVE YOUTH – “I remember that game, beautiful, they were very very strong. At that age I didn’t even think of joining a team like Juve, I still don’t believe it a few times. My mother tells me if I know what I did, I say no it’s like another world. But I’m happy and proud of me, it’s a dream to play for Juve “.

PASSION NBA AND LAKERS – “The Lakers are a bigger thing than basketball. Everyone knows their history and their players like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. Now there is LeBron James, I want to go and see them: as soon as possible, the United States will be the first trip what I want to do. “

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