Kojima responds to rumors about the purchase of Metal Gear and Silent Hill IPs


The gamers are incurable nostalgic and, when they become attached to the series, they would like to live the sometimes utopian dream of seeing continue indefinitely, without compromising the quality. That’s why when rumors are spreading about Sony intending to buy intellectual property Metal Gear, or who whisper of a rapprochement between Konami and Hideo Kojima to restore luster to the canceled project Silent Hills, the ear tends spontaneously.

However, during a long interview granted to livedoor, the Japanese game director was also called to comment on these rumors, which he branded as false without even turning around too much.

When asked what he thought of the rumors, Kojima said:

Oh, that’s a completely false thing. Or, at least, I haven’t heard of any of this[Laughs[rideed].

Unless that of the director is in turn a bluff to keep hidden projects in place, in short, it would seem that at present nothing concrete is moving or for a new one Metal Gear – and in fact for many years before the divorce with Konami, Kojima wanted to break away from the series – nor to dust off Silent Hills after the success of P.T..

Kojima responds to rumors about the purchase of Metal Gear and Silent Hill IPs

In the same interview, Kojima also spoke about the progress of Death Stranding on the market, stating that the game is in profit and has recovered “widely” production costs.


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