Killed his father during a dispute in Rome, filed the investigation on Deborah: “It was self-defense”


Deborah will therefore not go to trial: for the judge, the girl’s behavior can be framed in the legitimate defense against a father who “for years has imposed terror on the minds of all the female figures of his family” causing them to live “in fear of being able to be killed at any time. ”

The drunk father and yet another fightEven that night a year ago Lorenzo Sciacquatori, returning home drunk, had targeted his wife, elderly grandmother and daughter. A violent dispute made of threats and physical attacks. “There is no doubt – according to the investigating judge – therefore, on the basis of the unequivocal construction of the facts, that the girl found herself facing an imminent and current danger for her life, for that of her mother and grandmother A danger deriving from the violent escalation of the victim, which began inside the apartment and continued after stopping the women’s flight and having faced and attacked them “. An aggression carried out by a man “with great physical strength, a former boxer, accustomed to operating violence in conditions of drunkenness and visibly under the influence of drugs such as to increase his physical power and his absence of control” .

The stab in self-defense On the basis of what has been reconstructed by the investigators “the girl, terrified of the attacks on her and that of relatives, understandably and instinctively took the dagger, certainly not imagining to use it or trying rather to run away from home. Only later, that is in the when he sees his mother’s life in imminent danger he makes the gesture only to threaten. We are therefore in the presence of a defense proportionate to the offense “. A stabbing date to save and save. A fatal blow immediately after which Deborah realized what had been accomplished so much that in desperation she shouted to her father: “What did I do … sorry … please don’t die, I love you”.

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