Kulusevski: “I chose Juventus for Sarri, I can become one of the strongest”


TURIN – “I look a lot at De Bruyne, I want to become like him: even stronger”. This is Dejan’s ambition Kulusevski, the player of the Juventus who has been living the last few months at Parma before landing in the black and white world and inspired by the champion of Manchester City: “He is one of the top 5 in the world, I work to become strong like him – added the Swede in connection with Sky Sport 24 -. I want to become one of the strongest in the world and I am ready to do all the necessary work “.

Juve, Kulusevski is ready: that’s why Sarri will focus on him

Kulusevski: “Ready to win with Juve”

Juventus will certainly not lack competition: “I can do very well with the bianconeri”, observed the 2000 class. Kulusevski then explains why his choice fell on Juve and not onInter by Antonio With you. “The position on the pitch is one of the reasons why I chose the Bianconeri. I really studied Sarri’s game, but before I miss 13 games with Parma, I have to do well and then when I play with Juve it will be a dream . I will go to Turin to show that I too can play and I am ready to win “.

Kulusevski on Ibrahimovic and the number 44

An idol from Kulusevski’s childhood was Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “It has changed all of Sweden – has explained -. I never talked to him, it would be a dream to play against Zlatan, talk to him and exchange shirts “. Finally an anecdote about the choice of number 44: “Several years ago I went to see Manchester United and saw the debut of Januzaj. He came in with an incredible personality and then I said to my father: ‘If one day I become a footballer I want to be like him’. From that moment I fell in love with the number 44 “, concluded Kulusevski.

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