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Step back. After years of development, earnings and growth, football will experience a recession, an inevitable consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. A decrease that did not occur even in 2008 and in the following years. To show it is a search for KPMG, which calculates the business value (Enterprise Value): for the first 32 clubs in the world, + 12% was recorded on 1 January 2020 compared to a year earlier. No Italian, however, in the top ten.AT THE TOP – Various parameters are taken into account in the analysis: club profitability, football potential, social popularity, tv rights value, players’ market value, labor costs, stadium ownership. In the head there is always the real Madrid (3 billion and 478 million), followed by Manchester United (3 billion and 342 million) and from Barcelona (3 billion and 193 million). No Italian, as we said, in the first ten positions: behind the three already mentioned here are Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Psg and Arsenal.

THE ITALIANS – There Juve is immediately out, 11% placed: the value reads 1 billion and 375 million, but the weight of the labor cost on the turnover has a significant impact, 71%. Increases the value of theInter, which rises to 14th place (983 million), while the accounts of Milan (22nd place, 526 million and the only club of the first 32 to register a -3% of its value). Record losses add up to 442 million. In front of the Rossoneri there are Rome (16th, 602 million) e Naples (17 °, 590 million), while the Lazio it is 28th (328 million).

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