Korea, new peak of infections, Seoul stops again


New spike in South Korea: Seoul returns to lockdown. It is the highest surge in the past two months. The government has decided

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The definitive victory seems not to come but against the powerful coronavirus. Unpleasant news from the world comes from Brazil, the United States of America but not only. Even the countries that had long since reopened their activities and seemed to have gone out, occasionally fall back into forced quarantine. Thus, a new one is registered peak of contagion in South Korea: In particular, the capital Seoul is again at risk. The surge has taken place and it has been decided to go back to lockdown again. It is the highest surge in the past two months. This prompted the government to decide. The Minister of Health, Korean Park Neung-hoo, announced the return to quarantine. He explained that museums, parks and art galleries will be closed again tomorrow and for two weeks.

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New peak in Seoul, back to quarantine

The choice also came because half the inhabitants of South Korea live in the capital. Seoul has a decisive role in the management of contagion and in the fight against coronavirus. It is natural that the alert is always high. As for the numbers, they have been registered 79 new cases in the last 24 hours. The total number of infected people thus rose to 11,344. The measurements were made by the Korean center for disease control and prevention. Instead, it remains confirmed a 269 the total death toll related to Covid-19.

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The trend had been declining since April 5, when 81 new cases had been reported. That’s why it was decided to intervene. The numbers have brought the situation back almost two months. The reopenings had been granted on May 6.

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