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Bayern return from Dortmund with three points and a nice piece of the Bundesliga. Now Borussia is at -7, Leipzig at -10 and tomorrow he has to play against Hertha Berlin. The time to recover (6 days) would not be lacking if there was no steel team ahead. The Bavarians won because they were more concrete, more practical, more compact, more … Germans than the Borussians. They won with a beautiful goal by Kimmich, a fundamental player both in the construction of the game and in the demolition of the opponents’ maneuver. He disappointed Haaland and with him almost the entire battery of midfielder-playmaker from Favre. It also disappointed Emre Can, who entered the field but not in the game in the second half, when Borussia’s pace slowed down and Bayern were able to control the lead.

A TIME AT 100 PER HOUR – Borussia-Bayern is the best of the Bundesliga and even in this challenge, despite some mistakes from both sides, they confirmed it. The first half was full of rhythm, intensity, of play, Borussia made a mistake (let’s say delay) too much in the Bayern area which, on the contrary, concretized in the decisive moment. But this is the story, the nature of the two Germans. To win a game, Borussia must dominate it, Bayern just have to wait for it. We were saying on the eve that Favre’s Borussia is reminiscent of Sarri’s Napoli and in Flick’s Bayern you can see glimpses of Allegri’s Juve. In the end, the result is also the same.

KIMMICH ALLA TOTTI – As occasions, as rhythm, as stages of the game, Borussia and Bayern split the first half. At the beginning, the yellow and black brand with the sensational ball-goal by Haaland whose left, after passing between Neuer’s legs (his classic cross exit), was rejected on the goal line by Boateng. They were ten minutes of great Borussia. Then Bayern emerged who equalized the score-goal count with the exact same situation: Coman’s number, assist for Gnabry, the conclusion overtook Bürki and was pushed away by Piszcek one meter from the door. Until the 30th minute, more Bayern than Borussia, who took possession of the initiative in the final part of the first half when Haaland did not assert his well-known qualities. Two minutes from the end, the leaders’ goal after some mistakes (two by Delaney) coming out of Borussia: at the edge of the area Kimmich anticipated Haaland first, then Brandt and with a fantastic lob he beat Bürki, pinched away from the posts. A goal like this was scored by Francesco Totti.

THE BAVARIAN WINGS Gnabry on the left and especially Coman on the right created several problems in the defense of Borussia by winning the double duel with Hakimi and Guerreiro, Favre’s outsiders, this time below their usual level. And just to raise the technical level of his team, Favre at the beginning of the second half put in the former Juventus player Emre Can instead of the ordinary Delaney and Sancho for Brandt who had seemed more present than Hazard anyway. The intentions were good, the result a little less. Sancho never turned on, Emre Can didn’t enter the game. After all, when Bayern have the result in hand (and this time also a piece of Bundesliga) it becomes a challenge to score goals. And if you have a chance, how did you get it again Haaland, you have to score, otherwise it’s the end. Instead once again the left of the norvegesone was deflected for a corner by Boateng, albeit with an elbow that the referees of the field and in front of the monitor did not turn into a penalty.

OUT OF HAALAND – After 70 minutes without leaving a mark, Haaland has abandoned due to injury. In his place Reyna entered and Hazard became a center forward. In the 35th minute, putting Götze in place of a defender like Piszczek, the Borussia coach gave the signal for the final assault. Again, a right idea has remained that way. At that time, Favre had already made four changes, Only one Flick, the former Inter player Perisic in place of the former Juventus Coman. Bayern, leaning on man-everywhere Kimmich (in attack the first half, in defense the second) protected the goal of Neuer, author of a single demanding parade, open-handed, on the broadside of Dahoud, and sharing with that demon of Davies (90 ‘at full throttle, with recoveries from applause) found space for the breakaway. At the bottom of a very rapid action, Lewandowski hit the post with a swing from the left edge, not really his favorite foot. Perhaps the Polish bomber could also have had a penalty in full recovery for a push from Akanji. The final news of Borussia-Bayern was just this: the two men with 82 seasonal goals, 41 Lewandowski, 41 Haaland, this time went blank.Borussia Dortmund-Bayern Munich 0-1

————————————————– —–
BORUSSIA DORTMUND (3-4-2-1): Bürki 6.5; Piszczek 6.5 (35 ‘st Götze sv) Hummels 6 Akanji 5.5; Hakimi 5.5 Dahoud 6 (40 ‘st Witsel sv) Delaney 5.5 (1’ st Emre Can 5.5) Guerreiro 5.5; Brandt 6 (1 ‘st Sancho 5.5) T. Hazard 5.5; Haaland 5 (27 ‘st Reyna sv). Subs not used: Hitz, Balerdi, Morey, Schmelzer. Coach: Favre 5.5
BAYERN MONACO (4-2-3-1): Neuer 6.5; Pavard 6 Boateng 7 (40 ‘st L. Hernandez sv) Alaba 6 Davies 7; Kimmich 7.5 Goretzka 6.5; Gnabry 6.5 (42 ‘st Javi Martinez sv) Müller 6 Coman 7 (28’ st Perisic sv); Lewandowski 6. Available: Ulreich, Batista Meier, Cuisance, Mai, Odriozola, Zirkzee. Manager: Flick 7
REFEREE: Stieler 6.5
MARKERS: 43 ‘pt Kimmich (BM)
ADMONITES: 13 ‘pt Hummels (BD), 21’ st Müller (BM), 22 ‘st Dahoud (BD) for foul play, 29’ st Davies (BM) for protests

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